Friday, August 1, 2014

Spencer and Franco!

Well, it's FRIDAY...and it's AUGUST!! Wow, summer is flying by.  GH doesn't seem like it's flying by though.  Each day is funny in ways but everything is still all jumbled up. I wonder when we'll see Bobbie again. Hmmm?

Spencer peeks on Todd trying to hack into Carly's computer. Spencer Todd scene!! yeah!  Franco figures out that Spencer is missing but can't call it in or Spence will squeel on him. 

Sonny visits Julian. And... wants Ava back.  Tells Julian that it was "very Die Hard 3" to get Ava off the roof in a 'copter. 

Patrick visits Sam, helps her pick up toys. He has a LOT of footballs. 

Silas has a hang over-- and wonders what happened to him. 
You know, in real life, if Nina was paralyzed after a coma, she'd have on going neurology tests, including pins and electronic pulses. But, I'm being picky, I know. 

Ava talks to Fluke. She's sruprised he's the boss.  He says he's changed. I'm wondering now if he could be Jerry Jacks just because of his speech pattern today. And how he had the hots for Kiki. LOL. 
Ava tries talking Fluke into taking her into the business.

PS. Clue might be in the ISP address for luke which was 13107, which could correlate to an episode in 2007. Jerry blows up the Metro Court

AND.... Obama comes on.


  1. Ron posted that they are giving a lot of clues about Fluke's identity. I've been trying to figure out what 13-107 means as I'm sure it's a clue. Jerry Jax makes sense and something I've been thinking for awhile. I'm just not sure if we are missing obvious clues or not. I hate that we are missing the last 15 minutes.

  2. I wish I cared enough to follow the clues. I don't. It makes no difference to me who Puke is. I just want the story to end. I fail to be entertained by sleazy misogynists who try to rape women. Just end it - it's dragged on way too long.

  3. Fluke can't be Jerry Jacks. He would never hurt Alexis, let alone try and kill her. She was was one if the only people he took extreme measures to save during the water virus storyline.

  4. Jerry Jax has been my guess for Fluke from the beginning.

    Bullies come in all sizes it seems. I didn't like the fact that obnoxious little Spencer was actually physically hurting Franco today. And that's not because I feel sorry for Franco. Spoiled and entitled is one thing, but are they trying to show us that Spencer is a budding psychopath who will do anything to get his own way?

    I must admit that Fluke on the computer is much more realistic than Anna and Jordan in the park talking to the trees while they circle the bench. At least we got the appearance of eye contact. Someone should tell Jordan about Skype.

  5. Ava's home: No no no Ava! That isn't Luke! That's 13-107!!!!! :) I wonder if that is Tony Geary's home! Love the view! :)

    Sam's home: Love the Patrick and Sam scene! Glad she has got her brain and figured Nina out! :)

    Carly's home: BobTodd wins the lines of the day!

    BobTodd: Metro space court. How do you spell Josselyn? Because she has been holding you prisoner? I knew there was something up with that kid. Wait hold on a second. Sonny is your uncle? Do yourself a favor. Don't get old.

    ROFL! BobTodd I think it's best that you learn Joss's name! :) Love the BobTodd and Spencer scene!

    McSilas's home: Awwww poor McSilas! He drank way too much and now he has a hangover! :) Hahahahaha! I can't believe McSilas is believing that he drank too much!


    Nik: I would be no good to my son right now if it weren't for you.

    It's working Britch it's working! :) She says she doesn't know where Spencer is. Well geez call him and find out where he is and then go get him! DUH!

    Ava's art gallery: Oh that guy who took Julian's gun, that was hot :) The way he took it. Yes Sonny you can shoot Julian's knee caps, or below the belt. :) Then no more sex for awhile! We can't have that! Knee caps it is! :)

  6. "Di says I must admit that Fluke on the computer is much more realistic than Anna and Jordan in the park talking to the trees while they circle the bench."

    ROFL! And what does the tree say back to them? :)

  7. In Tony Geary's interview he mentioned learning about sociopaths. Jerry Jax would make sense, he is one. I'm sure he'd be pretty peeved at Tracy since she shot him and left him for dead to save Luke. lol Someone may have been watching Alexis's home and waited for her to leave before blowing it up. Anyway, Jerry's got my vote. He's never given 2 whits about killing anyone that messes up his day.

  8. Karen,,
    Time Warner's explanation for why we've had no cable for 45 minutes is a server blew up in Rochester! Wonderful.

  9. I cannot believe that Fluke is Jerry Jacks. Although Jerry is a terrorist, he has shown that he has somewhat of a heart (his love for Jax, his parents, Alexis, Joss, Bobbie...). The way Fluke is being portrayed is someone that is completely soulless. I'd sooner believe he was Stavros (or even Helena!) before I'd believe he was Jerry. But, I'm still leaning toward Tracy's ex- mobster husband, or maybe even Mitch Williams.

  10. I went back and watched the Metro episode and the characters that were in it. Of course, we all know Jerry Jax was there. So was Alcazar. He was still recovering from memory loss after Sonny shot him in the head. He'd been in on the deal with Jerry. I'd forgotten that part. The only ick factor for either one of them being Fluke is the Kiki "attraction". I find it really difficult that either of those two would go there.

  11. It's basically going to end up being someone where we all end up going "Huh?!!!! What???!" Either won't make any sense (evil mob king-pin Richard Simmons) or someone very obscure.

  12. "Zak says It's basically going to end up being someone where we all end up going "Huh?!!!! What???!" Either won't make any sense (evil mob king-pin Richard Simmons)"

    What?! Richard Simmons?! ROFL!

  13. Sonya said:
    ROFL! And what does the tree say back to them? :)

    Leaf the problem to us. lol

    Richard Simmons! ROFL It would take him at least a decade to get the voice right.

  14. "Di said...Leaf the problem to us. lol"

    ROFL! Well then they better listen to the tree!! :)

  15. I'm sure they'll root out the problem. lol

  16. "Di said...I'm sure they'll root out the problem. lol"

    They better! ROFL!


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