Friday, August 22, 2014

UGH Friday. Is THIS a Friday?

Cause you could have fooooooled me!!

Carly and Sonny..HELLS NO.
UGH.  They are soooooo boring. Sonny locked the door as Carly was saying NO, btw. Um, not cool. 

Nina is going to obsess over Ava's baby.  I say she calls Heather to steal it. LOL Nina is so craazyy and Michelle Stafford is glorious. Nina says she can get a baby any way she wants. 

Ava looked fab today. LOVED her color and Make up. Julian tells her that Fluke is not Luke Spencer.  He doesn't know WHO he is tho... he met him in the witness protection program.  Julian tells Ava to kill Michael to keep Kiki safe. She invites them to dinner. POISON! 

Michael to Morgan: "Hey, Franco is dissing Dad".
Seriously? You guys are two  20 something guys and you stand around dishing about this? Craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzy.  And Kiki, get a damn job. 

Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin went to help Jason, not to Africa. He tells her everything. Ok then. Why not tell Anna since JASON is dead? ugh. I hate this story. 

Silas was going thru Rafe's box and found a business card from the CLINIC..  

Only thing worth watching today was how crazy Nina can act. 

MONDAY: Coleman is on. It's been what? 2 years? 


  1. I agree. Michelle Stafford is amazing! What an actress!

    I have no use for the Robin/Patrick/Rafe saga. Boring and too many holes.

    Sonny/Carly/Franco is also a bore.

    And please get Kiki a job! Ditto for Michael and Morgan even though they allegedly have one!

  2. I can't stand Kiki. She spends all day just following Michael around, sucking the life out of him. I think she's really a succubus.

    I was also thinking that the baby talk from Nina is leading us to a kidnapping of Ava's child. ( The writers are so predictable.) And that would be such an original storyline. *insert eye roll*

  3. I thought keeks had a job at the hospital because her daddy got her the job?

  4. Not sure but if so it must be to follow Michael around whenever he's there. I've never seen her working.

    She did help Morgan scrape paint for 5 minutes one day before the "protest" but I think that was just an excuse to get her into the scene. She is definitely superfluous.

    I've seen Michael pretending to be working but most of the time he's making out with Kiki in his office.

  5. Nina and Rosalie: Great scene with them! I feel bad for Nina. 20 years of her life wasted. Nina wins the lines of the day.

    Nina: When? You are supposed to be attending to my ever need. Little kookoo Kiki! Kookoo Kookoo. I'm Kookoo! That kid is so annoying I just want to put my head in her faucet.

    ROFL! Nina hates Starki YAY! :)

    BobTodd, Starki, BobTodd talks to them about Sonny kissing Carly, and I love how Michael and Morgan are looking at each other and smiling. ROFL! And they are right about Sonny and Carly! :)

    Julian and Ava: Oh Ava is in another modern day moomoo. :) Oh wow so Julian doesn't know who Fluke IS! Or is he lying? Hmmmm.

    Patrick's home: I'm not sure what the point it was for Patrick to tell Sabrina about Jason is alive, but isn't alive. And she is right! Where is Caaaaaaaaaaarlos?!!! I miss him! Sam sees Sabrina and isn't smiling. She says you have been missed. Really? Not by you Sam! You are not even happy or excited seeing her! And I'm distracted of both of them wearing blue. :) So much blue!!!! My eyes my eyes!!!

    Sonny's office:

    Carly: Who the hell do you think you are?

    He is the man you want Carly! He is the man who can get any woman he wants just by his charm and his dimples. :) Oh Carly stop with the I love Franco crap! I would believe you, but you have your tongue down Sonny's throat! Woah did they have sex? Or not?!

    Mailbox funeral: Okay so today is the funeral for Alexis's mailbox! I have a few words to say! The mailbox was a great and strong mailbox! Always took care of the Davis's mail! :'( It will be missed! Goodbye Mailbox! :(

    Okay so does anybody have some words to say about Mailbox?

    Monday's episode: COLEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. "Di said...I can't stand Kiki. I think she's really a succubus."

    Or a chupacabra. :) Hmmmm a succubus chupacabra. :)

  7. Like Nancy Grahn, I fear that now her house is gone, there will be no residence for Alexis, who is, to me at least, a major character on this show and should have a home. She said she's talking to the insurance people, but will they rebuild? Doubtful. Most of the homes on this show are not attractive, except maybe the Qs'. And it isn't nearly elegant enough, given their money. OLTL used to have beautiful homes...wonder what their home-building set designers are doing these days.

    Of course, Nik's home is a dreary dark mausoleum--that goes with being a Cassadine.

    Lulu and Dante's place is ugly, too small and dowright chilly-looking with those stone walls. Ugh. They really need to move.

    Patrick's place is better because Robin had some taste and while small, it at least looks kinda homey, with pillows and lamps and pictures.

    Maxie's place has ugly stuff in it, ugly wallpaper, etc, and doesn't look like feminine little Maxie lives there. She'd do better...she'd have something stylish, with good colors.

    Silas' place looks like an extension of the dreary penthouse Sam lives in--black furniture and no color much. Too much dark wood.

    Carly's place is too obviously a set. They repainted it, but it needs more than paint to make it seem lived in. The floor still echoes like a set. The front door is the best part of it. And did they get a super price on black sofas for the show?!

    Alexis' place was pretty decent as soap places go, comfy furniture, no brick walls. Apartments with brick walls would not rent in upper state NY--too cold, no insulation--you'd freeze.

    I'd love to see Metro court get redecorated, too!
    When they redo the brownstone, I hope they keep the happy colors and bright apartments with sunny kitchens that looked like real people lived there.

    As for the show, lots happened today, but the Sonny/Carly tedium has got to stop--we've seen it all before over and over and it ain't interesting.

    And I agree--Kiki needs a job. NOW.

  8. Hey Tyler Christopher is going on vacation with his family for 4 months! He wrote this on twitter.

    Tyler Christopher @Tyler2929 ·

    Taking my Flying Cloud on the road for 4 months this upcoming year. Documenting the places me and my family go. @Airstream_Inc @AirStreamLA

    No Im not leaving the show. We just have 4 months off a year collectively and Im using that time to travel. #airstreamliving

    I hope he and his family have a blast!!!! :)

  9. The fact that nina was the highlight of the show and I cannot stand that storyline, is why I FF through most of the show.

    Lulu and Maxie are missing, for all these people know they might have drowned. And apparently no one cares. When will we see them next November sweeps?

  10. Andrea, having legacy characters from core GH families, like Maxie and Lulu missing opens the door for more screen time from OLTL pets and newbies like Kiki, Silas, Franco, Nina, Sabrina, Ava, etc. I think we saw them all Friday as opposed to seeing true GH characters Anna, Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Bobby, Carly, Lucas, Nicholas, Sam, Liz or Tracy search for Maxie and Lulu. I wonder if we will even get a passing mention of Frisco, Laura, Lucky, Lesley, Robin or Spinelli related to this storyline.


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