Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Too Busy To Blog!

Yep...so I guess I'll miss the CarSon show today! Let me know how it goes. 


  1. You really don't need us to tell you, and you probably really didn't want to know. Yechhhh!!!

  2. I think I found a clue in who Levi is! His name when scrambled is "Evil" and Dunkleman is norwegian for "Obscure One"

  3. Dunkelman was the name of the cohost who quit American Idol after the first season. It's the writers making pop culture references.

    Sonny was his usual smug little peacock self.

  4. Read a rumor that Levi is the son of Jerry Jax...

  5. Oh, I forgot about Alice. She just had a heart transplant, and is in a regular hospital room, with no isolation to protect her from infection/rejection immediately post-op. She is totally awake and alert, and I don't believe any of it for a minute. But she did tell Michael about Tracy, so that was good.

  6. Garbage. It was all Garbage today.

  7. Alice's room: Alice's surgery went well! She is going to be okay! YAY!!!! :) Oh Michael fires Tracy HAHAHA! The truth is out! Now the 2nd truth has to come out to Michael. I can't wait until Michael finds out what his daddy did to his bio daddy!

    Olivia and Ned: They are so cute together! She isn't ready for a relationship right now, which is fine! :) They are friends, FOR NOW! :) They are going to go to the movies! YAY!

    Morgan and Rosalie: They are cute together too! And the look on her face when Morgan brought up her father, yeah she was lying about that! HA! :) She asked him for a drink! YES! Awww he can't do it now. :(

    BobTodd and Nina: He keeping her secrets, and she is keeping his secrets. :) Bonding over that! They are cute together too.

    Nina and McSilas: Wow! Nina is manipulating him again! She is very good!!! :) She made him cry! Oh McSilas you need to blow your nose! Someone give him a kleenex!

    Carly's home: Gee Sonny breaks Carly's picture of her and BobTodd, and Carly didn't hear it! When Carly is horny she must go deaf! Now if only BobTodd sees them doing the mattress dance! :) The last time they almost had sex, was at his house on the couch. But she stopped it. I was very disappointed. That was a few years ago.

    Carly: I have to think here.

    Sonny: About what?

    Carly: About what? About what a liar and a cheater I am. And many other choice words.

    Gee Carly. That is nothing new. You have always been that way! Don't change. :)Oh shoot they are finished before BobTodd showed up. Oh are they gonna do it again?! I think so! Oh BobTodd shows up! FUN FUN FUN! Oh Carly comes down being all fake to BobTodd hahaha!

    Ava's home: Awwww it's Ava's birthday and Starki wants to celebrate her birthday.. Sweet! I love Ava's laugh when Starski thinks Nina is okay! Hahahaha! Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    ROFL! Well she oughta know! :) Great scene between Ava and Starki.

  8. Wow, I miss Carly and Todd Manning! But, as much as I've been meh about Carly with Franco, (why oh why make R.H. Franco?! I'll never get over that by the way!) I honestly have to say I hate this Carly & Sonny crap soooo much more. Never thought I'd think that Franco was too good for Carly, lol! I yearn for Franco to rip Sonny a new one. Sonny is such a smug little bastard he deserves something colossal to happen and hopefully very soon!

  9. I had to fast forward thru the Carly/Sonny...just couldn't



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