Friday, July 30, 2010

New Spoilers are UP!

But Dear, Ouzo Cassadine has such a nice ring to it!!

Ugh...and  Brooke Lyn is going to DRUG Dante-- :eyeroll: whateverrrrrr did she visit David in Pine Valley?? Is it a Roofie??!!

Go to Wubs Net and read 'em and weep. There is another rumor going around about Lisa falling off a building but I don't have confirmation on that. Robin is going to leave town for a bit and Lisa sets up house at Patrick's!! ahahahaa. Maxie has to help get her out. THAT I wanna see.  I love my crazies on soaps.
Nikolas and Brooke Lyn-- are going to do the Liza Doolittle thing. @@!

OF Course, it's going to be ALL BRENDER all the time soon, so get ready to rumble!!

I saw Project Runway last night. I really liked the elimation task thing. Last season didn't really do anything for me so I didn't watch.  What did you think of Heidi's hair??  Not a fan.

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  1. Brianna Brown tweeted the other day that they are using stunt doubles for a scene she id doing this week.So i am guessing that rumor maybe true.


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