Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lady Gaga's EGG?

That sub-zero chamber sure looked like it! LOL --wonder where they got that thing from? Some Sci-Fi show?  EGG. Stravaganza. Robin says Jason "died" but she still wants to keep working for Victor because of the medicine involved. (The person in the Egg is Stavros, btw). 
They'd better BE THINKING of something better than that explanation because it is just shallow. She'd leave EMMA for that?  

Sam tries to get the guy to let her in the computer. She offers to "Fatten his Wallet"... he says "Can you fatten something else"? 

AHAHAA..geesh!!  He wants SEX. heh. 

Ned and Olivia. She mentions her clubbing days with Lois.  She and Ned end up kissing. Sonny sees it. GOOD. I'm glad. BYE Sonny. 

Alice is still waiting for her heart. Sonny's talking to his son's. I'm so GLAD Olivia is hugging Ned. 

Shawn and Jordan. BowchickaBOWBOW. Steamy 

Julian and Alexis. She figures out Julian shot Mickey. 


  1. I liked today's eppy way better than yesterday! What did Samster think the guy would want?! Fatten him up. Heh.
    Question: Does the Art Museum have any customers? Would Jordan and Sean look like an art EXHIBIT, EXHIBITING SEX?! :)

  2. Olivia and Ned: Sonny is watching them talk, and near him is a sign that says water fountain. ROFL! What?! I guess people in the hospital are so dumb that there needs to be a sign that tells them where the water fountain is. Oh Olivia kisses Ned and he kisses back! :) I like their scenes and the kiss was nice, but I wish it was under different circumstances. I will call them Nedvia! :) Olivia wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: I am climbing all over you like a jungle gym.

    ROFL! And she says something about violating him hahahaha!

    Morgan and Michael with a slice of Sonny: Brother bonding scene again! Love it! Oh Michael! What you are saying to Morgan when it comes to Sonny, you will change your mind so fast as soon as you find out that Sonny was the one who shot AJ!

    The clinic:

    Patrick and Robin: Oh look. Someone is getting a tan in the tanning bed. Oh it's not Jason it's Stavros! Oh Jason is dead? Robin is lying!!! And she is hiding something! Other than Jason. Patrick brings up divorce, which I was waiting for him to bring up. I really don't blame him.

    Sam and the clinic guy: Oh Sam just kiss the guy! Oh wait he wants more than just a kiss! ROFL! Come on Sam! What's the problem? :) Just ask him if he has any protection. :) Oh ouch! She had to kick him where the sun don't shine! It would have been really funny, if his voice squeaked ROFL!

    Art gallery: Art gallery floor sex! YUM! I hope the door is locked!!!

    Alexis and Julian: Oh Alexis found her brain!!! :)

    "Karen says Lady Gaga's EGG?"

    ROFL! Lady Gaga's egg tanning bed? :)

  3. ROFL! Lady Gaga's egg tanning bed?

    I wonder if anyone is going to poach Stavros. lol

  4. "Di said...I wonder if anyone is going to poach Stavros. lol"

    ROFL! I hope not! :)

  5. When Jordan told Shaun that she wants to get ahead, I first thought she said she wants head. ROFL! It's like shouldn't that be the other way around? Shouldn't Mickey want head from Jordan? :)

  6. Oooooh, Sonya, between that, and the "fatten me up" line, I would say our soap is getting a little more racy . . .

  7. "AntJoan said...Oooooh, Sonya, between that, and the "fatten me up" line, I would say our soap is getting a little more racy . . ."

    Yeah I'll say!!!! :)

  8. Sean's an elm. She shd be paired w Julian or even Mickey was better.

  9. TOTALLY heard "Want to get A..HEAD" not ahead. LOL

  10. "Cosmoetica said...Sean's an elm."

    An elm? You mean an elm tree? :) Yeah he is very tall! :)

    "kdmask said...TOTALLY heard "Want to get A..HEAD" not ahead. LOL"

    ROFL! I had to go on youtube to see if I heard right. Glad I was wrong! :)


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