Monday, July 19, 2010

Wubbly Spoilers DOES it Again!

So now people are coming out with the Franco-Switch and Baby spoilers. Sorry, had them ages ago. LOL. But you BEING WUBBERS know what's going to happen!! My biggest sadness is that Helena seems to be out of the LOOP@@!! They are still putting the bag over a lot of the stuff that's coming though.
On Thurs/Friday we'll get a Sam look-alike, Our singer Kalup in a dress-- mirrors, giant Franco Faces and bodies falling. Or..rather "A body" falling. Can you even believe I can't watch Live on Friday?!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr. Wish it was because I was going to the Fan Club Weekend but it's not Blanche,  it's not. College visitation with the son-- and it cant' be scheduled different. (or I'd do it!) I will have to DVR. I know the whole hooplah starts on Thurs and I will be here for that. I may make a Banana Smoothie for the show too!

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: The word "Animal" was used 3x by 3:14 today. Once by Jason (on tape), Once by Warren and once by Sonny. I think they are referring to the Fronkey love!!
Liz gave birth with her knees together to a nasty looking towel! WHAT THE Hell was that thing? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Grosssss. I am going to feel badly for Nik a little bit when he finds out it's Lucky's. I said A LITTLE bit. I wish Hells was hiding under that bed!! I really wish they would have named the baby Cristof or something really Russian/Greek exotic like.

Carly and Jax need to be the way to go. If I have to sit through another Brenda Remix with Sonny/Jax though, I shall die.

Loved Maxie eating ice cream and in sweats. (could it be...Chunky Monkey??!)  heh... nice. They still have a fugly apartment though. oy!! Don't like the silver. (see what I notice when I watch!? LOL..) It was nice to see Shirley but where the hell is Audrey??? And the kid's nickname is "Buzz"...due to his brothers. Goodness! Spike on AMC and Buzz on GH--in Ten Years they shall make a Disney Movie together! LOL

I love Sonny/Krissy talks. Sonny having a beer at the club... rollin' those black sleeves up.

Nancy Lee Grahn is off from GH until Sept 12th. Not sure her "last Airdate".  She's busy and relaxing!! No worries.

FAN CLUB WEEKEND: Who's going? I hate you. LOL...nah, just jealous. NEXT year I am going to get there and have a giant WUB party, I swear. Lobsters for all !! (Rubber lobsters probably!!)


  1. Does anyone think that Ronnie is working with Franco?

  2. I watched the vids that abc put out, putting the different characters together. First of all, I didn't like scenarios at all...and I didn't think the acting was that good. Lamers all around if you ask me. Would it be possible for them to think outside the box....if only a little?

  3. So Liz gives birth in a normal hospital room with her vajayjay pointed directly at the window in the door?

    And nicholas did not have to wear a hospital gown or mask to be in the room?

    Oh, and what about the extra in the background of Liz's room? She spent the whole time doing something on a side table and never once assisted Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee delivered the baby without any other medical staff assisting. I know it would have been too much to ask to have Audrey or Bobbie in the room hellping with the birth and perhaps icky to have had Steve in there but what about Epiphany or Robin? Heck, even Maya.

    Let's make bets, how many weeks before Alexis actually gets to meet her new nephew?

  4. Did I miss somethng? Doesn't Nik already know that the baby is Lucky's? Didn't he do another DNA test?

  5. Yes Trixie you missed something. Nik had another test taken only for Helena to yet again tamper with the results.

    You figure Spencer is Sonny's nephew and he NEVER has met him on screen. And you would think they would have shown a scene or two with Luke the past 6 years Cam has been in lucky's life. Blood or not, he should be known as his grandpa (conventional or not, also). Family is just not important to GH.

    I almost think they're overdoing it with Skye & Jax. The way Skye is swooning and all it just seems pretty obvious.

    While I agree about the lack of a hospital gown on nik, I did appreciate a birth in a hospital for once. Liz acted as though she had some pain meds, they should have addressed that a bit cause 3 kids or not, labor flipping hurts! Did love Lucky looking on. Very excited for this story to evolve, unfortunately it sounds like it will be months.

  6. That is my issue with GH right now. Not enough use of characters or the past. Plus, they don't seem to do research when writing scenarios.
    No, Liz wouldn't be delivering in a room where anyone could look through the window at her business.
    And why is Nik acting like this is his first kid? I know that he didn't get to see Spencer being born, but he did get the kid while he was still a baby. So, Nik shouldn't be so freaked out when he was holding Aidan or when someone else was holding him. This is his SECOND kid!!
    I feel really bad for Lucky too.

    Another thing I am ticked about is Sam again. She stated to Spinelli that Jason is in jail and shouldn't be. No, Sam, he should be in jail. He is a killer. He does illegal things.
    And the way the write Spinelli now...Just kill the character off. Please! I thought he would get his own scenes when he went into the PI business with Sam, but now they are both being used as nothing but Jason disciples. Stupid and a waste of both of their talent!

  7. By the way. Did anyone watch OLTL yesterday! When David talked about calling Jessica Natalie because they were twins and he couldn't tell them apart, I cracked up!!!

  8. Billy Warlock (AJ-GH) has been cast on OLTL!!!!!

  9. I thought the scenes with Nik and Liz were sweet. I do agree that she wouldn't have given birth in a conventional hospital room. She also had a C-section with Jake, so there should have been some discussion about a VBAC and the possible complications. As for the hospital gown on Nik or a mask, my hubby didn't wear them for either of our kids births. The only ones who did were the doctors.

    Spinelli is also dead to me. He is acting way over the top to Lulu and Dante. I hate how the criminals are allowed to walk all over the cops and upstanding citizens, they call them horrible names, show complete disdain for their morals and adherrance to the law and any one who dares side with the cops are effectively dead and collateral damage when the criminals enact their revenge.

  10. shoot Frisco I just had the birds and bees talk and about hoohaas with grandson so he probably is well versed better than Liz now



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