Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Just Going to Take My Monkey and GO! Says Franco....

EEEEEEE! I'm back to watch the monkey-mania in person!! Loved him with Joss...and I really think he is doing WAY better with the whole daytime acting/timing/camera angles...even he said he got better. YEP. You can tell. LOVED the princess wave at the end of the scene. LRHart wrote on twitter that Joss should be a monkey this year for Halloweenie! heh.

Poor Robin, all hot for Paddy in the closet. ;/ And stalker LISA is just right there.

Sonny and Claire. a long line of "Hannah, Angel, Reese, Amelia..." I don't care-ladies. Just sayin'. I like the actress but she really needed to have family in town.

It's great to be back watching again. I can't say I was missing GH everyday--but I was missing dishing about it with you!! Are you happy with GH lately? Too much Franco?  Not enough? We have a ways to go until the "end" on the 23rd-ish. New twisty spoilers are up...everything is not what it seems.

Speaking of which...check out the HOT SnB Blog and message board. LET THE Brenda "Wars" begin!! This is a place dedicated to the SnBers out there...they wanted me to get the word out incase anyone was hiding in the wings, not watching GH but might tune in again for her return. I was always a Waffler about the SnB and JnB stuff... I love watching it all though...

WATCH THE "WHAT IF" character cross-over jamboree on ABC.COM!! Todd calls Spinelli "Spaghetti"! heh... TOO FUN!

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  1. This is how much I like GH right now. I went through 14 episodes (I was on vacation) in a little over an hour. All I could think of was that I had so many better things to do over the weekend.
    Now, it took me forever to get through 14 episodes of DOOL, with Alice's funeral and all. I did a lot of rewatching.

  2. That is me, Andrea, with the message above. Wouldn't let me put my name in. :(

  3. So as I see it the only 3 current couples I like they have destroyed or are in the midst of detroying.


    Of course I hold out hope for Liz to be repaired with Lucky and perhaps the baby story will give us an old fashioned soap conclusion when Lucky finds out the baby is his. But if I kknow Guza, he'll make this a tiny side story instead of giving one of GH's best couples ever the limelight. Instead it will be ok that Sam lets Franco go to potentially be the one to kidnap Liz's baby to keep jason out of jail. And the only thing they've shown is Sam missing hitting the sac with him. Show a montage of her missing him, show her struggling. Instead he again shows Sam as a needy female.

    Where they could have had this whole Alexis/Keifers parents thing front and center or at least give us some coy reminders, they will just plop it in our lap like we're now supposed to care about it. Of course we love Alexis, but we can't care about Warren's feelings even though we should. I will be happy to see diane but please someone hear us on what we want!!!!

  4. I concur. I spent more time catching up on DOOL and shedding a few tears with the tribute to Francis Reid/Alice Horton. I can't say the same about GH, which is sitting in my Hulu queue and being deleted every five days without watching because I don't have the time or care to watch it. I only catch clips on Youtube of my favs Scrubs and Lante.

  5. I really think that GH has gone so far off path, we may never see anything that used to be 'our show'. that's why I'm embracing the lunacy of Franco. At least it's so bizarre and off-center I can just "go with it". Whatever. Love his monkey!

  6. Loved, loved, loved the Todd/Spinelli "What If?" segment. Better than the others combined.

  7. So, I just want to know where I can buy the monkey!

  8. I HATE FRANCO!! I do not think that serial killers are entertaining.

  9. I see Zach & Kendall are returning to AMC... Have to admit I never knew they left.

  10. After watching yesterday's show, I have a few comments to make.
    Sam: What are they doing to her? She goes to Jason to get answers because her sister was IN DANGER. Instead of telling her anything, Jason just does his blank stare. She said "That's why I love you." WHAT?? She loves the man that is protecting the man that almost killed Sam's sister? Something is off in this!!!

    Johnny is right on in calling out Claire and Claire was right on in calling out Sonny and Michael. Again, though, Sonny said it would be Claires fault if Michael goes back to prison. No, Sonny, it would be your fault for not leaving your kid alone!!

    I'm glad Steve sees Lisa for who she is!



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