Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Green Jello Day!

BRITT SAYS: it's green jello day in the cafe today...

Franco prancing around in the showers--- Felix in a towel. Tranco  asks him for a sponge bath. Brad comes in a towel when Tranco goes to the showers. *sigh*

Britt sees Lulu's chart.  Nik's hair is weird today. They blab about Spencer. Liz and Nikolas are going out. 

THE WEDDING:  Lucy took an age. Dante sees Nathan laying there like a lump. And he doesn't even untie him, he just stands there LOL and then TALKS to him forever instead of running OUT THERE TO GET Levi!! GOD! 

Ok, I'm out. I can't deal with this today. It's dragging and the frozen Jason thing isn't happenin'...


  1. I said this would be shirtless guy day. I guess we'll skip a day and then have them all accidentally meet at the pool.

    I think if I'd heard the word three-way one more time I would have thrown up.

    But hey, they did switch back to the wedding for a minute or so every once in a while.

    Maxie, I'm sure you're wearing some lovely high heels. Ram one of them into Levi's toes and let's get this over with.

    I did get one good laugh though. How many weddings do you see where the bride to be is yelling, "Just shoot him!" PMSL

    And did anyone else notice that Felix's shirt miraculously appeared?

    1. I agree with your three way comment! It got very old, very fast. I guess our love in the afternoon is gone. Now it's lust in the afternoon. Ugh!

  2. This wedding is bringing back bad memories of the Metrocourt hostage story which also dragged on and on. Why show such short segments - it's annoying. Just get it over with please.

    Anybody know what number this makes in the Carly and Sonny pathological relationship saga? I really thought we were done with this. Why do we have to do this again?

  3. I KNEW that Immigration Dude was on Levi's -- I mean Sly Eckert's -- side!

    Who thought Dante and Nathan looked hot back-to-back with their guns?! AND Nathan's guns!

    Isn't the LeviActor really from Australia?

    Who wishes Jax would sweep in and save Carly??

  4. The actor who portrays Levi is Australian but Aussie actors hoping for work in America all have to be able to speak with an American accent. It's only recently that there's been Aussie actors able to work in American series with an Aussie accent. ( And I imagine it would be pretty hard for most American actors to pick up an Aussie accent. lol)

    Yeah, that Immigration guy was sus from the beginning. If he'd really been Immigration he would have arrested Levi on the spot and he'd have been on a plane that day.

    I loved the shot of the guys with their guns too.

  5. The hospital: Oh Britch stop whining to your mutter!!! Woah! Liz's dress is so bright!!! My eyes!!!! My eyes!!! Oh and hey Nik got a haircut! :) Probably for the summer? But summer is almost over. Damn Britch! You should have gone with them to Kelly's!!!!

    Hospital locker room: BobTodd wins the line of the day!!!

    BobTodd: You wanna give me a sponge bath? For old times sake? Don't take this the wrong way. You know, I AM a breeder. I mean this as a compliment. The way you handle a loofa, you make a young man very happy someday. Those were gay sparks.


    Olivia and Sonny:

    Olivia: I think it's time for me to move on.

    With Ned? :)

    Olivia: And I think it's time for you to move on.

    With Carly?

    Olivia: You need to find somebody who gets you. Someone who can be part of your world.

    Yup Carly! :) And look it here. As soon as the scene changed, they showed Carly! :) So yup it's Carly!

    Kelly's: I am so glad Britch changed her mind!! Good girl!:)

    The haunted Star:

    Nathan and Dante: What the hell?! Why isn't there a sense of urgency?!!?! COME ON NOW! Stop chit chatting! Oh FINALLY Nathan leaves to stop the wedding! Idiot!

    The wedding: Yeah!! Maxie knows the truth about Levi! Levi loses his fake accent YEAH!!!! OH the ICE guy is fake too! He is with Levi!!! :) I gotta say tho, that Maxie's dress looks like she is a sourthern belle. :) The dress IS cute.

    Carly's home: Okay this brother and sister discussion about threesomes, and Carly's sex life, is gross. What were the writers thinking?! All this threesome talk with Lucas, Brad, and Felix, are we actually going to see them have a threesome?! I hope not. A soap opera never had that before.

    1. I liked the talk they all had. Seemed real. Besties talking about it, real...siblings, a tad Ick but real...

  6. "Di said...I did get one good laugh though. How many weddings do you see where the bride to be is yelling, "Just shoot him!" PMSL"

    Hahahahaha! She also said I don't care if you hit me, just shoot him! ROFL!

  7. Maxie has been a dip for years but her stupidity over Levi is beyond words. Yet again I am disappointed with GH. :(

  8. Nik's hair and beard, plus his red, watery eyes made him look like he is sick, maybe with a bad cold. He is a GORGEOUS guy, caught him on Celeb Wife swap, he looks sooo much better in his real life.

    I always have felt like Felicia looks like Katherine Hepburn, and should play her in a biopic. And I think that Maxie should play Goldie Hawn, has anyone else noticed that they look alike?

  9. I called the ICE guy being in cahoots w Levi a couple mos. ago.


  10. I loved today's show. It was exciting! I only fast forwarded through Sonny & Olivia. Snoozefest!

  11. I'm no prude but the ménage a trois discussions were not exactly must see TV. And someone is apparently getting their rocks off with all the shirtless guys on constantly and three of them just yesterday. Looked like Franco was quite interested in the guys, too. Nik grew a beard and mustache in just a few days. I don't think this Carly (LW) and Sonny have any chemistry. They should bring back Brenda for Sonny. Two fabulous Australian actors who play American so well are Ryan Kwanten (Jason on True Blood) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick on the Walking Dead).

  12. Loved Franco's comment about the City with Ally and some red head....prolly Steffi and having a threesome with them.

  13. Hey did anybody hear that GH is moving back to 3:00 in the fall? UGH! Why?!!?

  14. Sonya, I heard NY, but not any other areas yet.

  15. "LSV422 said...Sonya, I heard NY, but not any other areas yet."

    Yeah I heard NY too.

  16. Actually if GH moves we might not get so many interruptions and cancellations. It seems to be in the news conference zone right now.


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