Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Surgery: A Labor of Wub

The Aztec Connection...

"Labor of Wub.." Get it? LABOR Day!!? Well, almost labor day. It's certainly the last day of August which makes me a bit sad. Summer was fun but went too fast. 
Hmm, can the same be said for GH? Was it fun? Did it go too fast? 

I honestly had my days all mixed up and realized that Sunday was upon me-- and I/d better get writing. I'm going to give you the highlights so we can all go and finish up our summer parties! 

Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte since Starbucks put them out early and have a seat!

What happened this week? 

Yeah, that's Silas' "I'm so excited" face...
1. Biggest item: Nina slept with Silas. He seemed almost in a zombie state to me during it, but whatever. She also found out she's in peri-menopause and can't have kids. Bummer. BUT! She did find out that her cousin knows how to steal an embryo if she needs one!!

2. Sabrina is back. Yep. Can't figure out why other than to add to the "who told Rafe to run them off the road" saga. At least it got us to see Carlos again. And hear them talk Spanish. (look at the grumpy guard back there...LOL) 

3. Carly and Sonny continued to do their Carson thing. "Don't touch me!" .."I'll touch ya if I wanna" (poke, poke)  Franco got closer to the truth after talking to Papa Scotty.  Sigh

4. Mac, Flea, Anna-- Nathan and Dante stood around trying to figure out the "Frisco Connection". We found out that Dunkleman is really Peter Harrell Jr. He told Maxie that Peter Harrell was his dad and boy, was he MAD! Lulu's a 'part of all this too' but of course, we can't find out what that may be just yet. 
PS. Peter Harrell was engaged to Felicia pre-Frisco days and did stuff with the Aztec treasure. He was presumed dead when he went over a water-fall. He wasn't a nice guy (obviously). 

5. Sam and Paddy play pool. Cue sexual innuendos. Sam wins, tells Patrick to shave his beard.

6.  The Poison! Michael almost gets it but he takes so damn long to eat his dessert that Ava has a change of heart and smacks it out of his hand. She tells Fluke she's going to get him the recording and Michael's death would just complicate things.

7.  These two were in bed for 48 hours--or so Brad says. I guess they are a real life couple now. 

8. Nik and Liz continued their everlasting dance of "I don't want you when you want me" crap. So, so tiring. It would have been hot if she would have almost slapped him when he was professing his feelings to her (and crying) and she stopped and just took her clothes off. LOL. Like, hell, we can't stop ourselves. BUT...NOooooooooooooooo, we gotta sit through more of this. I like Nik and Britt btw, but dear lord if they don't do something with the back and forth I'm going to scream.

9. Oh yeah and he cut his hair. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Maxie and Lulu try to get ol' Pevi all riled up with taunts. She insulted his manhood, taste in food and hygiene. It was pretty funny. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Mousse....Mousse. Ava's MOUSSSSSE.. which alas did NOT cause Michael to go into a paralyzed sleep. It just got all over the carpet. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: I had to choose Scotty because he's looking, well SO SCOTT-Like right here. Tired, hair all over and exasperated from talking to Franco. 

SPECIAL MOMENT: That I've been waiting for finally FINALLY happened! Ava runs smack dab into Nina's wheelchair. My only complaint is that they've not done this sooner. Also, Ava is so out of Silas' orbit, the point is kinda lost. She hasn't mooned over him in like a year. Who cares if Nina is jelly of her? 

So, I guess fall is bringing many villains back (Heather being confirmed), Nina's quest for a bay-bay--Who's the daddy continuation for Ava, Franco getting the tape, The whole Rafe/Pevi/Cassadine/Fluke O RAMA saga (hopefully?) wrapping up a bit. Victors's back and has to find out about Nathan.
Oh, ya...please finish that Brownstone. SO MANY people are in need of a decent place to live! 


  1. Peter Harrell was a C class villain. Real out of nowhere sheeze.

    Glad you had that photo of Becky's back.

    Becky Herbst looks ill. She's always been pale, but her shoulderblades seemed like they wd rip through her flesh. I know she had a 3rd kid 2 years or so ago, and likely dieted to lose the weight, but her arms are note even 6 inches around at the bicep.

    She was gorgeous when Niz first hooked up, and filled out a brassiere quite well, but now she looks ill. Still facially pretty, but she has gone WAY overboard w the dieting.

    Has anyone else noticed how ultra-thin/anorexic she is- esp in the arms, the ribs that show in her breastbone area, and the shoulders area. Has she been ill, or what?

    My wife walked in, saw those razor sharp shoulder blades and cried, "WAY TOO SKINNY!'

  2. Liz and Nik are driving me crazy also. She totally went after him in a competition with the Britch, so she KNEW it was a competition, which meant that Nik had SOME feelings for both of them. Then, when he declares his ACTUAL LOVE, she slaps him like she is insulted? She WON, she got what she wanted, she KNEW it was a competition. Her excuse was that Nik almost slept w/Britch? So what, she threw herself at him. . . this makes no sense.

  3. GH made it to "Quotes of the Week" on Deadline again.


    "What about you? What did you do for fun when you were young?"

    "My Aunt Monica."

    Onetime boy toy Ned (Wally Kurth), being perhaps a little too forthcoming with date Olivia (Lisa LoCicero)

  4. Cosmoetica, yes, Becky looks emaciated. Her thin physique is enhanced by how pale she is. Yes, alabaster skin and all, but Becky's has a blue tint to it. I sure hope she doesn't have an eating disorder she hasn't looked healthy for the last two years.

  5. Others told me she had viral meningitis 2-3 years ago, and reminded me she was temp recast. I'd forgotten that, She may have relapsed.

  6. BH has always looked too thin, and now standing next to TC, who looks a bit heavier, she looks even more so. Still beautiful, though. I kind of like Sam and Patrick together - they are actually smiling. Not so much for Nina, who I can't stand, and Silas, who seems like a wooden statue with her. When Carly and Sonny were at the police station, he seemed more concerned with taunting her and flashing the dimples than any sense of concern about the kidnapping.

  7. Silas really was a zombie. Worst afterglow ever. LOL

  8. Karen, I just love your Sunday Surgeries! Thank you!



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