Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Casting News on General Hosptial

Get over to Daytime Confidential. First they report that Robin Christopher is done on GH July 29th and then that Brad Rowe is coming in as a new man for Brenda. Poor Robin Christopher--IDIOTS AT THE HELM! Why did they bother? WHY!?? She needs to go to AMC. Or better yet, since AMC is in LA now, do a cross-over story before she goes.

Today's GH: Most boring lockdown ever. I am going to miss Shirley though. She was great. To bad they couldn't have anyone older on the show for more than a few months. Where was Monica during the lockdown?

That art gallery guy stole Luke's accent! LOL... zzzzzzzzz. Who wanted a monkey to be in that crib?? I DID!!
Brooke Lyn kissing Johnny? NO!! off my screen. OFF...although that gold lame bikini top was pretty fun.
Warren was interesting with Krissy. If only they would have built up to this moment instead of having him off the screen for eons. Sexis talking on the docks was really nice. I love it that they are talking again.
Carly just taunted Patrick, didn't she? THAT'S OUR CARLY!!!

I am going to gather scoopies. See you later!


  1. I'm so upset that Robin is leaving it's not fair she a great actress we need to keep her on any show she could teach some of these younger actor how to act! just went I was loving Skye and Jax together! Jennie Cartier

  2. What a crying shame!! I LOVE Skye!! I am soooo sad that she is leaving.

    And, Karen, I thought when he first came on that the artist's rep sounded EXACTLY like Luke's Dr. Von Schnerwhatever, I was waiting for you to say something!

    And, one more thing--I am from Brooklyn, work near Bensonhurst, women there DO NOT wear turquoise sparkly cut-off tops to the beach, with a gold lame bikini underneath!! Maybe it has something to do with Brooke Lynn and her parents being in show business . . .

  3. LOL..AntJoan..that accent was SO dang Luke-like!! I thought her top was more long islandish.

    They need MONEY now, and since the never used RC, may as well start there. A SHAME as she hates Brenda!!

  4. Did anyone see K-Mo being burned on the Wendy Williams show? What did she do?

  5. Skye was on GH? Really? When? Did I miss her? I was watching every day and never saw her once.


    I really like Brad Rowe. Followed most of his independent films. When he was asked about coming to GH, do you think they told him he would be horribly wasted and only be in about 4-5 blocked scenes as they do with all built-up guest stars?

    (sarcasm part two)

  6. Aw, no. Robin is just SOOO gorgeous and a good actress and livens things up when they give her anything to do. But gotta admit this was a waste of her valuable time. She needs to be in prime time and have something to depend on. Certainly no actor seems able to depend on their GH gig--well, with the exception of those I wisah were gone, like Sonny. SO sick of him and now here comes Brenda to join him in even more air time stolen from better characters!

  7. Karen was it Robin choice to leave or was it the network? Jennie Cartier

  8. I thought it was funny that Helena flat out said that Aiden wasn't a Cassidine and they all thought she was off her rocker.

  9. Wouldn't Spencer be the Cassadine heir since he is Nikolas' first-born? Or is there no heir because Nikolas has yet to have a child born in wedlock?

  10. Karen, Have you seen "TV Guide Canada recently sat down with Bob Guza, GH's headwriter for an interview. What follows are some excerpts": - it appears on General Hospital Happenings under News. I had to quit reading when Guza said they listen to the fans. Tell us what you think of the interview PLEASE??

  11. Guza is a hack and needs to be fired.

  12. To say that Robin Christopher had a START date would be pushing it. Poor woman. What a waste waste waste.



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