Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lucy and Scott are on their 2 month rotation.... Scotty looks tre Dapper today. Serena mention. 
Coleman is hauled off to PCPD...

Nate and Dante find ...BLOOD! Then ICEMAN is shot, falls over!!  Dante wants to know WHERE HIS WIFE is!!  Iceman says Levi took the girls. I think they are going to be going to Scarsdale clinic cause I bet Victor ties into this. Someone does, it's too damn dull to be much else. 

Olivia and Nedly at Floating Jake's when Tracy comes in to yell at Ned for throwing her out. Then she yells at Olivia --then Ned tells her Lulu is kidnapped.  Carly finally finds out Lulu is kidnapped when she and Franco walk into Jake's. geesh! 

Carly can't stop thinking about Sonny's Peenie Weenie. Franco gives her the flowers, they leave for a date. 

Sonny and Julian posturing like roosters.  It was really a NON-scene.

Michael with his Mousse..geesh he has an ORANGE FACE today.  Ava can't go thru with it. Michael tells her Fluke was coming on to Kiki. Ava FREAKS out when she finds out about Fluke and his inappropriate grabbing  of Kiki. She knocks the dessert out of Michael's hand and says DON'T EAT IT!  She and Julian  discuss how to handle Fluke.

Dante and Nate find a newspaper clipping with Frisco's face on it. So, they are going to look for him. 


  1. When the 2 policemen walked into the cabin and came across the kidnapper with a gunshot wound and blood, did anyone see the 2 of them call 911 before interrogating him?

    Also, are we supposed to now believe that Levi Dopplegagger is Frisco's son?

  2. Dear goddess don't let Levi be Frisco's...after all, Maxi is Frisco's. I wonder if it's a blackmail on Frisco "Ha ha, I have your daughter and your ex wife's jewelry..do this or else?"

    I know, I'm reaching.

  3. eew....I hope not. That would make him Maxie's brother!

  4. Maybe he's Peter Harrell's son and he's looking for a little payback.

  5. The cabin: BLOOD!!! Wait that looks like jelly from a jelly doughnut. Oh no! Did someone murder a jelly doughnut?!!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :( Oh look the fake ice guy is there shot! Does he know what happened to the jelly doughnut?!!? The fake ICE guy wins the line of the day!

    Fake ice guy: It hurts!

    ROFL! Really? You don't say!?!?! Wow! I didn't know getting shot hurts! Which writer gave him that stupid line? Hahahahaha. He beat out Tracy's rant over Olivia, Starki's line about bitch slapping the dessert, and BobTodd's line to his father about fencing the jewels. Did anybody here know that getting shot really hurts?! :) I love how while Dante and Nathan was looking through the room in the cabin, that we hear Scotty's voice.

    Police station: Oh come on! You can't make me buy that Scotty doesn't know who to pick between! He has wanted Lucy! Now he doesn't know who he wants? Yeah right.

    Ava's home: Feisty mama bear! I love it! :) I thought she was going to throw that dessert across the room! Close enough. :) That poor dessert is hurt! :(

    The hospital: Carly can't stop thinking about the sexcapade with Sonny! Oh oh she is all horny now. She wants a date with BobTodd. Why is Michael limping? Did I miss a scene or something? Oh good Mikey gets to have dessert!

    Sonny's office: I don't know what the point of Julian showing up at Sonny's office was about. It made no sense. I thought he was going to tell Sonny that his sister was going to kill Michael. What a waste a scene.

    The floating rib: I'm glad Tracy knows that Lulu was kidnapped. Tracy leaving Fluke message haha. He won't care if Lulu is missing. I bet it will be all fake concern.

    "Karen says Carly can't stop thinking about Sonny's Peenie Weenie."



  6. Peter Harrell- Felicia was engaged to him before she and Frisco became an item. He was also after the Aztec treasure. He fell into a water fall when they were fighting it out, but his body was never found.

    Judson Scott played him. Check out his hair. lol


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