Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"We'll Raise the Dead"...General Hospital

OLTL was so fun today. It's just a joy to watch. I really REALLY hope the ratings go up. It's what a soap should be, imo.

I'm  sure you all read the press release by SoapNet about the BRENDAPALLOOZA coming at you on August 10th. No AMC, no OLTL-- just BRENDER reruns! LOL. Will Vanny be on The View TOO?? Who knows. Some people are really upset about it all, some people are happy...and there's a LOT of people that don't watch ABC Daytime anymore and just don't care. That's the shaky part. Will it lure the viewers back? I thought there would be a huge spike when Luke and Laura remarried that November. There was nothin'. Sarah Brown? No uptick. All the Franco press? zip. Sooooooo, Miss Marcil..oh, sorry...Givionnia or whatever has a LOT riding on her. 

Kalup on GH was underwhelming. He is usually pretty wild. ;/ It was bland.

Sam/Franco:...well, it was better than I thought it would be. And he mentioned the CHEESE AND CRACKERS!! WHY THE HELL didn't Sam at least shoot him in the foot..or leg. What was that all about?? Why give her a gun? grrr. That was just weird.

Laura Wright's hair was NOT like it was yesterday in her other scenes. I think it was another inserted scene. I'm on the HUNT now.
Adriane Leon can REALLY REALLY sing, totally forgot.

Claire and Sonny's Kiss? Yeah or total LOL!!!!!!? I have no comment.

Franco says to Kalup they'll raise the dead: I can only hope it's Claudia. Dang it.

There are a lot of things going around about the hospital lockdown right now-- I'm not sure what's true and what's rumor so I'm sitting tight for the moment.



  1. Kalup = huge disappointment

    Laura Wright's hair changed between when she was in the scene with Bradford and when she saw Ingo at the end of yesterday's show, same today as end of show yesterday

    Sam should have shot Franco in the weiner, that would get his attention :D

    Way to insert a couple Kristina/Alexis scene out of the blue. And a random Helena/Nik scene (I do love Nik and Hells coordinating beige ensembles, I also love the jewels!!!) And sandwich Maya/Ethan with some explanation of her past into an unnecessary Maxie/Matt scene. (I think they are throwing everyone in so they can keep their union cards current)

    wow Sonny tried to slurp Claire's face like a spaghetti noodle :|

    Zombie Claudia :D (waves at Karen)

  2. Did anyone else notice that Elizabeth told the boys to go upstairs and wash up for dinner right after she made a big deal of thanking Nik for taking them all out to dinner? Oops!

  3. I will not be returning to GH because VM is coming back...I'm not a fan, never have been a fan, and I'd like to say I could not care less, but in a sense I do because the show doesn't need her; GH needs to get back to its roots and stop with the Sonny, Carly, Jason, and now Brenda show. It's old, old, old!!

  4. I love Skye and Jax today I love the end it looks like Skye still love him! now only if we can get her on longer! I will leave General hospital when Skye leave! I'm sick of this show show only Carly and Sonny and Jason! I'm not happy that Brenda is coming back either!

  5. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT BRENDA so on the days when they show RR of her and NO Dante then i WILL NOT BE WATCHING.
    I also LOVE Sky & Jax together.Why can't they get rid of Carly and replace her with Sky?

  6. I didn't like that Sam had a bottle of tequila ready for her and Jason's rendezvous. That, of course is what jason and Liz drank before they did their deed!

    Why do they have Sam being super nice all of a sudden. Is Guza really trying to get us to like her more, because I don't! Backing down to Carly? Sweetly talking to Spinelli. Carly sure can't forgive a lot of people, but she forgave Sam pretty quick after Sam kidnapped Jason's kid and blabbed about the baby thing to her.
    It isn't working for me. The old Sam is gone for me.
    The Claire/Sonny kiss? Didn't look right. But, I can say that sonny flirting with a girl is him at his best!
    Matt and Maxie, blah. Ethan and Maya, more blah. Johnny and Brooke...ehh. Not sure yet. I think the girl that plays Brooke Lynn is a horrible actress who pouts her lips too much.

  7. Andrea - preach it! Your entire post was filled with all kinds of win.

    Guza will never make me love Sam again the minute she tried to hurt a child I was ovah it.

  8. Andrea,

    Thank you! Somebody agrees that AL is a horrible actress. I thought it was just me. She can sing though- I will give her that. It's not enough to make me want her to stay around though...I also thought the tequila bottle was tacky and I am sorry, but chinese food with shots of tequila? I realize this is Jason Morgan we are talking about, but how romantic! The only part of yesterday that I liked was Carly's talk with Michael. CD has really grown on me, although I do miss Drew. And the only time lately that LW does not have that sneer on her face is when she is with her kids.

  9. For one I'm totaly excited about Vanessa's return to GH. Finally...
    That is the only thing I cn thank GUZO for.
    Maybe Claudia is alive after all, We will raise the dead,hmmm sounds possible. That would be great!!!!

  10. " mosbp2003 said...

    Did anyone else notice that Elizabeth told the boys to go upstairs and wash up for dinner right after she made a big deal of thanking Nik for taking them all out to dinner? Oops!"

    Nik gave them a ride and bought take-out. That's what the big grocery bag was on the porch.

    Also, I'm not a tee-totaler but it seems like there's a lot of drinking going on in the show right now.


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