Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Soap Dish

OLTL was good..how fast did they integrate the whole Eli story-- Ford, Hannah and all the stories?? Unlike sticking Keifer's parents in whenever they want, making the whole thing jumpy and not at all entertaining. Just sayin'. I don't know why people aren't watching this show more, it's great. Funny--charming, weaves a great tale. *sigh* David Vickers is the best thing to happen to Daytime in years. Anyone have a Penny Bright doll when they were a kid? (going WAY BACK) Well, Dorian's dress and hair-band was totally in that fashion!!

SOAPNET is planning a GIANT BRENDA-FEST in August!
Check it out!! Rumors abound she's going to be a big
face o' fashion this go around. Starting in Milan...hmmm.
How much is ABC invested in Vanessa's return? They're pre-empting #OLTL and #AMC the day before her return to run 3 hours of Brenda episodes!!!

OH! One of my fave people, Nancy Lee Grahn signed to GH for FOUR more years while I was away on vacation. Yippee!

My own idea: When it comes time for Jason to go back to jail after Franco "dies"... they'll let him out only if he's Dante's partner on the force. HOW'S THAT FOR THINKIN'!! Oh, Bob Guza, you are so missing out on my TALENTS!!

GH TODAY: The long-lost Tracy/Brooke scene aired today!! That was shot WEEKS ago... block taped or edited. Just sayin'. Well worth the wait.
OMG, very boring at the half-way mark. I could have easily napped.
Matt Hunter was on. Quoted Meatloaf:  "You took the words right out of my mouth".... (without the singing)
BOBBIE WAS on!! Bajeebus. They let her hold Ethan's hand and then call Maya over. Heh. Now we won't see her again for another 9 months.

HAAHAHAHA. Krissy's study buddy looks like Keifer! He was so funny about Taylor Swift. ;) He looks like one of my ex's from  way back too--eesh.

LOVED Franco and Blake today--- it was nice. Absinthe, nice touch. It's a wonder he didn't mention the Moulin Rouge though.
HUGE Matt and Maxie chem test today...HUGE.
HELENA WS ON TOO!! and she had on a fabu pin....So many random inserts.  Must have been time to use up the block tape footage they stock up. Today really was a "filler" day, wasn't it?

Lastly, INGO Rademacher (Jax) (@ingorademacher)  was tweeting about his hair this morning. Wondering if he should get a Buzz Cut. He even asked Laura Wright (@lldubs)  (Carly) what she thought. She said NO BUZZ. I told him my close to 7,000 followers wanted NO BUZZ too!! It was fun.  Even his 'real life" wife weighed in (buzz..boo).


  1. Oh Bobbie, Bobbie, where have you been? She's Carly's Mother, all of these years when she should have been in all of the stories, it makes no sense. And then to see her TWICE today, in the hospital scene, and at the midpoint break? Does this mean they're bringing her back? I certainly hope so, she needs to be in all of Carly's stories.

  2. Love love love OLTL. Dorian looked fab today. I loved Blair and Lagston. I DID sleep at the halfway mark for GH today, but loved seeing Bobbie. I did not like Maxie's hair today - and don't like her with Matt either. Ooooh....liking the web episodes....Todd and Spinelli wa my fave.

  3. i didn't get to see OLTL today...had to go meet with one of my professors. I did just watch yesterday's episode, and it was so good. Poor Layla, Is the woman who plays her mother the same person that played the mother on the WB (?) sitcom The Parenthood from the mid-late 90's? She looks so familiar!

    Anyway, I think the Brenda-thon could be interesting, especially if they air "classic" episodes from the 90's. Maybe a Nurse's Ball--she did sing in the 1998 Ball. Maybe they'll air where she drove off that cliff, and everyone thought she was dead for about 5 years. How about when she wore the wire when she went to meet Sonny? With my luck, they'll re-air episodes from when she was last on, which sucked.

  4. I think a couple great ones to air would be the episode when the penthouse was shot up while she was in the shower or when she married Jax on the yacht while Lilly was blown to pieces. I still remember the humor of the episode when she was explaining to the Quartermaines that she and Jason had gotten married and addeing a bit of humor to this mobfest/serialkiller fest might not be a bad thing...

  5. I think Laylas mother played the mom on Fresh Prince for the first few years...



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