Monday, August 18, 2014

GH Moving Back to 3pm in Most of East

I'm sure you've seen that around. I for one am happy, I do like it better at that time. CHECK your local listings though, because I believe they could put it wherever they want. We are getting Dr. Phil moving over here at 4 and no idea what's on at 2pm. The View, The Chew are on again too. 

Anna in a Jaunty Hat/Raincoat combo.  A little flash-back recap for those that missed it.   Mac is going to be fine. They haul up the charter boat captain that Heather hired and found out his boat is gone. They are all standing in the pouring rain. The coast guard tells everyone the boat sank. Who thinks they are all dead? ahahha...right. 
NOPE..they are wandering around in the woods and go to a cabin. Where Levi THOUGHTFULLY provides a change of clothes for the ladies.  Bahahaha.

Britt and Nik make out.  HE's saying that he doesn't know if he's over Liz. blah, blah blah Britt; I don't care, just sleep with me anyway. 

Carly and Sonny: the BEAST that will not DIE. I mean SERIOUSLY...and just when he's "done" with Olivia and has Ava rollin around his house PG with either his kid or grandkid? Bahahahaa.  I think I've seen about 8 variations of the CarSon Dance. NO MO' please!!  Sonny is basically saying he thinks Franco is wrong for her, so she should have sex with him.
Good GOD
 AND he kisses her again. Carly tells him to go. THEN, oh hell. She says to STAY. UGH. They make out.
I'm going to fall asleep with this. 

Nina and Todd are still in the elevator-how you gonna PEE??? Of course I'm thinking of that!! Can they lower water bottles down there? Well, that might make them pee more so... She tells him Sonny and Carly kissed. He goes nuts and she stands up to calm him down. Whoops. They talk...yada and then the doors open. 

TAKE AWAY: Britt and Sonny are both horny, Mac is ok, Franco knows Nina can walk and Dante is going to catch his death of cold for standing in that rain for hours.  

Tomorrow: A bunch of people not on for awhile and Carly gets her blouse ripped off. 


  1. Whatever happened to Sonny's 6 month vacation? As an added insult we are subjected to the 6th? 7th? rerun of him with Carly? Why?

  2. Hey Karen! What happened to Friday's blog? Were you busy?

    The hospital: Gee finally Felicia and Lucy take Mac to the hospital! They didn't want to call 911? Glad Mac could walk! Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: Oh God I was about to pronounce Maxie and that Levi Dingleberry person husband and wife, or wife and husband. Whatever.

    ROFL! That Lucy! :) I'm glad Mac is gonna be okay!!! YAY! :) I'm glad Felicia and Lucy are there for each other awwww! :) The best of friends. :)

    The elevator: BobTodd is pissed! ROFL! Awww BobTodd I did warn you. Oh hell just kiss Nina! :)

    Wyndemere: I was so pulled in and got lost in Britch's seduction! :) And then they had to show a commercial! BAH! Stupid commercial! :) Oh Nik just forget Liz! Damn Brik was about to make love, but then Liz had to call him. Ah well at least it was for a good reason. :)

    Carly's home: Sonny tried to unbutton her shirt while he was talking to her hahaha. So Carly is all like,

    Carly: No! I don't want you. I don't think about you! Go! GO! Wait! Stay! I want you! I can't stop thinking about you!

    ROFL! I knew this what happen! I knew they would get all hot and heavy again! Sorry you guys, but I love it! :)

    The pier: Do we really need to see a recap of what happened Friday? Oh look Anna wants to be in Cassablanca! :) What is with that hat and raincoat? ROFL! What is with the rainstorm? What is the point? Oh wait Nathan and Dante wet in the rain. Never mind. Hey you two take your shirts off! :)

    Cabin: Oh Maxie and Lulu are feisty! :)

    "Karen says GH Moving Back to 3pm in Most of East'

    Yeah I know! It sucks! I got used to it being at 2! I like it at 2!

    "Karen says Tomorrow: A bunch of people not on for awhile and Carly gets her blouse ripped off."

    ROFL! Good one. :) And also, BobTodd will be PISSED! :)

  3. "dar said... Whatever happened to Sonny's 6 month vacation?"

    Hmmmm. Well isn't it obvious? :) BobTodd will find Carly and Sonny in bed together, which will make BobTodd FURIOUS, so then he goes straight to Michael to tell him about his daddy killing his bio daddy, and then BOOM Sonny goes to jail. :)

  4. It looks like the Jeromes are getting the backburner just when I was really enjoying them. Now Nina has to be on everyday since they have this big name actress and that is all they seem to care about. She doesn't fit in and I am not impressed. Finola Hughes can act circles around her but she is on once every two weeks. Sonny and Carly - had to ffwd. Franco is still a raving lunatic.
    I also loved the Dingleberry line Sonya!

  5. I haven't seen the show yet (just finished working), but did NOT know about it being switched back to 3!

  6. "LSV422 said...I also loved the Dingleberry line Sonya!'

    There are so many nicknames we could call him. Dingleberry is one of them. :)

  7. Carly and Sonny are SO done. They've been married how many times? All failed. They are boring, tedious, dreary, uninteresting, cringe-worthy. I REALLY do NOT want to see another edition of what I hated the first 8 or 9 times with multiple Carlys. Hated them all. Laura is my favorite Carly--well, if least disliked can be 'favorite'--and I really hoped they would not have to run Sonny by her. His lines with wimmin are so tired and repetative and lame. His idea of seduction is yawn-inducing, his courtships are so hollow and cookie-cutter, and his sperm always most likely to produce something.

    When oh WHEN is Maurice's vacation!!????

  8. Mo MUST have taped around his usual summer vacation. I think he and Maura West taped, then they inserted a bunch of stuff lol

    Sonya, LIFE intruded on my on Friday, just crap I had to deal with and I just didn't want to be online. Ever get that way? I usually love to gab but I needed silence.

  9. BTW, is it me or did Maurice look way tired in his last few days? I think he's done with CarSon too!

  10. "kdmask said..Sonya, LIFE intruded on my on Friday, just crap I had to deal with and I just didn't want to be online. Ever get that way? I usually love to gab but I needed silence."

    Awww my poor Karen. :( Yeah I get that way sometimes. Are you feeling better today?

  11. dar...that is exactly what I was going to ask lol


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