Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Surgery: A Bullet and a Target

It's SUNDAY AGAIN! It's just flyin' by, isn't it? Now here we are, in August, still watching Fluke from afar, wondering when NuJason will show up and who's the baby Daddy of Ava's kid.  This week we got treated to one drugging, a house blowing up and a guy getting shot, corn pops and new artwork at the gallery.  It  was PACKED with stuff. 

SO, I'll have what McSilas is having ----and let's GO! 

Nina got her 'medicine' into Silas....but didn't get any results. Sam took care of that when she interrupted their "kissin' on the couch".  Not sure if I want ol' Nina pregnant, but I'm sure it will be fun seeing how she tries to accomplish it.  Nina is stuck at age 22ish and is acting like a psycho. Silas is just acting like an idiot. LOL 

Olivia got all sad.....and ran into Ned. Just our luck! Loved their scenes. Olivia drunk, Ned being her knight in shining armor. Now, why don't I want to invest in them? Because I can totally see this being another 'end burner' deal. You know, bring them out every other month, and then nothing. 

Now this was the most confusing thing that happened all week, imo.  I TRIED to follow the plot--the guy going into the mailbox, setting the bomb...the pizza delivery, Danny fussing-- then we saw it blow up and..
Alexis, TJ and Molly WEREN'T THERE! During the commercial they went to get Danny's truck. Ok. The fact that it was a split second before/after well, what does that matter? The lake house is gone. In with the Gatehouse, Spencer house and Webber/Scorpio house/. Boom. Mickey wanted to teach Julian a lesson.  Alexis paid the price. I also have to say that NLG was fabulous when she had to tell Molly what happened. Molly's reaction? Perfect. 

Fluke. Skyping Fluke. Well, Frank (Producer) kepst saying "look down" for clues all week. On the Skype transmission was a number. SID thought it might be an episode date. (01/31/07) Someone pointed out the numbers COULD have been when Jerry took over the Metro Court.  Who knows. Everyone thinks it's Luke--from Julian to Jordan to Ava. So, we still might not find out who he really is for awhile. *sigh*  Such a bore.  
Ava flipping sides from Sonny to Julian and then trying to shove him out of the way from Fluke was a bit interesting. I still have no idea why THEY HAVEN'T HAD A SCENE YET WITH NINA AND AVA.  (yes, I yelled that)
I'm saying it again. 
Ava and NINA should be the story right now.  Nina's revenge. Ava's paranoia.  The sad part, Ava and Silas have been out of each other's orbits so long now, it might now matter. They COULD have been at least in each other's stories with Kiki but that didn't even happen. (notice how much Kiki's been around him lately? Zippo).  That could have tied into Nina being around. Now? Not so much. 

Let's move on to the other story of the week. The death of Mickey "white teeth" Diamond. Jordan decided to sleep with him to get the goods. She uses the most giant tape recorder known to man to put on the back of the headboard. Of course, Mickey is on to her this whole time and smacks her around. The tossle for the gun and...just as she's got him on the bed, Julian bursts through the door and shoots him.  (He's mad about the Lake House bombing). Mickey tries to tell him that Jordan is DEA but can't get it out in time. He is later declared brain-dead and of course, is B+ blood type. Unfortunately for Alice, he didn't sign his organ donor card. (Tracy will fix that, I'm sure).  Jordan has 'super ears' and recognizes the phone message to Diamond and tells Anna it sure sounds like Luke Spencer. Anna doesn't believe it but puts Dante on the case to "clear Luke's name" anyway. 

Then There's ALICE.   The Otunga wrestler came on and had a nice little cameo. Alice was wonderful in her scenes. Morgan too.  BTW, the wrestler was a good actor. I was surprised. 

This unholy alliance happened.  Yes..yes it did! 

I had to put this photo up because it's hysterical. LOL 

THE PHOTO that Scared a Nation!! 

Dangling Bits:
**Rosalie and Morgan. Nice scene....then....what? They could have had some cute scenes in the         hospital when he was with Alice and she was with Nina.

**Lucy, Bobbie and Scotty? What happened? 
**Monica? gone after her initial scenes with Alice.  
**I could go on but you'd hate me lol 

FACE/SCENE OF THE WEEK:   Olivia watching the ASPCA commercial! That was a little egg for us because we always complain about the sad, sad commercials. Lisa played this to perfection. heh Bravo.  FACE and SCENE OF THE WEEK---  a first time event!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  CORN POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honorable Eye-Candy: fire boy!! FIRE FIRE BOY! all HAIL for the fire-guy! woot! 

Fun fact: the name of today's blog is the title of one of my favorite songs ... "Bullet and a Target" by Citizen Cope. 
You're welcome! 

And..sorry to say, I'm not going to be around after Wed to do the blog, so no Sunday Surgery this next week. Vacation time!! You'll have to live without me. Sad, I know. :( 


  1. You're surprised wrestlers can act? Karen, wrestling IS acting!

  2. Hmmmm I always thought that Julian knew who Fluke really was, but maybe not. Interesting.

  3. You're right, Courtney's photo scared the crap out of me! Dear lord no...please she can't return.

  4. I'm getting tired of waiting for something to happen on GH the past month or should I say the entire summer so far has been a bore.. nothing interesting is going on and I'm getting pissed off this is my show and with the networks canceling one story after another it worries me.. the story lines are all over the place I cant get invested into one as soon as I try its 2 weeks before I see them again...Where is the love story When is Jason/Robin returning what will Sabrina come home too.. the list goes on please writers finish a story for once

  5. I have definitely noticed that Kiki seems to be attached to Michael's hip again. I HATE THAT! They're supposed to be broke up. In fact, it was so bad in Alice's hospital room that I swear they were walking in sync with the little invisible cord keeping them within arms length. *yuck*

    I loved the visit with Mr. Otunga except for the above mentioned bit. Dear Alice was so happy. She, Morgan and the wrestler were great.

    Loved your hysterical photo. lol

  6. seeing Courtney's picture sure scared me. One of my least favorite charactors. Have a nice vacation, Karen

  7. Back when Courtney was on GH (every damn day - it was the Sonny, Carly, Jason and Courtney show), I worked with a woman who loved her. I kept thinking is it me? And then I found this blog. I think it might have been Friscogh who first expressed a really snarky
    opinion of Courtney. I felt as though I had found a home! I was not alone.

    Enjoy your vacation, Karen.

  8. "Karen says, THE PHOTO that Scared a Nation!!"

    NO KIDDING! *Hisses at the picture* Altho it was nice to see Spencer has a picture of his mommy in his wallet. Awww! :)

    "Karen says FACE/SCENE OF THE WEEK:"

    Gee the way Olivia's picture is, she looks like a clown. All she would need is more clown make up and clown clothes. :)

    "And..sorry to say, I'm not going to be around after Wed to do the blog, so no Sunday Surgery this next week. Vacation time!! You'll have to live without me. Sad, I know. :("

    Awwww! :( When are you coming back? You will be missed. Have a great vacation Karen! :)

    Dar says And then I found this blog. I think it might have been Friscogh who first expressed a really snarky opinion of Courtney. I felt as though I had found a home! I was not alone.

    What was his snarky comment? :) And about the lady's that you worked with who like Courtney, no it wasn't just you who hated her! The lady's at work just drank the Courtney kool aid!!! ROFL!

  9. Dar - me make a snarky comment? No. Never. Lol.
    Courtney is easily my least favorite character ever. NuEmily, Siobhan, Silas, Sabrina, and Kiki are runners up for characters that bore me the most.
    Nathan, Ethan, and Brit are characters I started out disliking but grew to like.

  10. I remember they called Court "Kung Fu Barbie" and The Muppet...
    She was on EVERY day. She wasn't really believable as Sonny's sister either. Not the right type.

  11. I am on vacation Thurs-Sunday next week!

  12. "kdmask said...I remember they called Court "Kung Fu Barbie" and The Muppet..."

    And that bet she and Jax did, she acted like a teenager! I mean she barricaded her apartment so Jax couldn't go in! COME ON! A teenage Kung Fu Barbie Muppet. :)

    "kdmask said...I am on vacation Thurs-Sunday next week!"

    Have fun!

  13. Have a great vacation Karen!! Don't know what we would do without you. I have a hard time remembering anything memorable from last week other than the pic of Courtney & Olivia's meltdown. When Courtney was on I used to fast forward almost the whole show-never want that again. Jason was just as dull when he was with her.


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