Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LA Times calls GH "Cheese"...ouch

Oh, ABC Daytime..remember all publicity is GOOD publicity. LOL... read it and weep. The LA Times says Stinky cheese is always best when it's served ripe. The article does have some points, many of which us, the loyal viewers said ourselves. I personally think that the Thursday episode was pretty dang good and then something happened to just flatten it all out on Friday, then a true fizzle after that.

TODAY's GH gave me just one idea: Brook Lyn and Ronnie need to be a couple!! RonLyn. Come on, a cop..his wife--some ol' fashioned New YAWK pasta dinners!

LOVE Bat Sheeze Crazy Lisa!! I hated the character before as you know-- I LOVES her now!! The crazier the better. She slapped Patrick! WOOT!

I was super busy today with dentist, kid running all  over town looking for some dang video game ("GAME OF THE YEAR" edition, mind you  @@) and just plain stuff to do. I'll have to catch up on my mail later!!

PS. ANT Joan: I totally LOVED Mad Men's premire!! I thought the ending was spot on. LOVED the Ham thing as well. Sally!! (my fave character) was great.


  1. aahhhhhh.......another sonny free day!! must be resting up for the big brenda return!

  2. Yes, Karen, Sally is a great character, this site (at least the 2 who responded to me), loved Mad Men, I wonder why my hubby hated it so much, have to ask him again.

    CAN'T WAIT FOR BRENDA AND SONNY!! Am counting the days . . .

  3. Dante is a miracle. The only person who gets shot in the chest and low and behold NO SCAR. TPTB should never allow Dante to remove his shirt unless they have him sit the make-up artist chair first. Bad editing or TPTB think we are too stupid to notice.

  4. Did they get a new make up person at GH?? Lisa's and Sam's make up was really good today, both ladies look exceptionally beautiful.

    I really appreciated the matching outfit on Sam and Jason today (black tops, jeans) Wardrobe totally outdid themelves ;)

  5. So...

    If a guy hits a woman on GH it is a terrible thing, guns are drawn, threats are made and public service announcements are tacked on at the end of episodes.

    But if a woman hits a man, then it is cool and celebrated?

    Where is the public service announcement speaking out against violence against men by women? Or does this sort of thing only happen on Jerry Springer?

  6. I too thought Sam and Lisa looked good. I still don't like Lisa but I do like her craziness.
    OLTL was awesome as always. I love Todd. Letting Cole offthe hook, and then laying into him after and telling him he owes him, great. And Eli? He is plain nuts - Blair better be careful, and Eli too because if you mess with the mother of Todd's children, all bets are off.

  7. I was thinking the same thing when I saw Sam. Her hair and makeup were both fantastic!
    Her story, not so much. She would seriously leave her family now, just for her boyfriend that (if I'm not mistaken) threatened to kill her... when Kristina needs her the most?
    They have made the character of Sam the biggest lapdog of all time. Waiting in Jason's penthouse for his return. probably didn't leave it since he left!!



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