Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Billy Warlock To Go To One Life TO Live!!

That's right, Billy Warlock, "our AJ" is going to OLTL to replace the guy that played Ross!! This is from Buzz Worthy Radio. I so wish he was coming back to GH!
Speaking of OLTL....holy crap!! BOTH Jessica and Natalie are PG! I was floored! Perfect.  I'm spoiler free so I had no idea...heh. Poor Brody.

General Hospital: Loved Helena's reaction to the baby's name!! LMAO. She was priceless. "Aidan"!!??  "eeewww" "What about Ivan or Uri"!? So, this is how they get Hells out of this whole story.  Got it. Move out Helena, Move in Franco. Aw Cam and Jake were there but Spencer has a "cold"--yeah, that's what they call it now. Cameron and Jake are so cute....and at least CAM knows they should introduce the baby to Audrey.

Lulu and Michael! He started strangling her..whoa. Creepy. I knew about the nightmare, not the Lulu thing.

Loved Johnny and Olivia ..and it was hard to see him leave her. Sniff. And there was BROOKE LYN, just waiting!! At least Johnny told her he is still "very in love with Olivia"eeee!

Claire and Sonny....oy. There's some article out there where Maurice thinks there may be a Claire/Brenda/Sonny "Triangle"...oh please. When Brenda gets back there's going to be no triangle unless it's with Jax. Claire?? Bug on the windshield of The Face of Fashion!!! (new name for "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World")
Skye and Carly..good old fashion soap bitchy. heh.

Start of the Hospital Lock-down. Michael's got a burn... soon Warren will show up. All hey is gonna break loose. Lisa is starting to go nuts!! heh...

 SPOILERS are up!! GO check them out!

The Spinelli fans out there answered a call from his fave charity..the Manchester, NH Animal Shelter-- they sent 21 cases of food out today!!! They rallied on twitter and on Live Journal.

Happy 20TH Anniversary to my Wubby Hubby--- Goodness. TWENTY Years. That man deserves a medal.


  1. lulu...........S T F U!!!!!!!!!

  2. Loved it when Nichoilas and Elizabeth were talking and in the background you hear them paging Monica Quatermaine

  3. Happy anniversary! 20 years is impressive! Congratulations!

  4. I love Skye and Carly today! Do you know when Robin Christopher last day is?

  5. Read this today in Canadian TV Guide.
    Spider-Man star James Franco to teach at Yale

    Franco will be attending the University from September to study for his doctorate in English and film studies – and has agreed to teach his own class next January.

    Spider-Man star James Franco has revealed that he will be teaching a "very special class" at Yale University.

    Franco will be attending the University from September to study for his doctorate in English and film studies – and has agreed to teach his own class next January.

    The 32-year-old actor said on Good Morning America: "I am going to teach at Yale.

    "It's in the works, I have a very special class I will be teaching next January."

    But he did not reveal what subject he will be teaching.

    The former General Hospital star has previously studied film-making at New York University and earned a master of fine arts diploma from Columbia University.

  6. Hoe gorgeous is the boy who plays Jake. I love how he's always just being a kid in the background and then comes back on cue when called. Nice to see a little one who's not a zoombie on set. And cute as heck to boot.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! I thought Cam and Jake were so adorable and natural the way they were looking at their "new brother". I am really starting to like Nik and Liz together, too. Nik has so much more charm when he is not being a baddie. I really hope Jolivia aren't permanently ended - they are the only couple on the show who really sizzle, although I do like Dante and Lulu at times.

  8. The only thing I don't like about Nik right now is how attentive he is to Aidan, Cam and Jake but I have never seen him show that emotion to Spencer....
    FF through Clair and Sonny. boring.
    I do feel bad for Lulu because she is stuck between her family and her boyfriend, but Carly can never say she didn't do that!!

    on OLTL I don't like that they have Natalie pregnant right now. I really want it to be John's, but it is too soon for him to have a kid on the way with him losing one not too long ago....

  9. I loved the 2 smack downs Carly got from Robin calling her out publicly as a BAD MOM & Sky letting her know she is going to take BOTH her daughter & soon to be ex-husband away from her. I am TEAM Robin & Sky all the way. I also LOVED the way lulu kept Carly & Sonny from Micheal. I only wish they would put Robin Christopher on contract.

  10. I'm trying to imagine Billy as Ross...hmmm. But I'm beginning to think Eli isn't the real Eli, but an imposter so maybe they won't look so off together if we don't have to believe they are brothers. (Billy is at least a foot and a half shorter than the guy who plays Eli.) But I love Billy, loved his AJ and bitterly resented the way they demonized the character on GH. Hope they won't do the same on OLTL with Ross. How come they couldn't get the other actor who originally played him? He was good. I'm not complaining, you understand--it will be good to see Billy.


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