Friday, August 29, 2014

Estroven for Nina?

It's Friday and Lulu and Maxi are still in the "Lake Cabin" or "Woods Cabin" (what every cabin looks like on soaps) LOL  WHY don't they take the phone, leave it on and hide it (throw it in the corner) so it keeps transmiting and Pevi can't find it and the police can use pings?
GEESH! Do I have to think of EVERYTHING!!!!!! Pevi comes in and finds them on the phone. OF COURSE.

Pevi tells Maxie he's Peter's son and he's mad that his Daddy was a fugitive.  Maxie taunts Pevi with how hot Nathan really is compared to him. HEH 

Liz and Nik, I AM SICK of you!!!!!!!!!!! SICK of it! God, Nik has a nice crying moment, reaches in to kiss Liz and she shoves/slaps him. UGH. She wants him...He wants her...She doesn't want him, then HE doesn't want HER. just shut it.
Liz wants someone there in the good times and in the bad...and the baby starts crying.
UGH leave it alone. 

CARLOS IS Back! Well, he's in prison. Lovely in lilac coloring. I miss him. I know we have 900 characters but there's something about him I just like. A lot. Loved how he got all choked up when Sabby said Gabe died. They are trying to figure out how Rafe would have been driving and cause the accident.  Carlos makes it sound like it's Ava's fault. 

Nina can "feel she's pregnant" ahahaaa. Okay then. She wants a baby JUST like Ava! Britt tells her she stole and embryo. Strangely, Nina is not fazed. LOL she loves it. Maybe Britt can still one for her?! Nina dreams she's pregnant but she's Menopause!!! AHAHAHAAA. Oh too funny.  She says to herself "I'm going to have Silas baby ONE WAY or another"!! 

AVA FINALLY 'meets up' with NINA!!  she trips on her wheelchair! yeah!! FINALLY!!! 


  1. I can't help but feel this story ties into the Fluke drama--that's why Pevi wants Lulu there, as leverage, not realizing Fluke cares nothing for Lulu.

    It all goes back to the WSB, Victor, Peter's grudge against Luke who lost him the treasure and Frisco who stole Felicia, and that treasure cave in Mexico. How it involves any grudge against Sonny is beyond me, however, so maybe I'm seeing wrong.

    As for Nina, I hate her more than ever for teasing Silas into bed. He seems pretty preoccupied, telling her what she wants to hear, but not really feeling it. I like Silas mcBain too much to have him fooled like this.

    How does Victor relate to Nina other than being at that clinic at the same time perhaps? Victor threatened Rafe into doing the deed, Nina gave him money to run away. I think they are working together, but not sure how. Fluke is tied to the clinic as the real Luke is there. Was Nina really in a coma all those years, or only some of those years??
    Silas wouldn't know because he was never allowed to see her. But Nathan was for awhile...hmmmm. Madeline might be connected to Victor somehow.

    I speculate a lot but can't see enough answers.

  2. good speculations

    I'm somehow thinking Fluke is the head of all this in some way, maybe Pevi thinks he's Luke. ' The clinic can be a ring for organ stealing, making people "alive again" (for the money).

    I'm still not caring much about it. Thees "boxes within boxes" that take FOREVER to play out?

  3. The cabin: Lulu wins the line of the day!

    Lulu: Shut up! Maxie is having an actual moment of clarity.

    ROFL! Gee if Petey Jr is so annoyed with the ladies, why don't he put the gag back on them! :) The boss?!!?! Who is the boss?! FLUKE?!!?! :)Is Fluke Peter Sr?!!?!?!

    Lante home: Poor Nik hasn't had sex in 5 months!!! ROFL! And that is his excuse for wanting to have sex with Britch? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't blame Liz! She deserves to be with someone who will love her 100%.

    Jail waiting area: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!!!!! YAY! Great scene with him and Sabrina! I want them to be a couple! They can't hug?! Screw that! I would hug him and I won't let that guard stop me! Caaaaaaaarlos sad over Gabriel. :( What a fantastic actor! I want to keep him! Can we keep him? I can't wait until the truth about who killed AJ, and then Caaaaaaaarlos will be free! Oh oh Sabrina listen to him about digging into the accident!

    Police station: Oh Britch is back and so is Nik! :) Nathan and Dante find where Petey Jr is!!!!

    Nina and Britch: Nina has menopause early! BAHAHHAHAA! This means she will take Ava's baby! So obvious. :) That was a nice daydream Nina. Only a daydream, cus you can't get pregnant just after you had sex! ROFL! The spermy and egg have to meet and go on a date, and they haven't yet! I hope Spermy brings flowers.

    Ava's home: Ava's baby bump shrunk!

    Ava and Nina: THEY MEET! Yup that means Nina will steal Ava's baby! And Ava almost fell bumping into her! :)

  4. I noticed that Pevi said that he had taken Lulu for a different reason that would become clear later. i wonder if it has something to do with the fact that Stavros is being unthawed and he thinks she's his wife. Perhaps this is how they're tying the storylines together. I'm thinking Victor Cassadine is his boss.

    Sonya, I hope they get poor Carlos vindicated soon because I think he has the most chemistry with Sabrina. When he's free they can both go back to Puerto Rico.

    And I think you're right about Nina stealing Ava's baby. It would be the perfect revenge.

  5. "Di said...Sonya, I hope they get poor Carlos vindicated soon because I think he has the most chemistry with Sabrina. When he's free they can both go back to Puerto Rico."

    Sabrina can go back to Puerto Rico, but I want him to stay in Port Chuckles!

    "And I think you're right about Nina stealing Ava's baby. It would be the perfect revenge."

    Yes the perfect revenge!:)

  6. Actually Sabrina wants NOTHING to dowith Patrick or Carlos all she wants is rrevenge. Sabrina is back as a stronger and tougher woman who according to spoilers she and ava have business together. When Sabrina learns who really ran them off she will turn her revenge on robin and Victor. Sabrina could care less about Patrick she HATES him because he hurt her. Sabrina's quest for revenge will put a lot of lives in danger. And Sabrina is not going anywhere

  7. Nina and Victor are related because Victor is James/Nathan's father. I believe that's why Magda raised him .... because Liesl didn't want him to find out he had a son.

    Sabrina and Carlos would be great together. They need to stop with pushing her with Patrick. And leave Liz and Nik apart ... Ric wb coming back.
    I think FLuke is a Zacara ... I don't think Johnny ... he was never lecherous but the dad was. But I believe Johnny(Brandon) is coming back.

  8. YES, and if Ava's CORINTHOS BABY is stolen it will stall Sonny from Killing her.
    Because you know, she'd have to help look and he'd forget and everything LOL

  9. For the hundreth time Sabrina doesn't give a crap about getting back together with Patrick or Carlos for that matter. Even Teresa said it in an interview she said "that ship has sailed, he played with her. Plus Sabrina knows that Patrick made the right decision in going back to Robin“. Plus Sabrina has hatred in her eyes especially when Patrick told her "I missed you". Like I said Sabrina wants NOTHING to do with Patrick or Carlos. She's back as a stronger and tougher woman who only cares about getting revenge. And yes I agree they need to stop with the whole liz and nik thing

  10. I want to throw something at the TV when Nik and Liz are on. Either go for it or DROP it.

    Sabrina is useless and no one would have cared if she never came back and we never saw her or Carlos again. Very expendable characters on a hugely bloated cast.

    Now even Ava and Julian are referring to Fluke as NOT LUKE just in case there is a viewer out there who is too stupid to realize this. Is TG back in October or is just going to start to shoot scenes in October?

    The only good part is this whole kidnapping thing is that Lulu and Maxie are driving Levi nuts.

  11. Soaplover: Why does this story involve a grudge against Sonny? Because, somewhere it is written that EVERY villain, sooner or later, will say that they vow to "bring down Sonny Corinthos." They all HAVE to say it (and also use his last name while they're at it).

    As for Nik almost having sex w/Britch, she almost forced herself on him, and he IS only human . . .

    As for Carlos, he did sneak into the Q home w/intent to kill AJ, so he IS guilty of SOMETHING . . .

  12. "AntJoan said...As for Nik almost having sex w/Britch, he IS only human . . ."

    It''s been 5 months!!! He has needs!!!!! :)



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