Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Hormones

This week was: comical...tedious...weird...and all full of couple-play.  

Me...most of the week. 
Let. Us. Begin. 

Cereal. Cereal and Milk! (sing it) Cereal Cereal and MILK!
G Love and Special Sauce!! whoot! 

I'm just going to try to get through this this week. LOL. I did give most of my opinion in the Thursday Out Patient Surgery, which was full of good bitchy-snark. I'm a bit tired from that so I'll keep it quick.

Patrick's obviously over Robin, who's busy skyping with Emma. Patrick's a mope and also a dope because he can't quite get WHO would be "going after his family". Um, buddy, you're wife is SKYPING with your kid because an evil-doer took her. Good Lord.  Wake the hey up.

and...that's because THIS has to happen. See, Patrick is adrift right now, Silas is entangled with Nina and of course Frozen JaySay is coming back so....
Let's put these guys together! Ok! I know, Sam can try to find out who ran his family off the road!  Just like she found out about Rafe in a day. This might take a little longer though.  In the meantime, they can get close, bond--maybe boogie a bit and WHAM! St. You Know Who comes stomping back. It will take awhile to figure out just who "NuFace" is--probably awhile. You know the rest. 

And there's this. The EggNuMoungus awakening of St. Jaysus. Which started with a POP and then...of course, ended in a whimper.  We go to the moment that Robin's taken out and. Well, this is GH so you wait. 

*warning: advert your eyes if necessary*  If you somehow missed the Week of the Wedding, well, count yourself lucky. It was LONG. It was BORING and mostly--it was just bleck. As we suspected, the ICE guy was working for Levi, they were stealing the jewels all along. It took FOR-EVER for it to pan out. Nate got knocked out, Mac got shot and Lulu and Maxie got taken hostage. Oh, and btw... he's NOT Australian.  Got that? Okay then. 

Olivia and Sonny "officially broke up" for the millionth time. Which meant that Sonny could go after Carly! You know...someone new, fresh and exciting.
Really? First of all, I guess ol' Ava had the week off, right?  I guess so.  Carly lays on the couch, and dreams of Sonny. Olivia tells her she thinks it's probably going to happen anyway, so go for it. Carly Denies. Franco gets stuck in an elevator with Nina and Sonny shows up with a Pizza. 

The whole 3-way convo started-- Lucas flirted with the idea, Brad and Felix talked about it. I saw it like this:
Carly: Ewwwwwww

Britt: GO for it!
Franco: Eh, already did it.

I guess there was some scuttle-butt about all this. Personally? Welp. Didn't care one way or another. The banter talk was cute.  Of course, they didn't actually go through with it (I would have been mucho surprised if they had)--and Felix is stuck giving Milo advice on Epiphany. 

Swear to god, most of the time all I could think of was: What the hell does Lucas DO for a living? I mean, seriously. What? 
That's how much that whole thing interested me. 

Nik and Liz and Britt--another threesome that is so much Britt and Paddy and Sabby I could scream.  When Liz dumped the milkshake on Britt, I could have sworn that Britt did something similar to Sabrina at one point.  yawn

Milo came out of no where to work for Sonny again and...crush on Epiphany?? HUH? It was a giant fake out at first. They had us thinking he may be gay but nope, he wants Piph because she trashed Mr. Marbles. Okay then. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Out of all the scenes from the whole week, this was my fave. First of all it had two awesome actresses in it and secondly, it was just written to perfection. Nina totally mocked Dr. O's accent and was so snarky to her.  They talked about Magda and Nate not being Nina's real brother. Loved. Of course, Todd came along and the three of them? Magic!! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Dimpled Don Delivering De Pizza!  Adorable. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Vending Machine! Providing either cheetos to SamTrick or licorice to Brad and Britt--it's a scene-stealer! 


  1. Terrible week- from the Milo-Piffy insanity yo Levi dumb ass telling the cops how he's gonna make his escape across the Lake to the Toronto Marriott, Room 433, registered to I.M Stupid.

    Jesus- I was so dumbfounded I didn't even care about Sonny's usual assiness.

  2. Karen, good morning!! Once again, I am first here!! Got concerned when you didn't post on Friday, so we all were forced to write to your Thurs. post. Then YOU responded there too, so I knew you were OK, and breathlessly awaited Sunday surgery.

    Ditto to your faces, scenes of the week--love Sonny and Dr. O! Of course, I also love Spencer, I would like to take an informal poll here: Who loves him, who hates him, who is indifferent?

  3. Oh, Cosmo, you beat me, we must've been posting at the same time!

  4. Yeah, I had crap happen on Friday and couldn't post and didn't feel like even coming on the computer. It happens now and again!
    Spencer is cute, he doesn't bother me like some people.
    I just miss the days when most of the cast was on the soap most of the time. LOL

  5. AntJoan,
    To respond to your question: I can't stand Spencer and wish they would send him back to Europe.

    It's not bad enough that Carly seems to have been turned on to Sonny again because he murdered AJ but now we have Milo admitting he wants Epiphany because she killed the damn dummy! Who knew violence was an aphrodisiac?

    Is Levi so stupid that he doesn't know he can be extradited from Canada?

    After the week long wedding we will now get an endless hostage situation and by the time it ends we will no longer care. Yuck!

  6. Who knew violence was an aphrodisiac?


    I guess you missed the Crusades, Inquisition, and Roman orgies, Dar.

  7. AntJoan, I love Spencer.

    I really liked that the show at least toyed with conversation about having a threesome. I can't say I've ever seen that on a soap before, so it was nice to have something new. And like Karen said, the writers covered the spectrum of reactions, so probably everyone watching could relate to somebody's POV. But the best part of it was the final outcome. It was just the cute/crazy/clever push those three guys needed to get their story moving. Golden Girls marathons? Endless shower scenes? But this was well handled and got Brad and Lucas to admit how they really felt. I especially LOVED that it, and the convo with Milo, helped Felix stay true to himself. He is a romantic...just remember how much he wanted Sabrina to get her Prince Charming. He knew that even though getting with two hot guys he liked would be zexy and all, it wouldn't fulfill his real need to be loved and accepted. I'd like the show to explore that more.

    On Thursday's comments, quite a few people were liking the Milo/Epiphany match. It got me thinking that their scenes were sweet and romantic with them both being nervous and feeling out of their league. But they're having a date...they are all giddy. And that's what all these couple switchings are missing! There's none of that new relationship excitement! It's all scheming and machination. Britt and Liz are acting like bratty teenagers over Nik. Sonny's "seduction" is basically him insulting Carly and bullying her into breaking up with Franco. Nina and Franco are building a cool friendship, but it's all based on lies. Patrick and Sam are both in rebound mode and bonding over some really morbid stuff. I think I'd be much more invested in any of the new couple pairings if any of them actually had that initial attraction and spark like new couple actually have. That is Love in the Afternoon, not this other sheeze.....

    OK. thanks for letting me rant. :) Still love the show! Oh, and I didn't mind the week-long wedding. Those are most of my fav characters (Maxie, Dante, Mac) all in one place for a week! And Mac getting shot made me jump outta my seat and scream, "No! You shot Mac?!?" Good surprise!

  8. I like Spencer and Joss and Emma. But the kids are the one set of characters that actually benefit from not being on screen as much, I think. I hate how Scott/Lucy and the Q's and Brad/Felix/Lucas and Jordan &TJ are usually treated as afterthoughts. But I'm totally fine with only seeing the kids together once a month or so.

    I haven't seen Wed-Fri yet, I'll catch up tonight, but reading your description of Nina & Dr. O made me stop for a sec. It hadn't even occurred to me that they're related!

  9. I actually enjoyed GH all week 1st time in a long time.. I hope the writers keep it going for once all the characters entwined together so I could invest interest it all of them.. I don't like the threesome story I hope its leading to some where because its just stupid to me. Have him decide who he wants it has dragged on long enough.. Love Patrick and Sam.. as far as Sonny I liked seeing him tease Carly.. he needs a good story this past year has been a bore with him and Olivia/Ava

  10. Yeah, I guess Britch and Dr. O are family, why didn't they meet sooner? Just bumping into your aunt/niece and introducing yourselves . . . kinda strange.

    I spoke in an earlier post about my feelings about the Milo/Piffy pairing. Once thing I didn't mention--because I found it too upsetting--was how they bonded over her cruel attack on Mr. Marbles. Mac is SUCH a sweet character, I don't think he has a mean bone in his body, I can't believe that the writers and others supported her actions--I found it heartbreaking.

  11. Skeebob...the fact that you forgot that Dr. O and Nina are related is SUCH a reason I get so pissed at this show. There should have been stuff done with Britt, Nathan, Lesil and then Nina to bring it all together. Nate talks to Nina for 2 days straight in her room, then nothing. Everything skips a beat. Obrect should have found out about Paddy's trip to the clinic as well. And not in a few days, but SOON.
    The worst thing? ALICE... Good GOD. Talk about not timing closure at all on that? Saying "she did ok" and then dropping it a whole week is maddening.

  12. For AntJoan's survey about Spenser (wonder if anyone will be surprised here) I cannot stand the character. The kid who plays him does a good job, but the way he is written is so obnoxious to me. Why are all these kids little brats except for Emma???
    It seems to be a pretty universal reaction to jump up when Mac was shot. Several have mentioned it.
    It is easy to forget who is related to whom, and who should be interacting when we have to wait weeks and weeks to find out what happened the next day. On other spoilers, there is no mention of the kidnapping for the next couple of weeks.
    Epiphany and Milo's reaction to their having a first date was cute, but the destruction of Mr. Marbles is a shaky foundation for the relationship.
    When we see Ava again, does anyone think she will actually LOOK pregnant??? Will Nina get pregnant and need to borrow maternity clothes, and be out of luck cause Ava doesn't need them, thus causing Nina further meltdowns and revenge scenarios??? How many months do you think they can stretch out a 9 month gestation????

  13. This show is so disjointed that it is unbelievable. I would have no problem with Pif and Milo if it wasn't so contrived and out of the blue. He suddenly appears after months and months and is in love with her. Sonny and Carly redux is like beating a dead horse. The kid who plays Spencer is talented and adorable, but the character doesn't exactly endear himself or take after his dad.

  14. I enjoyed last week on GH. Well almost all of it. Why, oh Why are they writing a re-re-re-re-re-redux of Sonny and Carly. Been there, done that, finished with it. They are talented actors and should not be wasted in such a way. I'm sure I'm not the only one to FF my DVR through scenes that could have actually been written years ago.

    Thanks for allowing me to rant too!

    On another note, the wedding... I am so glad that isn't happening. I am on the edge of my chair awaiting Nathan to charge to the rescue on his white horse!

  15. Re Spencer - the actor is very talented. Complex dialogue and great timing on the delivery. The character is obnoxious and I can only take him in small doses, but I find Nicholas very boring so at least Spencer adds some life to it

  16. One more note on Spencer (if anyone can stand it). When I caught Nik on Celebrity Wife Swap, he has this really cute little son who also seemed a bit precocious. Watching the 2 of them was a lot like watching Nik and Spencer, they are all very cute together.

  17. Did anyone notice a difference in the directing of Friday's episode? Alison Sweeney said she directed it.

    I myself can't stomach GH lately. Far too cartoonish for my taste and I'm sick of how disjointed things are. Nothing flows.

    Great post Karen! Hit the nail on the head again!


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