Thursday, July 22, 2010

General Hospital: FrancoPALOOZA. Steve Burton was on FIRE!!

I ordered this special for my doggie GUS to wear today!! This is not him, but a model I hired to show you all a Monkey-Dog!!

BTW... How great was the taped scene with Carter telling Franco about Michael?? Loved Jason/Dante watching. NICE touch writers. No real "rape" word but Franco said "be creative" to Carter and then Jason went nuts.  I WONDER if Dom was scared of Steve Burton!! I was! DAMN!! I bet Dominic had bruises after that. eesh...

I love that Helena is sitting with Niz. They are making her nice all of a sudden??(well, for Helena that is)  She needs to stay on--she does. HAVE HER MARRY EDWARD!!!!!!! Damn it...Take over ELQ. Hells can be such an asset. 
Poor Liz...losing Shirley and the baby. Sad..*sniff* I liked Mama Walton on the show.

Brooke Lyn would have a belly ring..come ON...she'd have a giant one if not a tattoo!!

Warren is mad enough to go get a gun... Poor Mac Daddy is going to get shot. wahhh. Ethan takes a shot and Michael is protecting Krissy from Warren!! eek!

MOCA set is going up. Nice touch with the classical music.  I'm glad they filmed the Stage-hands all "mimed" out in white gloves. LOL The whole art show was cool...liked how Jason saw his face up there.

Nikolas/Lucky see Franco on the monitor where the empty baby crib is...told ya he took him.

WATCH TODAY, it's good. And I don't often say that!!

Can you even believe I won't be here tomorrow to live blog for the MOCA event???? LIFE! Gets in the way!! Booooooooooo. I will DVR and I will watch it, you can be sure. Hell, my lobster was THERE!! I HAVE to watch! LOL. So, check later tomorrow night ok?


  1. Sorry to his fans, but why was the show so good today? No SONNY! For once, we saw that stories could take place without his name coming up a thousand times or him just randomly showing up and inserting himself into all the story lines.

  2. I Think GH was fantastic today!!! the show moved along many characters involve.. There were some boring stuff like Brook and johnny but thanks that it was short...
    Love Carly and patrick scenes.. Lisa was really Fatal attraction..
    Warren OH I was jumping... Michael really lost it on him.. But I liked how everyone was covering Michael. loved how Lucky Maya and Ethan helped their cousin..

    The best part for me was Jason/Dante scenes.. Franco really got in to Jason.. Steve Burton was the best today..
    Poor DZ..I think he was scared... LOL
    I am looking forward to tomorrow show..

  3. I think I'm going to DVR it from SoapNet tonight!

  4. Yea S.B was good today but D.Z was better and is GREAT EVERYDAY. I agree with Julie the show is GREAT without Sonny.

  5. Gotta say...

    Adrianna looked QUITE spectacular yesterday and today.

  6. So sad when SHirly died. She was a great character and I love the actress. Helena looked stunning as usual and for once was telling the truth. And yes, I loved the no Sonny part.

  7. I actually thought Becky out performed everyone yesterday. SB did little more then rage and stare...same as always...just extended this time.

    I did NOT like Lucky lying to cover up for Michael when , again, telling the truth would have sufficed. It is bad enough the mob influences in the kids lives are teaching them to the police are as well.

    Where is Sam? Shopping at the leather factory outlet while Jason is off chasing a pyscho?

  8. I agree about Becky's performance. But, she should be used to it. This is the third time one of her storylines has to do with a kid of hers being kidnapped.
    Putting Franco in the mix is enjoyable. The first time he was with limited characters, but now Franco will be mixed up with more characters.
    Liz can never be rid of Jason and his life


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