Monday, July 26, 2010

You Tube Controversy after Fan Club Weekend...

I bet this is ok because of the giant "SOAPNET" logo!!

Oh, some interesting sheeze went down today on Twitter! Seems Steve Burton got miffed that a fan at his JaSam event taped the thing and put it up on You Tube. He threatened to never "do another event together again" because he had asked people not to and they did it anyway. Both the tweet and the you tube have been removed, btw-- so no harm, no foul.  How do YOU feel about all this?? Many of us have been to Fan Events where the actors have been frank about things and asked people not to spill. Personally, that's taking a huge risk --but they've done it for years. The whole social media thing is interesting.  What if someone were to tweet the entire event in real time? Is that ok? Is posting fan pics all over the net ok? Why does Burton encourage people to tape/you tube his Port Chuck Band but not his events? I want to say it's purely because he might say something controversial but I also think it's because money is involved. When he wanted to sell t-shirts, he and Derk had a nice "behind the scenes peek" at the GH set-- under the guise of "set tour" (on You Tube no less) -- I don't know, it just doesn't sit right with me. Yes, we all should be respectful of actor's requests at events but hell, if whole "Pink" concerts end up on the net, how are you going to stop soap events from being posted?  I guess it would be nasty to see something up if you expressly said not to tape. That I can understand.  I think the fact that the You Tube is gone, speaks to the fact that the fan probably meant no harm by it. I guess this will have everyone second guessing how events are run. Then again, you can go on and see a LOT of videos of SSW in Orlando so go figure.

An alert: Vanessa Marcil is NOT on Facebook OR Twitter-- just an FYI

Heh...too funny on OLTL David Vickers banging on the window to scare Kelly. He and Dorian using Facebook-type pages.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Loved the Frank's Neon Weiner sign behind Kalup...LMAO

Olivia/Steven Chem test?? Geesh, can you BE any more obvious..?!

Too much time at the hospital today...momentum over Franco gone.  They needed to so a LOT more in the aftermath of that whole thing, imo. It should have been chaos..way more up/down after Franco fell. A FRENZY!! LOL. Wow...really boring Monday after a pretty good weekend. Jason pointing a gun at Dante was so contrived. Just sayin'. Plus, since Kalup didn't scream or stop his 'poetry' when Franco fell, wouldn't someone have smelled a rat??

We got Ethan/Maya sippy cup-- Dante/Max feet rub...Clair/Sonny stuff... and snoozing hospital talk going on. I'm glad they showed Alexis finally. I do love the Sexis interactions.

QUOTE of the DAY: "Ladies that accept Sonny's gifts either lose their jobs, go insane or get pregnant or go all three"... Diane to Claire. HEH  NICE one. Then she tells her to USE BIRTH CONTROL!! LMAO! Oh, thank GOD for Carolyn Hennesy and her deliveries.

Lucky didn't seem to even KNOW there was a giant shooting at the hospital or that Mac got operated on. Which is why I hate block taping. Put characters into little rooms, have them do all their taping together and why bother to have anyone interact?? If I EVER run a soap Block-taping will be BANNED! (Except for my super-secret closed set spoilers)

Stupid ending today: "What happened to Michael"...just SAY IT. SAY IT...good lord. There were also about 10 cuts today of Jason pointing that gun at Dante. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Have a good one!!


  1. If you don't like being in the public eye, then get in another business. It is part of the territory.

    If someone broke into your backyard or on your private property and took photos of you, then I would agree that is crossing the lines.

    But when you are at a public event (like a baseball game or carnival or amusement park, etc), you are fair game. Just as I would be if I was walking my dog down the street and someone took my photo and put it on the 'net. (oh, the horrors)

    Reeks to me of being a pretentious diva. But don't fret. You only have a few more years before the soaps are off the air for good. Juice anyone?

    (ps. he should be grateful he isn't at the stage where he is asking Whoopi Goldberg to take him to a shopping mall in New Jersey)

  2. I bet if that You Tube video had mentioned Monavie there would have been no problem.

  3. Anonymous comment at top - any day can be made better with a Soapdish reference. Thanks!

    Wait a sec, WubQueen ... A Dante/Max feet rub? Were Lulu and Diane watching? Can a Sonny/Jason massage be far behind?

  4. Sheesh...those Ethan/Maya scenes were DREADFUL. Zzzzzzzz.... He tries so hard to carry them both, but he can't handle the load by himself.

  5. Diane was fantastic today. The dialog was hilarious. I just loved all her spot on commentary to Sonny and Claire. What a bright spot in my day!!

    Someone tell me why nobody turned Franco over??

    Final thought... I love Kirsten Storms even on the days I don't love Maxie lol

  6. Frank, bada-bing, bada booom!! xxoo

  7. I do agree, the Ethan/Maya scenes are pretty awful. The actress that plays Maya (sorry, at the moment her name eludes me) is not generating any heat, passion, spark, whatever you want to call it. Nathan Parsons is quite good looking and seems kindly enough - certainly she should be able to see him as someone she has a passion for. Maxie can generate sparks with the furniture - I like her with Matt, but I bet she and Ethan could endanger our TV circuits!

  8. I agree about Maya. Never felt a thing when she came on screen. She's pretty enough, but plain & simple: she can't act. Now there's rumblings of Zoe coming on and since none of us can tolerate Maya, why would we care about Zoe 3months later?

    I'm catching up on scenes from last week.. Looking at Warren he's a hunk of man. Why couldn;t they bring him on in a role where we can appreciate that? And the Sexis scenes I adore. I don't want them as a couple but I do love their relationship. This is how they started. Playful friends, a little flirty here and there. Good stuff! I almost forgot that maurice is portraying the Sonny I have come to hate. Hopefully between Alexis & Brenda we will get our old Sonny back.

    I have to agree that I am not happy about the rumor of the Jasam wedding. had the jake thing not happened I would be on board 100%. I agree that they deserve each other at this point, but I can't recognize the one character I adored no matter what: Jason Morgan.

  9. My favorite quote was "Sonny wrote the book on who's zoom'in who", Diane to Claire.

    Mrs. Goose

  10. I think Steve and his handlers are wrong to be upset. First of all i saw the video and there was nothing controversial about it,it was boring.
    Secondly Dominic Zamprogna's fan pg has 2 videos of a fan event that he & LLC did a few months ago.I heard that S.B organized that event.Also the rule about tweeting live did not work because alot of people were tweeting live INCLUDING Julie marie Berman from her & D.Z's event. There is a picture of her doing it on one of their fan's phone.Their fans tweeted live from their event and were caught doing it but they were cool about it.

  11. Why in the world did no one rush over to see if "Franco" was injured or dead? That was so bizarre that everyone including Dante just stood there. Loved Diane, Maxie and Robin, and I think Olivia and Steve would make a good couple if they break up Jolivia, which I would really hate. Ethan needs a love interest who has a pulse - Maya just sucks the wind out of very scene.

  12. since Liz and Jason have so much history together, why not have him say a few words about her baby being kidnapped again. Where was Sam when Aidan was kidnapped anyway?

  13. I love Maya she's absolutely beautiful Ethan needs a woman not a child! Annie and Nathan rock!

  14. Maya is the reason why I started watching GH! The actress is naturally beautiful which is rare these days and yes she can act. I doubt that she would get a role on "Entourage'' if she couldn't. I love her and Nathan scenes they are so natural and freeflowing she also has awesome scenes with Lucky, Luke , Edward and Tracey. Love Mayan they are just beautiful and ooze sex if only they were on more I would watch. Let's get real no matter how much makeup they put on Krissy she looks like a twelve year! Annie stay strong you are talented and beautiful and Nathan is amazing! I watch for Mayan and only Mayan and they do have fans check out YouTube for this fine as hell coupling!

  15. What's good about GH these days? Maya and Ethan they have a natural freeflowing chemistry they remind me of that ''Eagles's'' song, "Peaceful Easy Feeling''. Annie and Nathan are totally at ease they have it on all levels romantic, sexy and funny they remind me of Tad and Dixie in their heyday. I am overdosed on Dante, Lulu and Brenda overload more Mayan please? They are visually stunning and have chemistry , Mayan fans they are a hit on Youtube they are dearly appreciated by a wide range of hip , cool and openminded fans join the Mayan revolution, peace and love baby!

  16. TGH is old show has been around for years.I remember Jason &Kessina and was his great love and how they were each others first is was wonderful & sweet. Now you have Annie(Maya)Ilonzeh & Nathan(Ethan)Parsons & chemistry is on point. At first I was trying to figure out where Maya was going either Ethan are Jonthan(Lucky)Jackson but the show did a great switch in this paring.I remember when they tried to bring someone new in to play Lucky it's was not the same. Stop watching now Ethan & Maya have both me back along with a lot of my friends. Don't do anything to spoil what is a great combination. Kristina OMG is simply a pain all over and if you are trying to replace Maya for her then you need your head along with the writer check out for missing pieces. While not give Annie a spot on the show. She has earned it. Even with "Charlie Angels" she earned has chance you all just will not give it to her.


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