Monday, August 4, 2014

Something Suddenly Came Up

Said Patrick. It's so funny--twitter went nuts because it's a reference to Marcia Brady-- ahhaha. He and Sam are at the Scarsdale clinic. Home of Frozen St. Jasus.  Sam pretends to be Sabrina. She's dressed like she's going to yoga practice. Geesh

Random Kiki and Olivia scene, made me smile! Loved it. Not sure why, but I like when the cast interacts all over. 

Spencer is running all over trying to charge his phone!  Britt comes over to talk with him. He wants to go home.

Josslyn asks Cam to make her a CORN ON THE COB origami! ahahahah :dying: Emma goes and tattles on Josslyn. Joss is mouthy to Liz. 

Nina and Franco were together again and were fun.

Kiki and Silas had a scene together. He told her he broke up with Sam. 

PREVIEW gave away big thing about tomorrrow..... that was stupid


  1. I didn't think the preview gave anything away. Didn't everyone figure that was gonna happen? And at this point, who cares? The way things have dragged out, the interest here is pretty much gone.

  2. The park: Joss has a crush on Cameron! :) Joss wins the line of the day!

    Joss: Not only are you a self centered princess, you're a tattle tail on top of it.

    ROFL! What 8 year old says that? :)

    Carly's home: Quit acting strange BobTodd! :)

    Britch: Morgan is a real looker.

    Hehehe. Funny. Especially when the actress and the actor are dating in real life. :) And of course the look on Carly's face when Britch said it hahaha! Liz and Carly's face when they see Spencer hahaha!


    Nik: I don't know how I can get through any of this without you.

    Awwwwwwwwww! :) Oh rats Liz has to bring Spencer home. Too bad Britch didn't. I bet the plan is going to blow up in her face. :(

    Nina and BobTodd: More scenes with them YAY!!! Oh she figured him out quickly! :)

    McSilas and Nina: Oh more planting seeds in Mcsilas's brain. Cute shirt Nina is wearing.

    McSilas and Starki: Awww father and daughter scene cute. :)

    Kelly's: Starki and Olivia scene. Talking about Ned!!! :) Olivia feels bad about crying on Ned's shoulder. Don't feel bad Olivia and just kiss him! :)

    Clinic: Oh back to the clinic again. Isn't this the same clinic in Switzerland just a different name? #Team SamandPatrick! :) Sam's hair is so cute. She has teenager hair today. :)

  3. oh I know...I was just like, why have a cliff hanger if you are going to show it in the previews!?

  4. Pretty is returning for Season 4

  5. Good things about today's show: Whoever plays Joss is a really good little actress. Liz's remark about her being "just like your Mother," and her saying, "Thank you"--really funny. Britch's remark about Morgan--didn't know they were dating, very cute. I also liked Kiki and Olivia--Olivia is really great in ALL her scenes, she is undervalued, and underused. And I LOVE Spencer--that kid is SOOOO cute, love him, and also love the kids at camp. Too bad Alice got sick, and they can't afford to hire any other actual counselors.

  6. You know, the teen scene kinda fizzled out this summer--WHATever happened to TJ's sister? . . . But I'm lovin' GH, the next generation. Spencer, Emma, Joss and Cam can be the next 4 Muskateers--I really hope the actual actors stay around, you can see them growing up before your eyes.

  7. MATTHEW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    woot!! woot!!

  8. AntJoan said... -WHATever happened to TJ's sister?

    Wasn't see Shawn's little sister? I can't remember exactly who she was or what her name was.. But if she is Shawn's sister, and since it looks like TJ is going to turn out to be Shawn's son, I guess they just had to have her disappear... Another character that didn't work...

  9. "AntJoan said...You know, the teen scene kinda fizzled out this summer--WHATever happened to TJ's sister?"

    "Pat..... Sun..... said...Wasn't see Shawn's little sister?"

    That was Felix's sister. She is gone! I'm glad! Yes Pat she did not work out at all.

  10. So sad that characters are so poorly drawn that they are easily forgotten. The reason for her appearance was to sleep with TJ - she was definitely not TJ's sister. She was blackmailing her brother, Felix but the writers never bothered to reveal why before she just disappeared.

    I wish about 10 other characters would disappear led by Levi.

  11. "dar said...She was blackmailing her brother, Felix but the writers never bothered to reveal why before she just disappeared."

    I was thinking she was blackmailing him because their parents didn't know he is gay, and she kept his secret, but then started to blackmail him.

  12. I thought that the first Taylor was pretty decent. I liked her bond with Britt. But she was definitely a cardboard, one-dimensional skank. The re-cast killed the character.

  13. Oh yes!! Thanks for the reminders... She was named Taylor and she was Felix's sister!!! Thanks...

    Bet she's not gone forever. In about three years she'll pop up again when they've thought of a story line that they think will work....

  14. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Ok, got that out of my system ;) So the corn thing with Josslyn needs to disappear. It's run its course. BTW, what is it with adults scheming with a 9-year-old Spencer? Granted, the adults in question are Britt and Franco, but still, their partner in crime is what, a 4th grader??? SMH!


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