Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Surgery: ABC Daytime Embraces the Internet

Yes, ABC has used the Internet before, with Robin's Blog and a few contests. Lately however, it seems someone there got a "V8" moment and finally said "Let's just do it'. FINALLY we get some fun stuff coming our way! The "What If" Series  have introduced cross-character shorts that are watchable in cyberspace.  Fun and inventive, the first three premiered last week and included Carly/Ryan (GH/AMC), Erica/Sonny (AMC/GH) and Todd/Spinelli (OLTL/GH). The Todd-Spinelli became in instant fave-- the "Odd Couple" at it's finest. This next week we get to see Greenlee and Jason. Just watching the promo has me laughing at Jason's "Blink-stare" to Green's drunken antics! It's great for the fans, fun for the actors and an all around creative way to get some buzz about it's shows. BRAVO to the person/persons that thought of it.
AMC has also launched "Erica's Blog" that will follow her around while she takes a trip with Jackson. As far as I know, it's the first time they've had a "real time" blog (with a journey) as opposed to just a "narrative".  
Why they haven't done more with cyberspace is beyond me. Hell, GH just got a Facebook page not too long ago. That should have been up years before now! Having a character tweet some fun spoilers would be a good one. "Dr Matt Hunter" was launched, but "he" hardly ever  tweets and when he does, it's rarely about GH. (Plus, let's be real, if you are going to pick a character to tweet, pick one that's on more than once every 3 months!) The actors themselves do a great job keeping fans engaged. They know a great PR tool when they see one!
Oh, I have so many ideas. I would have had a FrancoFrenia page launched way before he was on the show. Instead of interrupting the others shows with Brenda videos, I'd have a giant BrendaPalooza all over the net ala the "Old Spice Guy" (Can you imagine!!?) A "behind the scenes" of characters daily lives (Olivia ordering decor for the Metro, Vicky working on a story about Obama for The Banner) With Web Shows (Reality Bytes, Venice, The Bay) catching up, the networks could take the lead and really get into doing a ton of things online.

Ok, enough of that! I went to see "Inception" last night. First of all, it was long. Secondly, although I really loved the effects, I did find some of the never-ending explanation of the 'dreamstates' a bit dull. Very cool storyline-- great acting but for me, I liked Nolan's "Momento" better. I give it a solid "B" on the Wubber Scale. If you want to see it, do it on the big screen. The sound was awesome and I don't think a TV would do the effects justice.

I got into GH last week after a week of being off and I tell you what, it wasn't easy. I live blog and tweet during the show and really think I'd be happier if I could DVR and FF through a lot of it. The Spixie break up was underwhelming-- the Sonny/Claire flirt-off was typical and the Franco "clues" were boring, imo. I did love the Sonny, Alexis and girl scenes at the club though!! The biggest Guza moment was seeing Warren again. Oh, those characters that are used JUST for another "HUGE" moment. I mean, really....he's not been around in forever. Same thing happened with the Mayor's Wife. Pretty laughable. Watch OLTL if you want to see new character integration. Every ONE is connected (and on air!)

Of course, the Summer of Brenda is coming-- all this after the Giant Franco-Fiesta at the end of July. Can you STAND IT?? I am so wondering if this giant saturation gamble is going to pay off for ABC.

NOTE: Some Twitter accounts are under fire for being fake. I can tell you with 100% confidence that as of today, neither Paula or Maurice Benard have twitter accounts. Someone was totally trying to pass themselves off as Paula which pisses me off to no end. It might be fun to say, pretend you are a character from the show, but real people? YOU will BE found out, btw. There are also questions about Dahila Salem.  (Claire). I am checking on that now. @DahliaSalem is not real--Brianna Brown (confirmed) got that word out. There is a listing above for GH Twitter that are VERIFIED.
Spoilers are up and ready to rock and roll. Not a lot of updates because I had a lot into the end of the month already. Hopefully, I'll have more in my inbox later today.
THANKS for all your support, emails,, comments and tweets!! Have a great Sunday. Tomorrow starts the END OF FRANCO week (or is it??! The "End" I mean..heh). Monkey Masks to the ready!!


  1. Just started following you on Twitter. (New to the whole Twitter thing; but having lots of fun with it!) I'm @rtjmom.
    Love you and all your wubalicious entertainment!!

  2. thanks for letting me know you follow me on twitter!! It's addicting! LOL

  3. I could careless about Franco it was borong the first time around and this time is no better. I am VERY excited that Brenda is coming back. I think it's worth all the PR they are doing. Let's hope that GUZA doesn't ruin it like he usally does. When will TPTB let him go, far far away???

  4. okay, am I the only one that has no idea who Paula is?

  5. Paula is MB's wife.

  6. I agree to give Vanessa all the PR she deserves. heck if they can give it to James Franco, then one of the biggest stars of GH deserves it, too. I don't however, want some of our favorites to go away just to afford her. Maybe a few people that really don't do much (Maya for one, Warren, Lisa). I really enjoy Johnny and rumors of him being killed off do not make me happy. I'm fine with Claire going even though she is a strong woman and we need that. But leave Diane!!!! Leave Ethan if they would just utilize him correctly. I mean he hasn't even had a real love interest. I'm on the fence about Matt...

    I'm hoping the spoiler of Mac being hurt will give him some airtime with Alexis. Like many other story lines, they were dropped before they got started.

    I'm wondering if Franco finds out jake is Jason's.... why else would he kidnap Liz's baby? And will jason finally say he wants to be the hero for jake's sake instead of Carly, Michael, Morgan, Josslyn's sake?

  7. Hi.
    Quite in-depth


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