Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Car Bombs and Psychos and Roses Oh My!

Hi kiddos!
It's me Laura/Gedstern here once again for the vacationing WubQueen.

Important business- as in final redesign of my next book cover- took me away from Tweeting during GH today and I barely saw any of the show.

However, it is important to us that you do have a place to share your thoughts on ABC Soaps, so I'll open up the blog for comments.

What little I do know about GH today is that Kristina and Johnny are alive despite the car bomb, thanks to Johnny's quick reactions.  Sonny, of course, is all full of denial.  Too bad Michael heard the truth Sonny.  Alexis is on the war path, that's for sure.

Franco gave Maxie 6 more roses and rambled on about the number 66 and how he loves to say it and that it sounds dirty.  Then he went to visit his Mother who asks "What have you done now?"

I know Patrick and Lisa and Steve wore on, but I heard none of the conversation.  Robin was home with Emma when Dr. Guilty Dick arrived.

So- fill us in on the rest.  What was interesting? Acted well? Lame?  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?

Don't forget- you can comment on all your soaps here!

Hope to Tweet with you tomorrow!
Laura Gedstern


  1. I actually enjoyed today's GH for the first time in a few months. Certain storylines I enjoyed less than others but on a whole it was a solid show.

    Note: Franco's mom called him Bobby... which means that Guza named the crackpot after himself bwahahahaha... oh so narsassistic!

    I really liked OLTL today too, can't wait to see how all of this shakes out!

  2. OMG "Dr Guilty Dick". Love it! Hate that Patrick cheated.

  3. All i have to say is Spinelli really IS THE SUM OF THE EARTH for wanting to help a serial killer get away with murder just to keep another serial killer out of prison as long as possible. I hope he becomes one of Franco's victims SOON!

  4. Does anyone else laugh everytime Franco smiles. It is creepy but funny at the same time. I agree I think they are making Spinelli to be a total moron. I hate what Patrick did and am so sad because I really never thought they would write that for him.

  5. At least Patrick felt guilty afterwards, but that really doesn't exonerate what he did. I hate the way his character is being trashed. JT is an excellent, underrated actor. It's not like Patrick is in love with Lisa. Spinelli is an idiot - happy to see Maxie will be moving on, hopefully to that cutie pie Matt. Nice to see you here Laura!!!

  6. Well, I lasted through about 30 seconds of Franco/Maxie and had to FF through the rest. I then FF'd through all the rest of the show except for Skye/Jax and the Kristina bomb fallout. I did love OLTL- that show is great and it had better not be canceled!

  7. Franco was kinda creepily sweet with his mom today, but his mom really can't act. But yeah, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry that Guza is narcissistic enough to name franco Bobby.

    Also Team Robin all the way! And eww! Patrick didn't even shower or use mouthwash! I hope she gets to kick him where the sun don't shine and hook up with Steven and his awesome abs. And then Franco can take out Patrick and Lisa.

  8. Finally Maxie's hair looks better, they toned it down a bit at least on her right side ; )

    I hate what Patrick did too but it makes for good soap watching.

    Love the Skye/jax teasing. Can hardly wait for Carly to get a gander at "brender".

    Maurice did an awesome job choking back tears talking to Alexis. What a pig this character is. Loved Michael's face during Alexis berating him. Loved Johnnys performance as well. He is under rated also. I'm upset they are breaking up my Jolivia!

    Wish they would have one single scene showing Liz and.or Jason acknowledging his being in/out of jail. Remember idiot, you have a son!

  9. I also agree Franco's mom can't act! What a joke.

  10. I personally don't find JF very attractive and rather weird. I wouldn't pay to see him in a movie and think it is a waste of money to have him on GH. His mother could use some acting lessons. Watching Sonny these past few days has been very disturbing, too. He actually looks like he is going insane. He makes no sense in his thinking whatsoever. MB is giving him a crazed look rather than playing him as remorseful or caring. I just wish Sonny would be gone.

  11. Hopefully Brenda will make sonny watchable again.

  12. Sounds like I'm the only one holding out for Liz & Lucky : (


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