Friday, July 30, 2010

Ratings For General Hospital and Friday DISH-o-RAMA

Here you go:  Ratings for week of July 19th

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,935,000 (-21,000/-1,000)
2. B&B 3,249,000 (+54,000/-13,000)
3. GH 2,639,000 (+183,000/-67,000)
4. AMC 2,560,000 (+75,000/+77,000)
5. OLTL 2,450,000 (+186,000/-110,000)
6. ATWT 2,416,000 (+68,000/+39,000)
7. DAYS 2,392,000 (-3,000/-207,000)
BOTH OLTL and GH up nicely!
TODAY'S GH: First of all...GIANT SPOILERS are up!!!  Make sure you hit a sponsor to help this summer's charities!! We are also adding the Cruise for a Cause in there as well, so I really need you to help.
I was napping the first 15 minutes of the show and came in when Carly/Jax were playing some game. Krissy and Ethan were playing another game-- LOL.
Saw Claire and Sonny: @@ ugh
Saw Johnny playing with Olivia's hands (rather sexily)
The Franco scene at the end? All I'm going to say is this: I Should have played his MAMA. I could do better (of course, they'd have to make me up to look way older..heh). I would have worn a lobster mumu, sock monkey and a coffee cup with James Dean on it. Franco's REAL Mama-- seemed to be
What do you think about Michael and Jason? I think Jason will reveal he was raped in prison or something long ago?? and then Michael will spill. I do think Chad Duell is doing a good job.

WEEKEND's here!!!!!! Watching HOT TUB TIME MACHINE TONIGHT!! woot! What are you doing? I know that some of you are going to Laura Wright's Standing Sun Wine gala on Staten Island Sunday! Tell me or tweet me all about it, ok?

New Spoilers are UP!

But Dear, Ouzo Cassadine has such a nice ring to it!!

Ugh...and  Brooke Lyn is going to DRUG Dante-- :eyeroll: whateverrrrrr did she visit David in Pine Valley?? Is it a Roofie??!!

Go to Wubs Net and read 'em and weep. There is another rumor going around about Lisa falling off a building but I don't have confirmation on that. Robin is going to leave town for a bit and Lisa sets up house at Patrick's!! ahahahaa. Maxie has to help get her out. THAT I wanna see.  I love my crazies on soaps.
Nikolas and Brooke Lyn-- are going to do the Liza Doolittle thing. @@!

OF Course, it's going to be ALL BRENDER all the time soon, so get ready to rumble!!

I saw Project Runway last night. I really liked the elimation task thing. Last season didn't really do anything for me so I didn't watch.  What did you think of Heidi's hair??  Not a fan.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday ON the ABC Daytime Dial

Gee...anyone on today EXCITING???????? Hmmmm. Our PREZ perhaps?? I didn't watch. Can you believe it? Just not my thing--I will watch you tubes of it. I'm sure there will be clips all over the place. I heard he was very gracious.

AMC: Uh... David/Greenlee-- if he starts drugging her, this just may as well be "David story #4455". zzzzz. Angie is really PG?? Okayyyyyy. New Bianca is still underwhelming me.

OLTL: What a POOR casting choice for the Ford boy's mama...Just terrible.  She's too young looking and today with the Bo scenes? Uh...well, the acting was atrocious. Just atrocious. I do love Vickers and Dorian writing on "Face Space" to each other. Heh.

GH: See the new "Brenda Promo"...??? THEY SHOW HER MOLE right there--just the corner of her mouth and "the mole"!! :twirling:

CRUISING FOR A CAUSE!!!!!! Fans Giving Back is featuring this great SOAPY CRUISE on August 21st to benefit Leukemia Stars slated to appear include: Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri-GH), Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara-GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady Black-DOOL), Forbes March (ex-Nash Brennan, Ex-Mason Jarvis ATWT), Jason Cook (Dr. Matt Hunter-GH), Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom-OLTL), Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina-GH), Haley Pullos (Molly-GH), Ronnie Marmo (Ronnie-GH).

This hospital "lockdown" is so stupid, they so did it wrong but whatever. Hurry up and be over with.  I'm impatient!!

THANK YOU FOR SEXIS! I love Alexis and Sonny!! Krissy isn't even limping from her ankle thing. Which would be the thing to have her do since that's why she was AT GH!!

I still get such an empty feeling watching GH-- the scenes are all so isolate. LULU should know about Nikolas' kid being taken-- the shooting of HER BROTHER Ethan!! It's all chopped up because of the blocking. Even after the hospital shooting, it felt like 'nothing'--we used to get so many characters coming together if anything happened there.  I don't know, I just don't get that soapy feeling watching much.

HELL MIKE IS ON! :thud: he got to pour coffee today.
Carly talking to Alexis was good-- and not sniping at each other.

Well, the last Robin Christopher scenes were totally non-eventful. TOTALLY..zzzzzzzz. Go look at gargoyles with Jax.  LOL
Hated Lulu's stupid shirt with the necklace thing attached. LOL

And  JaSam play dominos instead of having wild pre-jail sex. Hmmmmm. That was exciting as all  hell. NOT!!
A few new Spoilers are up. There's some talk about Brook drugging Dante, I haven't gotten confirmation on that just yet. It's such a stupid spoiler, I don't want to put it up until I know 100%~~~!!
Dante finds out it wasn't Franco that was killed. LOL... and for all the people 'surprised' means you didn't read my SITE!! Or maybe you are spoiler free. Which, then I guess you don't read my blog or tweets either. heh. And that lady, was the Franco baby switcher.
Fade to Franco holding baby

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LA Times calls GH "Cheese"...ouch

Oh, ABC Daytime..remember all publicity is GOOD publicity. LOL... read it and weep. The LA Times says Stinky cheese is always best when it's served ripe. The article does have some points, many of which us, the loyal viewers said ourselves. I personally think that the Thursday episode was pretty dang good and then something happened to just flatten it all out on Friday, then a true fizzle after that.

TODAY's GH gave me just one idea: Brook Lyn and Ronnie need to be a couple!! RonLyn. Come on, a cop..his wife--some ol' fashioned New YAWK pasta dinners!

LOVE Bat Sheeze Crazy Lisa!! I hated the character before as you know-- I LOVES her now!! The crazier the better. She slapped Patrick! WOOT!

I was super busy today with dentist, kid running all  over town looking for some dang video game ("GAME OF THE YEAR" edition, mind you  @@) and just plain stuff to do. I'll have to catch up on my mail later!!

PS. ANT Joan: I totally LOVED Mad Men's premire!! I thought the ending was spot on. LOVED the Ham thing as well. Sally!! (my fave character) was great.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



OLTL: First of all I swear I thought Blair's boob was going to pop out sideways! LOL...and Todd's yelling is scaring me..geesh!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Finally decided to insert the Jax/Skye "story" into the arc. :eyeroll: Robin Christopher is leaving the 29th. Dang it. I doubt we'll see her with the Q's before we go.  BTW, that Fernanda chick would have noticed that Skye's purse was the same. WE NOTICE those things, especially if they are expensive/rare.

Lisa going psycho with Patrick is going to get good!! Nothing beats a good soapy stalker crazy-lady!!

Maxie...LOL with the sex talk that then led us to flashbacks of Michael with Carter. INTERESTING. And she said she slept with Matt today. GEESH she sure did REALLY lay into the sex talk with Michael.

LOVE Sexis,  hate the whole Claire thing...she's just so  "been there done that". "I want a baby"!!????? stupid. stupid. ugh. Sonny says he'll be happy to give it to her...but not with the baby part. Now, if this is part of Claire's plan, ok...if not are we really supposed to believe she wants Sonny's kid after what she's preached?? :thud:

Nikolas tells Liz he loves her-- Mac wakes up. but can he talk on a vent?

EDITING: Sucks--sucks! First the whole Skye/Jax thing is just inserted in there nilly-willy. Then, the Franco thing climaxes and we dont' even SEE JASON AND DANTE at all today!!! This is why I bitch about block taping. Plus the fact Skye had NO scenes with the Q's but we get useless scenes with Claire/Sonny. I think today was just 'insert all the crappola" day.

Here's a link to Knoxville's Tele-Buddy's  (@telebuddy) latest blog that includes a blub about Lisa LoCicero. Her hubby is the director of Reno 911! (one of my fave shows) and there was a dinner involving the show and a porn parody. LOL.. He's also interviewed Maurice Benard on the set of GH and I will have that link as soon as it's up!!

SPOILERS are up... take a gander. RUSSIAN MOB...ahahahha...the Cassadines had BETTER be in that story. Dang it all and now that Liz gets a baby (Switch or so they say) I am wondering if they are ditching the other whole Italian part of this. :throws up hands: Whateverrrrr. Hit the Rumors too! PLEASE Hit an add because we have MANY charity things coming up. Check back later for a Lisa LoCicero event on a boat!! woot!

Monday, July 26, 2010

You Tube Controversy after Fan Club Weekend...

I bet this is ok because of the giant "SOAPNET" logo!!

Oh, some interesting sheeze went down today on Twitter! Seems Steve Burton got miffed that a fan at his JaSam event taped the thing and put it up on You Tube. He threatened to never "do another event together again" because he had asked people not to and they did it anyway. Both the tweet and the you tube have been removed, btw-- so no harm, no foul.  How do YOU feel about all this?? Many of us have been to Fan Events where the actors have been frank about things and asked people not to spill. Personally, that's taking a huge risk --but they've done it for years. The whole social media thing is interesting.  What if someone were to tweet the entire event in real time? Is that ok? Is posting fan pics all over the net ok? Why does Burton encourage people to tape/you tube his Port Chuck Band but not his events? I want to say it's purely because he might say something controversial but I also think it's because money is involved. When he wanted to sell t-shirts, he and Derk had a nice "behind the scenes peek" at the GH set-- under the guise of "set tour" (on You Tube no less) -- I don't know, it just doesn't sit right with me. Yes, we all should be respectful of actor's requests at events but hell, if whole "Pink" concerts end up on the net, how are you going to stop soap events from being posted?  I guess it would be nasty to see something up if you expressly said not to tape. That I can understand.  I think the fact that the You Tube is gone, speaks to the fact that the fan probably meant no harm by it. I guess this will have everyone second guessing how events are run. Then again, you can go on and see a LOT of videos of SSW in Orlando so go figure.

An alert: Vanessa Marcil is NOT on Facebook OR Twitter-- just an FYI

Heh...too funny on OLTL David Vickers banging on the window to scare Kelly. He and Dorian using Facebook-type pages.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Loved the Frank's Neon Weiner sign behind Kalup...LMAO

Olivia/Steven Chem test?? Geesh, can you BE any more obvious..?!

Too much time at the hospital today...momentum over Franco gone.  They needed to so a LOT more in the aftermath of that whole thing, imo. It should have been chaos..way more up/down after Franco fell. A FRENZY!! LOL. Wow...really boring Monday after a pretty good weekend. Jason pointing a gun at Dante was so contrived. Just sayin'. Plus, since Kalup didn't scream or stop his 'poetry' when Franco fell, wouldn't someone have smelled a rat??

We got Ethan/Maya sippy cup-- Dante/Max feet rub...Clair/Sonny stuff... and snoozing hospital talk going on. I'm glad they showed Alexis finally. I do love the Sexis interactions.

QUOTE of the DAY: "Ladies that accept Sonny's gifts either lose their jobs, go insane or get pregnant or go all three"... Diane to Claire. HEH  NICE one. Then she tells her to USE BIRTH CONTROL!! LMAO! Oh, thank GOD for Carolyn Hennesy and her deliveries.

Lucky didn't seem to even KNOW there was a giant shooting at the hospital or that Mac got operated on. Which is why I hate block taping. Put characters into little rooms, have them do all their taping together and why bother to have anyone interact?? If I EVER run a soap Block-taping will be BANNED! (Except for my super-secret closed set spoilers)

Stupid ending today: "What happened to Michael"...just SAY IT. SAY IT...good lord. There were also about 10 cuts today of Jason pointing that gun at Dante. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Have a good one!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital: Where Guza Fears to Tread


Oh how wonderful is THIS photo!!? My friend Gwaddie and her hubby were in full force at the FCW, taking Alberta everywhere with them. Sigh... I hope all of you that went had a great time--and got to meet Alberta at some point! I have a half a dozen fan photos of people posing with her lobsterness.

Well, it's the beginning of the end of Francofrenia (sort of, we'll hear of him again, you can bet)-- and the start to the run up of Brenda. At least we know Ms  Marcil (I'm not spelling her new name!) is sticking around for a bit. Perhaps ol' Guza can do a nice story arc for us. We shall see. Are YOU excited to have her back? Will the S&B fan base come out of the woodwork to watch?? ABC's bankin' on it!

This brings me to my latest Guza inspired rant of the week. Let's think about this whole baby thing for a minute. Helena started the entire "Spencer/Cassadine Switcheroo" and then suddenly abandons the idea because of the kid's name. (if you go back and watch the episodes, that's exactly what happens) Well, that's hard to swallow considering it makes no sense but whatever. We're used to it.  Obviously, the story moved from she to Franco being the lunatic and the number 66 having popped up in the brain of our head writer.
Get this: I'm walking the dog today and it hit me. Guza totally missed a wonderful opportunity to tie a piece of his far-flug puzzle together. When Helena is explaining to Nikolas that she didn't take the baby, wouldn't it have made sense for her to bring up VALENTIN Cassadine again?? Yes, it's true that entire story was abandoned --but we do still all remember her being sheeze scared in GH not too long ago. It would have been a PERFECT segway. Even if they are never going to really employ poor Matthew Borlenghi, it would have at least closed it out a bit. Helena could have said "Oh my god, maybe Valentin took him..." gone off to check on that somehow and then Nik finds out it was Franco. Is this too strange to think of on my part? Is it too weird to want to have this once halfway prominate story idea at least acknowledged?? Instead of Helena just being all coy and "I didn't do it"..have her actually be afraid for the kid like she was for herself? The beauty of all this would be that Valentin was connected to Franco-- thus bringing in the Cassadines again.
Ah, maybe I'm crazy. Same thing with wanting Audrey to at least visit Liz in the hospital. Hell, if they can bring Jackie Zeman in for a lame 3.5 second shoot about Ethan's HAND WOUND, they can sure do that! (I'm still shaking my head over that one...I mean, if you were bringing her in, why not have it to be for Luke saying goodbye like he did to the rest of his family??) I also thought Maxie should have called (or mentioned) Felicia when Mac got shot and ditto for Robin with Anna/Robert.

Well, I could go on and on...but! I won't!! Spoilers are coming in for the whole Brenda story..not a lot are confirmed yet. Even more strange are the lack of spoilers in other areas-- well, maybe not so strange. LOL. We all know much will grind to a halt when "The Face of Fashion" gets rolling!! I do think they'll continue the Michael story and after-math of his rape. Yep..rape. Guza even said it. (I knew the HIV test  mention was in there for a reason). I'm also hoping that Tyler kid comes back because I kinda liked the boy.

Did you go to the FCW?? Let me know!! Share your stories with us in the comments. It must be a blast.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alberta Gets Around the Fan Club Weekend!


Thanks to all the fans that posed with Alberta the Wubs Lobster!! I love the photos. I so hope I can be the one to bring her next year!!!
How cute is Bradford and Miss Berta? Love it-- he's such a sweetie. Her GH gallery is expanding, that's for sure.

I just watched Friday's GH.  I did think it was a good show, but I liked Thursday's better.  Franco on the monitors was SO HELENA!! She did that too!
I thought having Lulu at the exhibit was stupid, and her 'explaination' just plain weird. Maybe she was a fem-bot. LOL The Jason/Franco exchange in the stairwell was good, but then the show just ended. And you know that's not Franco laying there..he's not dead people! Loved the "Mad World" thing and Kalup in drag.
The hospital portion of the show nicely dovetailed the gallery opening. Warren blaming Krissy before dying....Mac shooting his target (for once!). I do wish Maxie and Robin would have been on their cell phones calling Flea, Anna and Robert but I'll forgive that lapse. Bobbie could have gotten in there a bit too. Liked Liz walking into room 466-- was that really Aiden but with a "model" couple?? Hmmmm. My only thing about the hospital? Where were all the cops? The mayhem? I know there was a lockdown but it was soooooo quiet and hardly any police anywhere!
Rumors are going around about a new casting for "flashbacks" with Brenda and a lady in her '60's. Her mom? I can't remember who played her mom last time. Anyone?
Well, I'd better stop writing because I need stuff for "Surgery" tomorrow!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nelson Branco Interviews General Hospital Head Writer, Bob Guza


Well, he's a tough nut to get out of his shell, but our own Canadian Wonder-Boy Nelson Branco got him to give an extensive interview for TV Guide Canada. Click on that link and read the article before reading my comments!

 It’s almost like love amongst the ruins. Love against the backdrop of violence, despair, and death ~ Robert Guza on GH's "Identity" chose General Hospital head writer Robert Guza as daytime’s most powerful and influential player in 2010. At first I was questioning this...I guess it's my deep-seated feelings about GH in general, but then I realized it was true. He IS the most powerful player right now. (although Brian Frons deserves some credit for giving the green light for all this mayhem!!) Who else has had the mainstream press buzzing about Daytime?? Franco is the hottest guy in the movie, TV and art world lately. Yale has him... he'll be in "Eat, Pray Love" soon... PLUS he's got a real life art show in NYC.  Can't buy that kinda press, folks.

I'm not as enamored of Mr. Guza's story-arc style as Nelson is. As you all know, I find many too many holes in stories (you can drive a coffee truck through them), waste of characters and jagged time lines to be maddening. And although I'm not in a focus group, I think I can say as someone that has watched daytime for over *cough* MANY years and been on the Internet for 11, things aren't going very well in ratingsville for a reason. Huge stunts are great. Showcasing actors is wonderful...but on GH it's too often just bursts of greatness instead of building things slowly over time. Don't get me wrong, bursts are exciting and much needed but I do like a bit of filler that makes sense.

I can't imagine what goes into writing for a soap on a day to day basis. As much as I SAY I can write--I'm just a concept 'artist'!! I'm obviously not a fan of block-taping (which is used A LOT on GH) and I wish they'd use history more. I wish they wouldn't waste people like Jason Cook, Rick Hearst and Robin Christopher. I need characters like Helena to be on more often and to grow as the years go by, not just do the same thing over and over. Tony Geary's vacations are bumming me out. Bless his heart, but they are. LOL. I also wish Guza didn't have such a short attention span (he even admits this) and that stories would have a beginning, a middle and an ending. There have been far too many loose ends in the past couple of years to overlook. I won't count them now, but you know what they are.

Here's my biggest beef with GH and Guza: There are moments of greatness that can't be equaled on daytime tv. The actors of GH are not matched by any other cast. Put them together and you get gems...but gems do not a necklace make. They rattle around on the table--waiting to be put together. (how's that for analogies? LOL) Having greats come on for cameos (ie: Bradley Cole, Martha Byrne) and then having them languish in the background is heartbreaking. Older vets are pushed WAY back (John Ingle, Leslie Charleson, Ron Hale, Jackie Zeman) It leaves us all with a bad taste in our mouth.

Soaps are about history, rolling waves of stories and keeping the audience interested. If I'm only 'dazzled' once and awhile and not 'engaged' everyday, there's a problem. Vanessa Marcil isn't going to turn the tide unless the stories are top rate. Just sayin'.

Anyway, Awesome interview--you don't often get ol' Bob to open up. Leave it to a Canadian to do it. Did he offer him some Brador??

General Hospital: FrancoPALOOZA. Steve Burton was on FIRE!!

I ordered this special for my doggie GUS to wear today!! This is not him, but a model I hired to show you all a Monkey-Dog!!

BTW... How great was the taped scene with Carter telling Franco about Michael?? Loved Jason/Dante watching. NICE touch writers. No real "rape" word but Franco said "be creative" to Carter and then Jason went nuts.  I WONDER if Dom was scared of Steve Burton!! I was! DAMN!! I bet Dominic had bruises after that. eesh...

I love that Helena is sitting with Niz. They are making her nice all of a sudden??(well, for Helena that is)  She needs to stay on--she does. HAVE HER MARRY EDWARD!!!!!!! Damn it...Take over ELQ. Hells can be such an asset. 
Poor Liz...losing Shirley and the baby. Sad..*sniff* I liked Mama Walton on the show.

Brooke Lyn would have a belly ring..come ON...she'd have a giant one if not a tattoo!!

Warren is mad enough to go get a gun... Poor Mac Daddy is going to get shot. wahhh. Ethan takes a shot and Michael is protecting Krissy from Warren!! eek!

MOCA set is going up. Nice touch with the classical music.  I'm glad they filmed the Stage-hands all "mimed" out in white gloves. LOL The whole art show was cool...liked how Jason saw his face up there.

Nikolas/Lucky see Franco on the monitor where the empty baby crib is...told ya he took him.

WATCH TODAY, it's good. And I don't often say that!!

Can you even believe I won't be here tomorrow to live blog for the MOCA event???? LIFE! Gets in the way!! Booooooooooo. I will DVR and I will watch it, you can be sure. Hell, my lobster was THERE!! I HAVE to watch! LOL. So, check later tomorrow night ok?

CBS: Paula Abdul To Launch Dance Show!!

CBS and Paula Abdul have teamed up for a dance competition series. They  are looking for the most talented, creative, diverse and unique dancers across the country. All styles, all ages, solos, duos, and groups of any size. They want to know your story and why you are the dancer to beat. Whether you are 6 or 86 come show us why You've Got To Dance! Go to Paula Abdul Dance Show  for more info!!
People from 6-70 all ethnic backgrounds welcome. Get those feet movin' and sign up today!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Casting News on General Hosptial

Get over to Daytime Confidential. First they report that Robin Christopher is done on GH July 29th and then that Brad Rowe is coming in as a new man for Brenda. Poor Robin Christopher--IDIOTS AT THE HELM! Why did they bother? WHY!?? She needs to go to AMC. Or better yet, since AMC is in LA now, do a cross-over story before she goes.

Today's GH: Most boring lockdown ever. I am going to miss Shirley though. She was great. To bad they couldn't have anyone older on the show for more than a few months. Where was Monica during the lockdown?

That art gallery guy stole Luke's accent! LOL... zzzzzzzzz. Who wanted a monkey to be in that crib?? I DID!!
Brooke Lyn kissing Johnny? NO!! off my screen. OFF...although that gold lame bikini top was pretty fun.
Warren was interesting with Krissy. If only they would have built up to this moment instead of having him off the screen for eons. Sexis talking on the docks was really nice. I love it that they are talking again.
Carly just taunted Patrick, didn't she? THAT'S OUR CARLY!!!

I am going to gather scoopies. See you later!

Fan Club Weekend News!

It's almost here!! Kick off Thursday-- and I hope if you are there you look for my LOBSTER, Alberta around the events. She's got her tattoo from Franco to show off!

There are a few more tickets left so GET TO IT!!

You can still grab them for: Bradford Anderson, Brandon, GregVaughn and Sebastian Roche and Derk & Carolyn! Go to today!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010
7:30 pm – 11:30 pm Official GHFC Kick Off Cocktail Party
Contact Debbie Morris @

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Billy Warlock To Go To One Life TO Live!!

That's right, Billy Warlock, "our AJ" is going to OLTL to replace the guy that played Ross!! This is from Buzz Worthy Radio. I so wish he was coming back to GH!
Speaking of OLTL....holy crap!! BOTH Jessica and Natalie are PG! I was floored! Perfect.  I'm spoiler free so I had no idea...heh. Poor Brody.

General Hospital: Loved Helena's reaction to the baby's name!! LMAO. She was priceless. "Aidan"!!??  "eeewww" "What about Ivan or Uri"!? So, this is how they get Hells out of this whole story.  Got it. Move out Helena, Move in Franco. Aw Cam and Jake were there but Spencer has a "cold"--yeah, that's what they call it now. Cameron and Jake are so cute....and at least CAM knows they should introduce the baby to Audrey.

Lulu and Michael! He started strangling her..whoa. Creepy. I knew about the nightmare, not the Lulu thing.

Loved Johnny and Olivia ..and it was hard to see him leave her. Sniff. And there was BROOKE LYN, just waiting!! At least Johnny told her he is still "very in love with Olivia"eeee!

Claire and Sonny....oy. There's some article out there where Maurice thinks there may be a Claire/Brenda/Sonny "Triangle"...oh please. When Brenda gets back there's going to be no triangle unless it's with Jax. Claire?? Bug on the windshield of The Face of Fashion!!! (new name for "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World")
Skye and Carly..good old fashion soap bitchy. heh.

Start of the Hospital Lock-down. Michael's got a burn... soon Warren will show up. All hey is gonna break loose. Lisa is starting to go nuts!! heh...

 SPOILERS are up!! GO check them out!

The Spinelli fans out there answered a call from his fave charity..the Manchester, NH Animal Shelter-- they sent 21 cases of food out today!!! They rallied on twitter and on Live Journal.

Happy 20TH Anniversary to my Wubby Hubby--- Goodness. TWENTY Years. That man deserves a medal.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wubbly Spoilers DOES it Again!

So now people are coming out with the Franco-Switch and Baby spoilers. Sorry, had them ages ago. LOL. But you BEING WUBBERS know what's going to happen!! My biggest sadness is that Helena seems to be out of the LOOP@@!! They are still putting the bag over a lot of the stuff that's coming though.
On Thurs/Friday we'll get a Sam look-alike, Our singer Kalup in a dress-- mirrors, giant Franco Faces and bodies falling. Or..rather "A body" falling. Can you even believe I can't watch Live on Friday?!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr. Wish it was because I was going to the Fan Club Weekend but it's not Blanche,  it's not. College visitation with the son-- and it cant' be scheduled different. (or I'd do it!) I will have to DVR. I know the whole hooplah starts on Thurs and I will be here for that. I may make a Banana Smoothie for the show too!

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: The word "Animal" was used 3x by 3:14 today. Once by Jason (on tape), Once by Warren and once by Sonny. I think they are referring to the Fronkey love!!
Liz gave birth with her knees together to a nasty looking towel! WHAT THE Hell was that thing? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Grosssss. I am going to feel badly for Nik a little bit when he finds out it's Lucky's. I said A LITTLE bit. I wish Hells was hiding under that bed!! I really wish they would have named the baby Cristof or something really Russian/Greek exotic like.

Carly and Jax need to be the way to go. If I have to sit through another Brenda Remix with Sonny/Jax though, I shall die.

Loved Maxie eating ice cream and in sweats. (could it be...Chunky Monkey??!)  heh... nice. They still have a fugly apartment though. oy!! Don't like the silver. (see what I notice when I watch!? LOL..) It was nice to see Shirley but where the hell is Audrey??? And the kid's nickname is "Buzz"...due to his brothers. Goodness! Spike on AMC and Buzz on GH--in Ten Years they shall make a Disney Movie together! LOL

I love Sonny/Krissy talks. Sonny having a beer at the club... rollin' those black sleeves up.

Nancy Lee Grahn is off from GH until Sept 12th. Not sure her "last Airdate".  She's busy and relaxing!! No worries.

FAN CLUB WEEKEND: Who's going? I hate you. LOL...nah, just jealous. NEXT year I am going to get there and have a giant WUB party, I swear. Lobsters for all !! (Rubber lobsters probably!!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Surgery: ABC Daytime Embraces the Internet

Yes, ABC has used the Internet before, with Robin's Blog and a few contests. Lately however, it seems someone there got a "V8" moment and finally said "Let's just do it'. FINALLY we get some fun stuff coming our way! The "What If" Series  have introduced cross-character shorts that are watchable in cyberspace.  Fun and inventive, the first three premiered last week and included Carly/Ryan (GH/AMC), Erica/Sonny (AMC/GH) and Todd/Spinelli (OLTL/GH). The Todd-Spinelli became in instant fave-- the "Odd Couple" at it's finest. This next week we get to see Greenlee and Jason. Just watching the promo has me laughing at Jason's "Blink-stare" to Green's drunken antics! It's great for the fans, fun for the actors and an all around creative way to get some buzz about it's shows. BRAVO to the person/persons that thought of it.
AMC has also launched "Erica's Blog" that will follow her around while she takes a trip with Jackson. As far as I know, it's the first time they've had a "real time" blog (with a journey) as opposed to just a "narrative".  
Why they haven't done more with cyberspace is beyond me. Hell, GH just got a Facebook page not too long ago. That should have been up years before now! Having a character tweet some fun spoilers would be a good one. "Dr Matt Hunter" was launched, but "he" hardly ever  tweets and when he does, it's rarely about GH. (Plus, let's be real, if you are going to pick a character to tweet, pick one that's on more than once every 3 months!) The actors themselves do a great job keeping fans engaged. They know a great PR tool when they see one!
Oh, I have so many ideas. I would have had a FrancoFrenia page launched way before he was on the show. Instead of interrupting the others shows with Brenda videos, I'd have a giant BrendaPalooza all over the net ala the "Old Spice Guy" (Can you imagine!!?) A "behind the scenes" of characters daily lives (Olivia ordering decor for the Metro, Vicky working on a story about Obama for The Banner) With Web Shows (Reality Bytes, Venice, The Bay) catching up, the networks could take the lead and really get into doing a ton of things online.

Ok, enough of that! I went to see "Inception" last night. First of all, it was long. Secondly, although I really loved the effects, I did find some of the never-ending explanation of the 'dreamstates' a bit dull. Very cool storyline-- great acting but for me, I liked Nolan's "Momento" better. I give it a solid "B" on the Wubber Scale. If you want to see it, do it on the big screen. The sound was awesome and I don't think a TV would do the effects justice.

I got into GH last week after a week of being off and I tell you what, it wasn't easy. I live blog and tweet during the show and really think I'd be happier if I could DVR and FF through a lot of it. The Spixie break up was underwhelming-- the Sonny/Claire flirt-off was typical and the Franco "clues" were boring, imo. I did love the Sonny, Alexis and girl scenes at the club though!! The biggest Guza moment was seeing Warren again. Oh, those characters that are used JUST for another "HUGE" moment. I mean, really....he's not been around in forever. Same thing happened with the Mayor's Wife. Pretty laughable. Watch OLTL if you want to see new character integration. Every ONE is connected (and on air!)

Of course, the Summer of Brenda is coming-- all this after the Giant Franco-Fiesta at the end of July. Can you STAND IT?? I am so wondering if this giant saturation gamble is going to pay off for ABC.

NOTE: Some Twitter accounts are under fire for being fake. I can tell you with 100% confidence that as of today, neither Paula or Maurice Benard have twitter accounts. Someone was totally trying to pass themselves off as Paula which pisses me off to no end. It might be fun to say, pretend you are a character from the show, but real people? YOU will BE found out, btw. There are also questions about Dahila Salem.  (Claire). I am checking on that now. @DahliaSalem is not real--Brianna Brown (confirmed) got that word out. There is a listing above for GH Twitter that are VERIFIED.
Spoilers are up and ready to rock and roll. Not a lot of updates because I had a lot into the end of the month already. Hopefully, I'll have more in my inbox later today.
THANKS for all your support, emails,, comments and tweets!! Have a great Sunday. Tomorrow starts the END OF FRANCO week (or is it??! The "End" I mean..heh). Monkey Masks to the ready!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Cliffhanger FRIDAY!!

NEW WUB UP!! Labor of WUB ..go read, tell me what you think! I am going to try to write them more..get back to my roots so to speak. Heh.

Some "Rise of the Apes" photos of Franco. It's being filmed in Vancouver BC. He will also be on "Good Morning America" this Saturday.

Today's GH: My fave part was Alexis, Sonny and the girlies! The baby scenes were cute too. NO MONKEY again...maybe he's holding out for more bananas. ;/
I'm telling you what-- having Warren pop up out of the blue is STUPID. That's GH's M.O.!! Just throw in characters left and right. Makes me so mad.

I was SO HAPPY TO SEE the MONKEY in the PHOTO for Jason! woot!!
That was a lame cliffhanger however...YAWN**

By the way...who do you want Maxie with now? Lucky, Matt or back with Spinelli?? Or perhaps another beau??!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Franco HOWLS in Latest Movie and Thurs. SOAP STUFF!!

EEE! THAT'S Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in this FRANCO MOVIE! :thud:
Watch the Trailer at Best Week Ever

It's hot today. I just sat around in air con because it's too sizzling to do anything else. Too Bad AMC was boring as all hell. YAWN. OLTL is so funny...Vicky and David. heh. Loved it. His Speedos were hilarious!!  I didn't realize Marco was leaving Llandview for reals. AND he's leaving with the "Pizza Girl" Karen! Heh. Trevor St. John is just a gem, btw. "I GOT DIBBS, She's SICK" about the wedding.

SNARKY snark gossip about Vanny Marcil vs Megan Fox's Weddings!! EEEE! Take a gander at The Awful Truth at E! Ahhhhh, the circus is coming to town--Franco, Vannessa. I loves it so much!!  BTW, found out Vanessa wore a white Armani dress for the nuptials in NYC.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: Sonny turned on the wattage dimples to get Claire into his PCPD "waiting room lair"..heh. This Claire "Plan" sheeze is just that..sheeze. HATE.  It makes no sense, and she could get kicked OFF anything given what she's been up to. :eyeroll:
JaSam looked all glowy post sex.
Liz is having contractions Hicks?? Geesh, you'd think the Cassadine house would have a nice playroom for the kiddies. Nikolas looked stunned when she was in labor. LOL the hospital stuff was pretty funny.

Maya is the latest do nothing for me character. ugh. I mean, she's NEEDED, she has FAMILY but since she's not in the MOBULAR scene, she's just neglected.

Maxie looking for Jason's advice. LOL. Whatever, I like them together, I wish they were siblings. The Spixie scenes were so sad...  Bradford always has a way of making me sniff. *sniff* Carly stomps in next asking Jason for advice about she and Jax. :eyeroll: Spin and Carly were cute. Jason just 'nostril acted' like he was Jon McBain on OLTL. heh

MORGAN showed up today...and Skye mentioned LILA while holding Josslyn!! Geesh. @@

NOTE To Props: Please change the Crimson Flowers...fake as they may be, they are OLD.

The next "That if" is Greenlee and Jason and it will be on July 19th at Are you loving them?? I am!!

MONKEY WATCH: Franco's Monkey was not on today AGAIN. two days in a row. We need the monkey!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amber Tamblyn WILL be On HOUSE!!

Here we go...that's right, Amber Tamblyn is going to be on HOUSE according to Entertainment Weekly! From The Ausiello Files:

The erstwhile Joan of Arcadia, I’m told, will appear in multiple episodes as a whip-smart med student House (Hugh Laurie) recruits for his diagnostic team — despite the fact that she isn’t yet 100 percent qualified to treat patients. And, of course, what I didn’t have to be told was that the youngster will have to find a way to adjust to her new mentor’s unique bedside manner.

PERFECT match if I do say so myself!! I am a huge fan of her writing as well. Drums Inside Your Chest is a great poetry group. Check out her performance dates.

"We'll Raise the Dead"...General Hospital

OLTL was so fun today. It's just a joy to watch. I really REALLY hope the ratings go up. It's what a soap should be, imo.

I'm  sure you all read the press release by SoapNet about the BRENDAPALLOOZA coming at you on August 10th. No AMC, no OLTL-- just BRENDER reruns! LOL. Will Vanny be on The View TOO?? Who knows. Some people are really upset about it all, some people are happy...and there's a LOT of people that don't watch ABC Daytime anymore and just don't care. That's the shaky part. Will it lure the viewers back? I thought there would be a huge spike when Luke and Laura remarried that November. There was nothin'. Sarah Brown? No uptick. All the Franco press? zip. Sooooooo, Miss Marcil..oh, sorry...Givionnia or whatever has a LOT riding on her. 

Kalup on GH was underwhelming. He is usually pretty wild. ;/ It was bland.

Sam/Franco:...well, it was better than I thought it would be. And he mentioned the CHEESE AND CRACKERS!! WHY THE HELL didn't Sam at least shoot him in the foot..or leg. What was that all about?? Why give her a gun? grrr. That was just weird.

Laura Wright's hair was NOT like it was yesterday in her other scenes. I think it was another inserted scene. I'm on the HUNT now.
Adriane Leon can REALLY REALLY sing, totally forgot.

Claire and Sonny's Kiss? Yeah or total LOL!!!!!!? I have no comment.

Franco says to Kalup they'll raise the dead: I can only hope it's Claudia. Dang it.

There are a lot of things going around about the hospital lockdown right now-- I'm not sure what's true and what's rumor so I'm sitting tight for the moment.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hills Finale--Inspired Last Shot

Holy moly... not for nothin' but the END shot of The Hills was BRILLIANT!! Did you see it??
I don't want to tell you, but I'm sure it will be on You Tube by later tonight. Brody Jenner will forever be in POP icon history because of it! LOL...Adam did a fabu job. Also,  Perez Hilton twitpic'ked a shot of stupid SPENCER Pratt in "disguise" to crash the red carpet.

The aftershow was pretty fun...liked the montage. Audrina supposedly has her own show coming. Which is like giving airtime  She and Justin Bobby...VAPID. But hell, Mr. Bobby is certainly welcome to give me a bike ride. heh. DID I say that?? :fluttering eyelashes: AND YES! There is a GH element to this: Franco did Justin Bobby for Funny or Die. (and it is hilarious)

I then watched Kathy Griffin..she's adorable. I swear, I love her so much. She's our generation's Joan Rivers.  Only better looking. Heh. Next week is a Pap Smear? eek.

Well, I also watched a bit of America's Got Talent with my son. I liked the Air Guitar guys and those little kids, "Future Funk". Darling.
That's it for a little Wubber Prime Time. xxoo

Tuesday Soap Dish

OLTL was fast did they integrate the whole Eli story-- Ford, Hannah and all the stories?? Unlike sticking Keifer's parents in whenever they want, making the whole thing jumpy and not at all entertaining. Just sayin'. I don't know why people aren't watching this show more, it's great. Funny--charming, weaves a great tale. *sigh* David Vickers is the best thing to happen to Daytime in years. Anyone have a Penny Bright doll when they were a kid? (going WAY BACK) Well, Dorian's dress and hair-band was totally in that fashion!!

SOAPNET is planning a GIANT BRENDA-FEST in August!
Check it out!! Rumors abound she's going to be a big
face o' fashion this go around. Starting in Milan...hmmm.
How much is ABC invested in Vanessa's return? They're pre-empting #OLTL and #AMC the day before her return to run 3 hours of Brenda episodes!!!

OH! One of my fave people, Nancy Lee Grahn signed to GH for FOUR more years while I was away on vacation. Yippee!

My own idea: When it comes time for Jason to go back to jail after Franco "dies"... they'll let him out only if he's Dante's partner on the force. HOW'S THAT FOR THINKIN'!! Oh, Bob Guza, you are so missing out on my TALENTS!!

GH TODAY: The long-lost Tracy/Brooke scene aired today!! That was shot WEEKS ago... block taped or edited. Just sayin'. Well worth the wait.
OMG, very boring at the half-way mark. I could have easily napped.
Matt Hunter was on. Quoted Meatloaf:  "You took the words right out of my mouth".... (without the singing)
BOBBIE WAS on!! Bajeebus. They let her hold Ethan's hand and then call Maya over. Heh. Now we won't see her again for another 9 months.

HAAHAHAHA. Krissy's study buddy looks like Keifer! He was so funny about Taylor Swift. ;) He looks like one of my ex's from  way back too--eesh.

LOVED Franco and Blake today--- it was nice. Absinthe, nice touch. It's a wonder he didn't mention the Moulin Rouge though.
HUGE Matt and Maxie chem test today...HUGE.
HELENA WS ON TOO!! and she had on a fabu pin....So many random inserts.  Must have been time to use up the block tape footage they stock up. Today really was a "filler" day, wasn't it?

Lastly, INGO Rademacher (Jax) (@ingorademacher)  was tweeting about his hair this morning. Wondering if he should get a Buzz Cut. He even asked Laura Wright (@lldubs)  (Carly) what she thought. She said NO BUZZ. I told him my close to 7,000 followers wanted NO BUZZ too!! It was fun.  Even his 'real life" wife weighed in (

Jame's Franco's "Fronkey Business" on General Hospital.

I can't take credit for the "Fronkey" moniker.  That was ABC Soaps In Depth on Twitter. It's perfect however...isn't it?? People also think that GH should sell their own Franco-Monkeys. Wind up little guys we can all buy as a little take-away from the circus. (Better than ALL THAT "jewelry" they try to hawk!!)

NEW SPOILERS have a nice exclusive for the Wubqueen AGAIN about Franco--can you figure it out?? Just remember that falling bodies do not equal what they seem. That on top of the Italian connection is going to keep Mr. Villian around for some time. (at least in spirit!!) The Franco info just drifts to me like a magnet. Ahhhhhhh, he loves me, he really loves me.
PLEASe check out our charity of the season up there--it's Project Cuddle for 4 of the GH stars having babies! Each time you click on an ad link, it adds to the total to be donated. Let's get it up there!!

Wubber FRANK (no relation to Mr. Franco) decided that this George Michael song should replace "Mad World" as the serial-killer's theme. I guess Adam Lambert's royalties were too much for GH to pay this time around. I do think George Michael would love the exposure (wink) and might just do it on the cheap.

Here's the costume I'd like you all to purchase for our Franco-Finale the 22-23rd. What do you say? It doesn't come with cymbals though (@@) so go raid your High School band room, ok??

In other news, the hospital is in lock-down after Warren enrages Michael...Warren then goes on a mini-rampage. (makes no sense but-- whatever). JaSam looks solid for the summer, and when Carly finds out about the Patrick-Lisa hook-up, she's all giddy with power!! She and Paddy get stuck in the lockdown together and she can spill her beans then. Lisa will go psycho slowly but surely. Let's hope it's fun to watch.

OH! Did you see that Jamey Giddens on Daytime Confidential is saying the rumor is that soaps will drop 20 scripted shows on ABC across the board?? That means more "Classic" fillers like we get on holidays. ;/ My solution is to cut them all to 30minutes. Those of you my age know it can work... AND it's way more exciting and moves way faster. I'm just sayin. Save all the jobs, shows and make the writing tight and streamlined.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Maurice Benard Joins the Pacific Shores Hematology-Oncology BOD

Maurice Benard has joined Pacific Shores Foundation's  Hematology-Oncology Board of Directors.

“It is my pleasure and honor to be a new member of the PSHOF Board of Directors. The mission and goals of PSHOF are dedicated to make a positive impact on those challenged with cancer. As a board member, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. I look forward to the future with great enthusiasm.”

The Foundation is part of the Jeanne M. Brodeur "Woman to Woman Campaign" which impacts the lives of women diagnosed with cancer.

I'm Just Going to Take My Monkey and GO! Says Franco....

EEEEEEE! I'm back to watch the monkey-mania in person!! Loved him with Joss...and I really think he is doing WAY better with the whole daytime acting/timing/camera angles...even he said he got better. YEP. You can tell. LOVED the princess wave at the end of the scene. LRHart wrote on twitter that Joss should be a monkey this year for Halloweenie! heh.

Poor Robin, all hot for Paddy in the closet. ;/ And stalker LISA is just right there.

Sonny and Claire. a long line of "Hannah, Angel, Reese, Amelia..." I don't care-ladies. Just sayin'. I like the actress but she really needed to have family in town.

It's great to be back watching again. I can't say I was missing GH everyday--but I was missing dishing about it with you!! Are you happy with GH lately? Too much Franco?  Not enough? We have a ways to go until the "end" on the 23rd-ish. New twisty spoilers are up...everything is not what it seems.

Speaking of which...check out the HOT SnB Blog and message board. LET THE Brenda "Wars" begin!! This is a place dedicated to the SnBers out there...they wanted me to get the word out incase anyone was hiding in the wings, not watching GH but might tune in again for her return. I was always a Waffler about the SnB and JnB stuff... I love watching it all though...

WATCH THE "WHAT IF" character cross-over jamboree on ABC.COM!! Todd calls Spinelli "Spaghetti"! heh... TOO FUN!

ALBERTA Wubs latest charity event: Red carpet with stars for the Saving Angels project:  This LA event still has tickets available!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Surgery: I'm Back and Ready to DISH!!

What a week I had. NO internet (except when we ran into a McDonalds, bless their Free WiFi)-- and no TV. I did see a soccer game and after, caught LINDSAY getting sentenced to Jail!! Heh. I couldn't tweet during it which was torture! My 13 year old nieces and I watched and giggled. Poor LaLohan. She's been whining about it ever since I see...and how about the F*uck on her middle finger? WTH? Talk about needed a slap in the head! Paris should call her up with tips on what to pack. Plenty of cigs I hear, only she can't smoke in there.  How about Sam Rob taking on Joan Rivers for 'bullying' Lindsay? Uh, honey that's what JOAN DOES!!

On to Mel Gibson! Dear LORD!! OMG! I refuse to listen to the rant-- I think it would make me ill. Just reading them makes my head hurt. Idiot. Hope he's done and goes and lives in The Bush somewhere. Way deep in the Tasmanian Jungle.

THANK YOU to GEDSTERN for Tweeting and blogging for me!! She's such a peach-- she's the one that started all of this. (back in the day of the net's baby-hood!) I knew I could leave because Geddy would be there for me.
I stopped at Genie Francis' "Cherished Home" in Belfast, ME..she wasn't there working, surprise, surprise but it was still fun to go and browse. Its' a gorgeous store.

Me at Ruth and Wimpys in Ellsworth, ME... Heaven on Earth!

My vacation was awesome...lots o' sleep and lobster. It was also cool up there. Maine is a wonderful state. If you can, get there. I saw a lot of Alberta imitators, but not her. She's in California waiting for the GH fan club weekend!

HOW was General Hospital!!? Post BOOM!!!?? Did Alexis go nuts? How about Sonny? Is he all angst-ridden?? I hear that Carly and Steven admitted they DATED! :THUD: they remembered some history!! I really have to get into the scoops again, I have a TON of email waiting for me. Next week Kalup performs at Jake's (not in his drag get-up damn it!) ...Liz goes into early labor and A new BOY catches Krissy's eye. Then coming up, Jax and Skye try to get the money from Fernanda (sp??) and everyone thinks Hells took "the baby".... I'll be updating all day so check the site when you can.  I guess we're all gearing up for the BRENDER return, eh?? I bet the daytime execs are  hoping to heck that it helps the ratings. OUCH, I saw them for last week-- ABC's 3 soaps together have almost as many watchers as Y&R has on it's own!  Poor OLTL. All I can hope for now is that some of the cast gets put on AMC or GH. I want David Vickers to have his own webshow.  I see Ron Hale (Michael Corinthos the First) is leaving GH according to We Love Soaps. They so wasted him these last few years. Have him beat up now and again-- that's about it. He and Bobbie should have married and ran Kelly's!!

Well, that's all for I said, check the site... during the day and I'll try to get all the scoops updated. Are you watching THE Soccer game?? Hubby has been reading me English Soccer jokes all morning...they are pretty brutal. Heh.
On a side note, @soapdude posted on Twitter that Susan Lucci is going to guest on "Hot in Cleveland"!! How cool is that!!?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Tilt A Whirl

Well it looks like "Bobby" Guza is tilting couples again-- Jax/Carly using Skye & Steve although they are both in on it too.  A fun twist might be Skye & Steve as a result!
Spin/Maxie, Matt/Maxie, Lucky/Maxie chem tests with kisses for the later 2 sets. Pain for Spin.

Robin/Patrick/Lisa/Steve.  Steve's on to Lisa now.  Will she be the third wheel or out of the game? Or just tilted and unbalanced?

Possible Spoiler/Rumor/ Conjecture heard around:

Brenda has been here, done this, bought the t-shirt feelings about Sonny and Jax, and somehow even Jason.
Think: Claire, Skye for Sonny & Jax - reminders of Lily and Jax being married to Skye last time around.
Jason- well she was sorta married to him, right?

I didn't have time to Tweet today, but consider this forum open for comments!
Bet you guys can't wait for Karen AKA Wubqueen to Resume Control!
Oh- my next novel should be published very, very soon!  Will keep you posted!  It's a fun one!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Car Bombs and Psychos and Roses Oh My!

Hi kiddos!
It's me Laura/Gedstern here once again for the vacationing WubQueen.

Important business- as in final redesign of my next book cover- took me away from Tweeting during GH today and I barely saw any of the show.

However, it is important to us that you do have a place to share your thoughts on ABC Soaps, so I'll open up the blog for comments.

What little I do know about GH today is that Kristina and Johnny are alive despite the car bomb, thanks to Johnny's quick reactions.  Sonny, of course, is all full of denial.  Too bad Michael heard the truth Sonny.  Alexis is on the war path, that's for sure.

Franco gave Maxie 6 more roses and rambled on about the number 66 and how he loves to say it and that it sounds dirty.  Then he went to visit his Mother who asks "What have you done now?"

I know Patrick and Lisa and Steve wore on, but I heard none of the conversation.  Robin was home with Emma when Dr. Guilty Dick arrived.

So- fill us in on the rest.  What was interesting? Acted well? Lame?  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?

Don't forget- you can comment on all your soaps here!

Hope to Tweet with you tomorrow!
Laura Gedstern

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy July 4th!~

SPOILERS BELOW-- Don't scroll down if you don't wanna know!

Franco:  Put these pieces together how ever you will.  It's a hodge podge of info.

Sam is all about romance and love with  Jason.  Yet who appears instead? Franco.  He lets her know that if she trys to detain him,  Jason will be back in Pentonville in two shakes of a lambs tail.  Will she let the business end of her gun, already pointed at him, speak louder than his threats?

Maxie tries to get Franco to spill his story about the crime photo he sent her.  Later, she makes sure Dante and Jason know that the Evil Artist paid her a visit.

Karen keeps up her charade about not having a son.  Next thing you know, her boys come home to visit.  He tells her all about his motives and why it's all for the love of art.  Does she believe him, or does she know her sons a whack-job?

Carly is next on Franco's visit list along with a serving of taunting about Michael.  Jax and Josslyn also rate a visit from the Artist Known only as Franco.

Franco is set up at the Lockland Mansion on County Rd 66 (hence the 66 roses he gave Maxie, a clue). His art dealer Wilheim arrives to discuss plans for the latest masterpiece.

Even fair Lulu rates a social call from Franco.  He'd like to kill her right there to torture Dante.

While GH may seem like it's going to be all about Franco, there are still lots of things going on.  "Sunday Surgery" roundup...

Kristina rushed to GH after Johnny saves her from the car bomb.
Ethan ends up at GH after an accident- he needs stitches and shares an eye opening conversation with Maya.
Robin's back at GH and Lisa is continually dropping hints about her and Patrick.
Dr Steve is not happy.  Dr Patrick is a guilt ridden mess.  Lisa is just sociopathic.

Liz is going to go into labor!
Helena is showing up here and there.
Lots of Kristina angst, Michael angst, Sonny denial.
Liz' baby with a unusual set of ID tag #'s vanishes.

Spixie is done and over.
I hear Livvy and Johnny have one last tryst and then they are done too. (really? Bummer!)

Liz sees Maxie and Lucky kissing and calls Maxie out on it.  Lucky makes it clear to Liz, again, that they are done for.

Is there a couple left that Guza hasn't "Deconstructed".  His word, not mine.  Are we going to end up with, ugh, Sonny and Claire?  That's a little to matchy-matchy- rhymie- rhymie. All I could think of was Sonny and Cher.

There's more out there for scoops, but I've had enough indoor time for today! Heading back out to absorb some Vitamin D for healthy bones!

Y'know what- with Brenda on the cusp of blowing back into town, my best guess is everything, and I do mean everything, is about to change!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

SPOILER ALERT- do not read if you don't want to know!

Hi Kids!

Laura/Gedstern here, Day 2 of filling in for the WubQueen.  I'm not having luck logging in to update the main spoiler page, so unless I figure it out sometime, I'll be posting tidbits/spoilers here.

Do Not Procede if You Want to be GH Spoiler Free!  This is your last warning.

 Week of July 5- the Monday show is a repeat of Sonny shooting Dante.
The next day, Patrick and Lisa pick up where we left them on Friday- Young Doctors In Lust. Followed by waves of Guilt on Patrick's part, and head games starting for Lisa.  Patrick lets Lisa know this isn't going to ever happen again.  Then he goes home, and guess who's waiting for him?
Yehp, the little woman.  Robin is the one apologizing for the way she was acting before she left on her humanitarian trip.  Patrick's guilt deepens.  (Opinion here- not spoiler:  I sure hope it is addressed that Patrick is married to and having sex with an HIV positive woman.  Wouldn't Lisa have thought twice about sleeping with him? Maybe 3 or 4 times even?)

Dr Steve catches on that somethings hinky with Lisa and Patrick.  He tells her she'd better behave like a professional....and it's very hard for him not to tell Robin what's going on.  Robin is antsy to be close to Patrick- but her invite into a supply closet is for naught, as guilt keeps Patrick from, well performing, so to speak.

Another couple playing games, Jax and Carly.  Jax really doesn't want a divorce and he talks about this with Skye.  They decide to keep up a ruse that they are dating to make Carly's Green Monster surface.  Well, two, or is it four (?) can play at that game when Carly decides to make Jax jealous.

Franco is all over town, but still elusive.  He visits his Mother and tells her all about how he's going to change the world with his art.  He manages to pretty much freak out most of Port Charles in one way or another.  More on Franco in another post later on-- or tomorrow.  I have too many items about him and since he's the Big Old Story on the show right now, I want to sort them out.  Probably will do an All About Franco post with deets.

We've all heard that Johnny saves Kristina from the click boom car.  Later Johnny ends the farcical relationship with her in the presence of Alexis.  Sonny, meanwhile insists that he had nothing to do with the bomb.  Too bad no one believes him.  Only problem is there is no evidence for him to be arrested. Quick thinking Claire decides on the next best plan- she'll pretend she's falling for Mr. Charm and Darkness and Dimples.  There is even a kiss involved.  Lucky warns Claire that she's playing with fire. Alexis warns Sonny-- use a condom stupid (not in so many words) if he's going to sleep with a Federal Prosecutor.

Ok- that's it for now.  I do have a lot more stuff- but right now, I also have a lot of other stuff to get done.  Will be back later with more.
Please kids- while Karen is gone, please go to the home page at and click on some ads for her!  Also- if you can get your pals on Twitter to follow @wubsnet, it would be great for her to come home to over 7,000 followers!  That's only a few hundred more I think!

Ta-ta and Cheerio!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks Friday!

Hi Kids!

Laura (Gedstern) here- filling in for the vacationing Karen aka WubQueen.  I hope that by now she's off the busy roads and settled somewhere with a cold drink and a good book!

Just had fun Tweeting GH live with WubsNet followers.  It was fun!  I don't know how Karen does it day in and day out though- so much to keep up with.

GH today- went by fast. Probably because I was busy Tweeting.  Hubby is here and he fell asleep almost instantly.

Lots of people on today, but not a heck of a lot of plot moving- Patrick/Lisa about to do the nasty while drunk as skunks.  a bad God/Surgeons joke made by Lisa.  Big family dinner at Alexis' house goes awry. Michael said her cooking smelled delicious.  I thought she didn't cook? Or is that NLG? Or both?  Krissy lied about SAT's and snuck off to Johnnie's.

Dramaz when Maxie gets 5 dozen roses, and thinks they are from Spin or Matt.  Uh-oh Spaghettios, it's Franco with the 6th dozen in hand. And Maxie with crutches...sitting in a darkened office.

Some blah blah with Nik and Liz waiting for Shirley to wake up.  Spin/Jason/Dante trying to find Franco.
Dante/Jason going and finding Franco's mother, who denies she has a son.

Big Fireworks Finale : Click Boom ala Lily- as Sonny is calling Kristina and the car blows up before his freaked out eyes.

So- sorry- I don't watch AMC or OLTL, but feel free to post below and chat amongst yourselves.

I do have some scooplets- tweeted a few. Not sure if you guys want me to post them here or if I should try to update the regular scoops page.  Are folks here more spoiler free?
Ta-ta and Cheerio for now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

MIss Me? Gedstern will get your Back!!!


Because I loves it. I think while I am on break, I shall devote much time to some Franco inspired art. Maybe a nice monkey collage. HEH.

TODAY'S GH: The best part? Johnny's lap full of pasta. LOL. At least Sonny didn't throw barware at his head. It seems Johnny would be too small-time for Sonny to bother with. If Sonny would just IGNORE them....she'd have a bigger fit. And that's what Livvy said...women so know better.
I think I'll have to do a WUB about poor Brenda finding Sonny's brood of kids, all SORA'd. LOL
Loved Spinelli's sideways glances at Dante!! LOL
Here's my idea: Morgan walks into Jason's place wearing a MONKEY Mask and says: "Look what I got in the mail"!! How brilliant is that? Dang, if I were writing I'd be sticking monkeys all over the place. Cause it's FUUUuuuun. I think I'm going to look for a Monkey Mask!

SEE, like that one!!! Heh... Perfect Wub accessory. We could all get them and wear them for July 22nd, his last day! LOL.  Order here: SILLY JOKES

Love the family dinner idea!! Poor Morgan, now that he's all with Jax, he can't come?? What the heck!! Oh well, at least most of the characters are together.
MADDDDDD WORLLLLLLLLD. Just had to sing that.

Lisa and Patrick do nothing for me. I keep trying to see something. After all, if a character is having an affair it would be nice to have SOME spark.
Alexis is cooking dinner?? Shouldn't Sonny be cooking dinner? Alexis can't cook. Maybe she ordered out.
I don't like this bomb story AT ALL. Glad I won't see what happens.
Have a great one!! WUBS!

A FEW new spoilers and photos up on the WUBSNET . It's still pretty locked down with the Franco stuff but there were some media nets out and I do have my Brender info coming in.


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...