Friday, July 30, 2010

Ratings For General Hospital and Friday DISH-o-RAMA

Here you go:  Ratings for week of July 19th

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,935,000 (-21,000/-1,000)
2. B&B 3,249,000 (+54,000/-13,000)
3. GH 2,639,000 (+183,000/-67,000)
4. AMC 2,560,000 (+75,000/+77,000)
5. OLTL 2,450,000 (+186,000/-110,000)
6. ATWT 2,416,000 (+68,000/+39,000)
7. DAYS 2,392,000 (-3,000/-207,000)
BOTH OLTL and GH up nicely!
TODAY'S GH: First of all...GIANT SPOILERS are up!!!  Make sure you hit a sponsor to help this summer's charities!! We are also adding the Cruise for a Cause in there as well, so I really need you to help.
I was napping the first 15 minutes of the show and came in when Carly/Jax were playing some game. Krissy and Ethan were playing another game-- LOL.
Saw Claire and Sonny: @@ ugh
Saw Johnny playing with Olivia's hands (rather sexily)
The Franco scene at the end? All I'm going to say is this: I Should have played his MAMA. I could do better (of course, they'd have to make me up to look way older..heh). I would have worn a lobster mumu, sock monkey and a coffee cup with James Dean on it. Franco's REAL Mama-- seemed to be
What do you think about Michael and Jason? I think Jason will reveal he was raped in prison or something long ago?? and then Michael will spill. I do think Chad Duell is doing a good job.

WEEKEND's here!!!!!! Watching HOT TUB TIME MACHINE TONIGHT!! woot! What are you doing? I know that some of you are going to Laura Wright's Standing Sun Wine gala on Staten Island Sunday! Tell me or tweet me all about it, ok?


  1. IT MAKES NO SENSE that Claire would ask Sonny for a baby--are the writers crazy, or was this just national Bizarre Baby Stories Day on GH?

    If Claire wanted to get PG by Sonny, she would sleep with him and pretend to use birth control, and then leave town. Why on Earth would she want Sonny to know? She knows he loves his children and is a devoted father, she would be tied to him for life. Even if she "didn't tell anyone" that it's Sonny's child, he could tell everyone, and her career would be ruined.

    When I first saw the character of Claire, I wrote here that I hope that she doesn't become Baby Mama number whatever. I can't believe that Guza chose to pursue this, he must read this site and then do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the fans want.

  2. I so agree, Claire asking Sonny for a baby is just bizarre! This is totally sicko writing. Does MB have no respect for his character? Sonny has become a man with one hand on his zipper.

    I'm enjoying Franco's mom. We all know she's not a professional actor. I think she's rather fun. I'll take her over Maya any day.

  3. Shirleedee--Thanks for agreeing with me, I knew when I saw the story that someone was crazy, I'm glad it's not me. As for poor MB, I'm sure he doesn't have a choice as to how they write for his character, he probably has to swallow this s--t the same as we do.

  4. Please tell me how in the world Claire goes from wanting to put Sonny in jail, to wanting his baby. This is one of the worst story lines I can remember, and let's face there have been some bad ones.

    Nikolas and Brook? That also makes no sense. Nikolas is all in love with Liz, she leaves for five minutes and he falls for someone else that he's never had any interaction with?

    The only good thing I can say about the show this week is that Sonny and Alexis have had some great scenes together, and it has reminded me of the Sonny I once loved.

    I'm afraid even Brenda can't save this mess!

  5. AntJoan, you're probably right, but I was just hoping that MB may have some input on his character, Sonny, having played him for so long. Silly me!

  6. MB a devoted father? Only recently have the writers protrayed him as such.

    I agree that MAYA IS A BORE. Please put Ethan with Kristina dn move them slowly towards real love (ala lucky/liz years ago after trauma)

    No call form luke on Ethan either!

    I don;t think nik falls for brooke, he just has sex with her. Typical soap opera stuff here. Wish he could do it with someone near his age. Crazxy Lisa would have worked!

  7. Jeni, I sooo agree. If the writers take it slowly, Ethan and Kristina could be very good together. Lately the writers have been making a point of the fact that she's 17, so she can have an 18th birthday shortly.

  8. Agreed - Ethan and Kristina are love. There's just something about them you can't explain. He's different with Maya, and not in a good way. Maybe it's because she can't act her way out of a paper bag. They definitely don't have an ounce of chem between them. I wanted to be excited about them, but I'm not feeling it. I'm going to have to FF through Ethan scenes this summer, and I hate that.

  9. After seeing Sonny rage in court, after knowing he did that complete coverup of Claudia's death, after she has seen how much danger his kids get into, get shot, nearly shot, all because he is who he is--WHY would she even consider him as a father? And she says she wants a healthy intelligent baby--intelligent??? HA! He's an uneducated creep.

    If she bothered to do her homework she would find that he stole Michael in the cruelest way, that he has had numerous custody fights with Carly, even shot Carly as she was giving birth--I mean, there is absolutely NOTHING to recommend him as father material. In fact, every reason to run as far away from him as possible.

    Does he love his kids? I have always felt more than he loves them, he wants them to love him--it is all about him and what they think of him. Always. If he truly loved them, he would stay the hell away from them and allow them to have normal lives. Or leave the mob. Or stop having kids!

    Sorry to see Claire turn out like every other brain-drained female that turns up. Especially those on the side of the law (but never for long).

  10. Why would Claire want Sonny's baby after seeing what has happened to Michael? There's something very creepy about her.

    Why are they spending money to bring VM back, she'll get a brief good story line that will fizzle out shortly and they'll just be wasting more talent. Spend the money on writers who understand soaps! I read Guza's comment about the mob always being in the picture but it was a supporting character not the star of the show!

    The rape will be the catalyst for Michael to become Jason 2.0. He's already doing the staring thing.

    I like the Kristina/Ethan thing - it makes Maya/Ethan fall flat. Plus, Alexis would get time to fight with Luke and I love to see them spar- they play well together.


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