Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday OutPatient Surgery.

Because I feel the need to bitch LOL

Jordan and Shaun. They have a hot encounter, slide down the wall...and???  TOO inconsistent. How can I get into them when they are hardly ever on? Molly's disappeared. Alice hasn't been mentioned. WTF. We obviously shifted from the War on Drugs over to the mad-cap wedding and Frozen Jason.
But wait....Frozen Jason was rising from the 'dead'..and  Robin being taken away and...what? We get a day of cute sex talk, Sonny and Carly foreshadowing and the end of the longest wedding ever.  

Why? WHY WHY!!??  Liz and Nikolas are SO Patrick and Sabrina it kills me. There's Britt, plotting her "in" with Paddy, just like she did with he and Sabrina. Will she throw Emma's doll on the barbie again?

 Where's Nina been?  Ava? Why haven't Ava and Nina had a scene together yet? Ava is PART OF THAT BACKSTORY!! Rumor has it that Nina is going to plot to steal Ava's baby.
REALLY? can a BABY be born and just BE BORN????? Is that possible on this show? 

Morgan and Nurse Rosie were seen at a cute picnic. Few sparks flew--then? Nothing. I'm sure we'll get some random insert of them again when we least expect it.

And you know, I was thinking. What was the point of Levi 'protesting' the Brownstone? Solely to get Maxie and Nathan handcuffed together? Was it to get "arrested" so he could have his fake ICE guy come in ?? Is the Browstone even going to be redone?? Or was that just a plot point?

 Don't get me started on the wedding that lasted forever.  UGH. I don't know who edited the timing on that but geesh.  Plus, I for one hate seeing Lucy, Mac and Felicia stand around like they are helpless.  Um, NO. 

I missed 2 days last week. There has been NO mention of Alice--and if I didn't keep up with twitter I'd never know what happened with her. No idea Sonny paid someone off to be his sister. It's Thursday this week--and what?  That should have been part of this week, the continuation of that saga. Monica should have been around. People should have been waiting for her surgery to get done. Something--anything!! 

I take it Duke is basically out for the count. Anna's summer has involved the park bench. Why haven't we seen more bonding time with Dr. O and Britt and Nathan? Victor is Nathan's Dad and you know all of a sudden, that will happen. Then Dr. O will be on--but we never saw the stuff happening between them on camera.  Kind of like Kiki and Silas. Hell, she was living with him and I didn't even know it! 

I need more characters to be involved in other stories so we don't get on/off again stuff. That's all. Just a little more integration.  Please.??

What might break Wubby's back? Carly and Sonny redux number 4,500. I can't even with that. Then FauxJason will be back--and who knows where that will go? Will Carly recognize a kindred spirit?  Franco is basically adrift, interacting with people here, there. 1 day Josslyn..then Spencer...then Felix. *yawn*. 

And Sabrina will be coming to PC again.


Hey, how's that Bobbie, Lucy and Scotty triangle going? Last we saw him, he was hightailing it out of the hotel room to meet with Anna.  (days and days ago) Maybe in 2 months we'll get another few scenes.  Maybe, who knows? Do I care? Nope. Yep, I love my vets but use them more often or lose them.  There I said it. Of course, I'd like to see about 5-6 relatively "newbie" filler characters gone before them, but it's a money thing. I get it. 

So that's my bitch. I'm not going to get into the holes of the St. Jaysus story with Robin because I could go on for eons. It's like the Fluke story: Choppy, nonsensical and not keeping my attention.  The fact that Anna's kept in the dark on this..stupid. The fact that Patrick can't figure out WHO RAN him off the road when he knows Victor Cassadine has Robin??? Unforgivable. I mean, geeze Louise. 

I could go on. You know the drill. I needed to get this out as I had a break from the show and was hoping I'd love it when I saw it with fresh eyes. And yes, the day to day dialog is good-- (most of the time) but without the stitches putting it all together it's flat. 


  1. I've watched two episodes all summer and that is more than enough. The summer use to be awesome soap time too.

  2. Lucas was a doctor in Seattle right? He's been in PC for awhile, shouldn't he have interviewed for a job at GH already?

  3. I said that he was a doctor on twitter. Was corrected by the head writer who said he's NOT a doctor.

    So, there you go.


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