Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peter Harrell---Possible Levi LInk?

Our contributor Di points out that Peter Harrell (Judson Scott)  was in the original Aztec Story, was presumed dead but body never found. Could Levi be his son?  Flea was engaged to him before she fell in wub with Frisco. 

Hmmmm. Could he be at Scarsdale being unfrozen too? 


  1. I don't remember that storyline. Could be interesting.

  2. I remembet the storyline but have no memory of him

  3. Check out this Aztec Treaure trailer. He's at 3:15.

    He's also the one who shot Tony and put him in a wheelchair.

  4. I don't see why Peter Harrell would be Fluke. He would have no issues with Sonny - he wasn't even around back in 84-85.


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