Thursday, August 21, 2014

RATE GH for the Summer!

So, although we have a bit to go on August, the "summer" Session that soaps know is traditionally over because many are going back to school. 

Let's RATE it! Here's the scale:

1- tuned out

2- watched now and again but didn't miss it

3--average; it was ok but didn't rush to watch

4--pretty good most of the time but not as exciting as I'd hoped for 

5--Excellent. Couldn't wait to see what happened!!

Feel free to critique the show, tell us what you liked and didn't. I'm giving it a 3; meaning just average. I think the Lila's camp was a cute idea, Alices' heart story could have been a good one if she'd been on more than once a year and Nina entertained me with her psycho nature.  I still found the stories very choppy, no real consistency with them and way too many 'vet pop-ups' with no substance. I'm glad Ned is back. Fluke being gone is a real downer because I want that story over. Rafe's involvement in the whole crash came out of left-field and just when Molly was getting a decent drama going, she's no where to be found again. Julexis was hot-hot hot-- as was Shawn and Jordan.  Not hot? Levi and Maxie. Oh how I wish this story had never happened! If he never was on the show it wouldn't  have been a loss.  
I am very surprised there wasn't more of a major story with Kiki, Michael, Morgan. Rosalie should have been more in the picture if they wanted those two together.
Yesterday was the epitome of this summer: Shawn says to Jordan: How long has it been since we were in the gallery? 14 days?
Yep. That's how long. 

Frozen Jason story? Eh...poorly executed, imo. Three days of Robin and Paddy stuck in a tiny room going round and round? Victor prancing in like a cartoon?  The Egg-Pod?  Ok, yeah, no thanks. I like camp as much as the next person but something was just 'off' with this. 

Highlights for me included Deliah's stint on the show (way too short though), the inside jokes the writers made, Josslyn and Flea and Mac.  Lowlights: CarSon redux and Levi's shennanigans. 

I'm sure I haven't included it all--this is off the top of my head. That sometimes indicates what was important and what was not in my mind!! 

So, what say you Wubbers? Entertained or Nah? 


  1. I'm somewhere between a 1 and 2. I didn't care for much of it and the characters I did care about (Robin, Victor Cassadine, Scotty, and Lucy) were wither written terribly or weren't on enough to make sense.

    I also liked Deliah though and whole-heartedly believe that she should be made a full-timer and in charge of Kelly's. It would be a fun nod to Ryan's Hope fans to have her around and she just brings a lot of fun to the scenes she is in.

    So, add Deliah and chop a ton of the other deadweight cast beef up the vet storylines some (or at least make them less choppy) and GH is suddenly a contender again and must-watch for me.

    Until then, though count me as a 1.5


    1. Anon, I love your idea of having Delia in charge at Kelly's! I can see her wiping down the counter as she dispenses that "Foxy Roxy Wisdom" to the forlorn residents of PC.

      On the subject of Delia, loved it when she pointed to Sonny's picture of Mike and she said he's an exact look-alike of her husband, Roger Colridge (not sure if you watched Ryan's Hope back in the day). Same actor.

  2. Number 3. Perhaps below average. They need new writers, all they write about it seems is gay sex or then Carley and Sonny. It's all Puke and Gag!! I never used to miss a show and now I miss.

    Deliah is over her prime, sorry but she is.

  3. I will always have problems with the pacing of the show.

    First the good news. DVR'd daily but if characters I did not care for were sucking up the screen the FF button came on.

    I liked:

    The Q's/Alice
    Samtrick the adventure couple.
    Shawn and Jordan.
    Felicia and Mac. I almost always enjoy their scenes together,wish they were on more often.
    I disliked.

    Passive agressive Nina story. Hate the character.
    Ava's got to go too.
    Lulu Dante for their all baby all the time story.

    Levi was annoying like nails on a chalkboard. I have a feeling he will be gone soon though so it's all good.

    I usually flove any Cassadine on principle. But I cannot stand this Brik/Niz story.

    I realize that Britt is endgame. Ever since the arrival of Sarah Brown's Carly, I find I can't root for most of the "Bad" girl types. I want Niz, it's not happening. I recognize that the writers have been trying to redeem her over recent months, but I just can't cheer this on.

    It also feels like they are writing Nik as stupid in almost any situation he's in, and that annoys me. Anyone raised by Stefan Cassadine should know how to buy several clues.

    Hate Fluke.
    Hate Franco (it was a bad fit IMO to make Roger Howarth into Franco.)

    I'm meh on CarSon. we will see.

  4. 1 I haven't watched in weeks. I loved Ric and Lucy but Ric is gone and Lucy isn't on enough to get me to pay attention. Plus I hate her storyline.

  5. I am going to say 2.5 because while I watched virtually every day's episode, I ff through much of it.
    Two of the most discordant notes this summer occurred at the same time. The threesome talk was unsettling to me, and I am just glad that I don't have any little kids wandering through while this conversation goes on. And it may have been cute that Epiphany and Milo were crushing on each other, it came completely out of left field, and we won't hear about it again until maybe Christmas time, when they will have an open house to announce their engagement.
    Would have been more interesting if Maxi had come back more mature, and developed a relationship with Nathan as a grown woman instead of still being twitty Maxi with a veneer of new age change, and a boy friend no one can stand. (I do not remember one person commenting here who defended or liked Levi!)
    How about if Tracy had come to her senses, and worked with her family to figure out what was going on with Luke?
    The occasional gratuitous sex scenes with Alexis and Julian also didn't do it for me. I have never liked Julian, and the dumbing down of Alexis (along with every single female character in the show) makes me sad.
    Rafe? Nina? Caleb? Robin? Cassadines? Do not care. Do not like. FF time. Oh, yeah, and Franco and Carly are FF fodder too.

  6. I'm going with a 3. WAY too many characters that are on screen doing a whole bunch of nothing (Kiki, for example). Too many stories that aren't on often enough. What happened to Robin?? I have a friend that I discuss GH with every day, and we're always having to remind each other what the stories are because they haven't been on for several weeks. I think they're making so many of the characters so stupid-Tracy, seriously? Maxie wouldn't be that stupid, either. Same with Alexis. Levi has to go. I do like Nina, and I always love Ava. I do watch every day, but I don't always enjoy it.

  7. I'd also give it a 3. Too large of a cast makes for choppy storylines although the day-to-day dialogue is among the best of all four remaining soaps. Always something to enjoy in every episode even if the story is not keeping your interest.

    I recently missed about three weeks of episodes (including KM's return) and judging from the snark and recaps here and elsewhere I knew I didn't have to worry about catching up.

    I am looking forward to what's coming this fall. Hoping for some Cassadine fun and Luke/Fluke's return and reveal.

  8. I would say 3. Sometimes 4. But more often 3

  9. Im somewhere between 2 and 3.. Im actually annoyed at the way this soap is .. too much of nonsense and not enough time to care about a story.. Im bored.. and not in a way where I know it will get better..ina way that Im saying why am I bothering.. The whole Billy Miller thing, who is Jason? is he coming back.. its annoying.. The show needs to announce who this actor in.. lets surprise the viewer crap has gone on way too long.. sorry in a bad mood when it comes to GH lately..If they read this.. I want them to pick a few stories and move along with them.. and for god sake get rid of some of these characters.. its too much!

  10. I'm giving it a 3. There are days it is fun and great to watch, but others it is painful. But there are no real stories that I am invested in.

    Love Nik, but cannot stand Brit or Spencer.

    Hated every second Eli was on

    Nina and Silas are useless

    If KM cannot commit to a long term contract then leave her off the show for good. She should have been left "dead" and not used as a ratings stunt.

    RM is a waste as Franco, it was a bad move from the beginning, the audience still hates him, even though the writers have gone through great pains to reinvent him and rewrite his whole back story. Cut your losses and ax him and the whole storyline.

    The pace of the show and the overstuffed cast is the main problem. (I am trying to ignore the frozen Jason Egg Pod thing because it is too stupid).

    People are on sporadically. How can I care about anyone when there are on for 2 weeks straight, then not on for a month. I forget about stories. It is like the writers have ADD and it drives me nuts.

    The cast needs to be cut by at least a third. My rule of thumb, all stories needs to be on at least once a week.

    The dialog is great, and there are glimmers of greatness, but there is a lot dragging it down. I do DVR it everyday, which is a big step up from the end of the GUZA years where I didn't.

  11. I'll give it a half hearted 3. I agree that the dialogue is well written but the storylines and continuity are horrendous. We have two women kidnapped and for the next two days all we see is Carly, Sonny and Franco pretty much. Lulu is Carly's niece and she obviously has no idea what happened or Olivia either. Just an example of the way they put this show together. They really don't need Sabrina coming back - the cast is way too huge. I didn't care for the 3 way stuff because it went on for too long. The summer was a big disappointment but thank goodness we didn't have the rumored newbie kids.

  12. I guess I'm a 2.5. I watch every day but on the days I tape I do a lot of fast forwarding.

    As I have said before there are way too many characters I don't care about at all. It feels as though they are trying to win a prize for the largest cast in history. If they chopped 1/3 or even 1/2 of the cast it would be great.

    I have watched soaps for a long time and know patience is needed but this is ridiculous. First the endless lead up to the Levi wedding, then the week long wedding day and now a hostage crisis that will drag on for ? weeks? months? Puke left Miscavage in February - it's August and no end in sight! They show stories sporadically and drag them out forever.

    It's not just the women who are shown as stupid - it's everybody. Patrick, the genius neurosurgeon, can't imagine who would want to hurt him? Mac, the former police commissioner, couldn't figure out the immigration guy was a fake? Why is everyone an idiot? It's driving me crazy.

    I feel so cheated that we were promised a 6 month Sonny-free respite and instead we are being treated to Sonny and Carly again. Do any fans really want to see this? Can't the writers think of anything else to do?

  13. I am between 2-3. I have actually fallen asleep during the show. I do a lot of FF. I haven't enjoyed it at all though. Habit keeps me tuning back in, not the show.

  14. Hi my friend. Good question. I am in the middle here. o not lie the Carly Sonny redux. He is a skunk and she is an old used condom,ick, and still they make me sick!
    Levi is a carton character in any form. Bad casting. Maxie has been written like an idiot. Sheesh.Nothing can make her so dense.
    Love Roger H hate Franco, so boring.
    Will we see Jason pop out of the machine? Will he be a popsicle? Another sheesh.
    Sick of Robin. Kill her off,maybe I am lower than the middle 4

  15. My computer keys are sticking, sorry i look like an idiot. I really can spell.

  16. I would say 3 as well. I fast forward quite a bit.

    I have the same complaint as everyone about the choppiness. I agree with the commenter above who said each storyline should be visited at least once a week.

    I mostly like Nina, but feel she's been ramrodded down viewers' throats. I like Rosalie, liked Delia's short visit, like Jordan. Nathan has slowly grown on me. I like Roger H but hate the character he's playing, and not in a "love to hate him" way, either. But if he is in a scene, that scene is worth watching, in my book.

    The Dante/Lulu baby story gets my vote for most boring, followed by the Sonny/Olivia breakup and the Nik/Britt/Liz thing. I don't think the Levi/Maxie story worked on any level, although I would still rank it higher than my vote for the worst story of the year: Carly's kidnapping by Heather. Ugh.

    Ned/Olivia has had a good start. Hope they don't get the Scott/Lucy treatment.

    I still miss AJ.

  17. My rating is a 3, but that's being generous because I've watched GH for so long. Plus, I can't recall how many times I FF'd. I do recall a time when writers would put the kids in frontline stories during the summer to attract a younger audience. That said, Lila's Kids is an example of that, even though it was marred by the ridiculous fake kidnapping story. The only good part about that was when Britt's plan was foiled by Liz. Boom snap! That should teach a doctor to work in collusion with a kid.

    So with a focus on kid-related stories, did we really need a show that was dedicated to threesomes? Answer: No! It was gratuitous & should've been preceded with an adult-themed warning before it aired with plenty of notice to parents whose kids may watch GH. A casual mention of a three way is one thing, but to theme an entire episode? Again ... No!

    Maxie & Levi "Dingleberry" (thanks, Lucy). Hated that story. Would've rather seen a triangle between Maxie/Nathan/Spinelli. Since Bradford Anderson is on recurring status, they could've brought him back for May & August sweeps. One thing I will say about Levi is that he generated more negative comments on FB than I have seen thus far. While many believe this character is finished, I fear we will learn he is the long-lost son of an embedded PC character.

    That leads me to the current hostage situation. The old team of Maxie & Lulu would have knocked these losers on their butts. Old-Lulu would've faked fainting and when the bad guys looked away, Maxie would've kicked Levi in the crotch, allowing Nathan & Dante to subdue Agent Scribner. Case closed!

    Earlier I said I couldn't recall how many times I FF'd this summer. But now I can say it was definitely the Sonny/Carly/Franco crap. Zzzzzzz. And I do agree with the above comment about not being able to accept RH in the role of Franco. ABC should've found a way to negotiate the use of their rooted characters. And by that, I'm referring to Silas and Kristen Alderson's character whose name I detest so much I still can't write it. Hint: It rhymes with pee-pee. Why don't they just call her Lauren?

    OK. I'm done ranting. For now ;)

  18. Between a 1 and 2. Used to be a 3 a while back. When they first took over it was a 4 to 5.

    So sad. I really miss good, quality storytelling that flows and integrates all the characters and doesn't "shelf" them for weeks and weeks on end.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Well in the spirit of "glass half full," I am giving it a 5(!) That's because I do look forward to watching it every day, and watch every single minute. There is plenty to complain about, but when the show has flashes of brilliance, there's nothing like it. The actors are brilliant, and much of the dialogue is fantastic. I am thrilled to see Lucy and Scottie again, yes I fervently wish they were on more, but I had hoped for SO LONG to see them again. I am thrilled when I see any of the vets. I love Spencer and Emma as the next generation.

    Yes, I hate Franco, Levi, et al., but I LOVE this soap, like marriage, we take the good with the bad.

  21. 1.

    Maxie's wedding started, there was a kidnapping and never heard from again

    Robin was kidnapped and never heard from again

    Jason rose from the dead and never heard from again

    All the triangles last week and nothing materialized on any of them. Is it taboo to see 3 people in bed on daytime tv? And speaking of triangles, where was Kevin/Lucy/Scott? That should be one of the premiere triangles. Hey, not to mention Foster/AnnabelleSIgmund

    Monica is just awol

    The great parenting by Nik Cassadine with his son Spenncer. NOT!

    Anna and the park bench.

    The Keystone Kops. (for those of you under 100 yrs old, do a google on this one.) I am positive Karen will get this reference

    Fluke. Don't care. 13-107? It's funny how that was a "clue" for all of 10 minutes online and no one has talked about it since.

    Nina. Michelle was an awesome actress on Y&R with good writing and directing. Here? Bad writing and bad directing. Sometimes I think some of the actors are directing themselves because there is no one to assist them.

    Daytime Emmys. GH not nominated for directing and writing. Does anyone wonder why?

    Levi. Enough said. If he isnt Sly Eckert to Luke's Bill Eckert, they wasted this entire storyline. I want Lucky to return, step into a scene and say "Sly, what are you doing here?" THAT would be priceless and worth the BS.

    Do I need to go on? Everyone in this post nailed it. And for those of you 3+ rating and above, good for you for staying positive. I hope you can maintain that positiveness for the rest of us.

  22. Karen,
    Did delcodave mean to say that you are over 100 years old? I got the reference - does that mean I'm 100, too?

  23. I'd risk my life commenting on a woman's age! I meant to say that the Keystone Kops are 100 yrs old. And I dont feel anyone on this blog was around back then in 1914.

    As for Karen, I know she is well-versed in tv/movies and I actually think she used that reference years ago in her blog? Possibly? So I know that she would have known the reference.

    No, much love the Wubqueen.

  24. delcodave,
    I was only joking. And there are days when I feel as though I'm 100.

  25. I was entertained--somewhat. Not all the time. 4+maybe.
    I agree about the worst stuff--Sonny and Carly repeatitis--geeze, why can't they let these two (and us) have some time off? I mean, like months. There is no story about Sonny they haven't told 16 times already and the one with Carly more like 14 times. We do NOT need it. Boring boring boring...

    Levi was annoying and fairly predictable. I could have skipped this. Also the 3 gays and their endless blah talk, talk blah. Eeeesh. I would have preferred if Felix had met someone nice and had a romance build with shy nuances--Lucas was too out and out on the make and Brad just nuh... Felix is the only one to care about.

    I like Silas and Sam and am NOT looking forward to a new Jason. If I were writing this, Jason would be so programmed and changed by his ordeal as a popcicle that he wouldn't behave the same or be able to pick up where Jason left off. Thus he could have a story and then leave again. Like Serina, we plain don't need this character again.

    Of course, if I were writing this show, Anna would be on at least 3 times a week and always have a real story. Finola is a fabulous actress, interesting to watch. If we can't have Genie Francis as the main GH star, then make it Finola. (Sorry Carly ain't it.) As police commish, Anna is in a position to be on a LOT more...and we need to see her home. Residences are character revealing and main characters should have permanent homes.

    To make Ava more tolerable, bring her mother to town for good. That would be a treat. I don't know how to make nasty Nina tolerable--can't stand her.
    I love Roger H, hate Franco, as several others have said. I loved John McBain but am kinda unuh about Silas as a character. Still like ME though.
    Lulu's baby obsession is the biggest yawn possible. Hate baby stories anyway and this one is way more than usually tedious.

    I like Jordan and Shawn OK, and I do like Alexis and Julian together, but why don't they have a real story? The characters are there so write it! A plot of a super-smart lawyer with a criminal lover has lots of possibilities. Geeze, How can they miss? Well, I guess by never being on enough to develop a real story, that's how.

    I do miss Ric for Liz--that was just getting interesting. Hearst is an excellent actor.
    I like Spencer as long as he isn't on too much. The kid is amazing. But beware of overkill.
    Chad as Michael is a good actor as we saw early on, but he has little to do now. Mature him and really put him in charge at ELQ and at the mansion. He and Ned can make a good team. He is very different from Morgan and that can provide friction. Am looking forward to the brownstone.

  26. 1.

    A snooze mostly. Still the Sonny show. Acc to most estimates I've read, Maurice Benard has about a 25-30 episode lead in terms of appearances this year.

    That says it all as to why we are at a 1 in 5!

  27. The show? I think I've seen 2 minutes the whole summer. And those 2 minutes? I'll give it a generous .5 (only because its GH).

    Now your blog? That's a 5 all the way. I don't even watch the show. I watch your blog.

    The Gwhubby still watches, but he FFs through 2/3 of it now and rolls his eyes at the other 1/3.

    Please explain how viewership numbers are up? It truly defies logic.

  28. Ok so I have to say it was a 3 for me. Most of the time I let days of GH pile up on my DVR and wasn't in a rush to watch. It felt like a chore like cleaning out the liter box. It's a crappy job but eventually I have to do it. (Actually the hubby cleans it but you get my point!!) Ok Kato needs to go along with Mr. fake immigration nobody. Who cares that you want the Aztec Jewels. Get in line. Carly and Sonny meh. If it was 10 years ago then sure but it is so over. Bring back Jax!! Franco send him and Nina to Shadybrook so they can therapy paint. I could go on but is it worth it? GH is like a whole bunch of scenes thrown together in no special order that don't flow but instead confuse me. Just my honest opinion anyway!!


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