Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday ON the ABC Daytime Dial

Gee...anyone on today EXCITING???????? Hmmmm. Our PREZ perhaps?? I didn't watch. Can you believe it? Just not my thing--I will watch you tubes of it. I'm sure there will be clips all over the place. I heard he was very gracious.

AMC: Uh... David/Greenlee-- if he starts drugging her, this just may as well be "David story #4455". zzzzz. Angie is really PG?? Okayyyyyy. New Bianca is still underwhelming me.

OLTL: What a POOR casting choice for the Ford boy's mama...Just terrible.  She's too young looking and today with the Bo scenes? Uh...well, the acting was atrocious. Just atrocious. I do love Vickers and Dorian writing on "Face Space" to each other. Heh.

GH: See the new "Brenda Promo"...??? THEY SHOW HER MOLE right there--just the corner of her mouth and "the mole"!! :twirling:

CRUISING FOR A CAUSE!!!!!! Fans Giving Back is featuring this great SOAPY CRUISE on August 21st to benefit Leukemia Stars slated to appear include: Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri-GH), Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara-GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady Black-DOOL), Forbes March (ex-Nash Brennan, Ex-Mason Jarvis ATWT), Jason Cook (Dr. Matt Hunter-GH), Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom-OLTL), Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina-GH), Haley Pullos (Molly-GH), Ronnie Marmo (Ronnie-GH).

This hospital "lockdown" is so stupid, they so did it wrong but whatever. Hurry up and be over with.  I'm impatient!!

THANK YOU FOR SEXIS! I love Alexis and Sonny!! Krissy isn't even limping from her ankle thing. Which would be the thing to have her do since that's why she was AT GH!!

I still get such an empty feeling watching GH-- the scenes are all so isolate. LULU should know about Nikolas' kid being taken-- the shooting of HER BROTHER Ethan!! It's all chopped up because of the blocking. Even after the hospital shooting, it felt like 'nothing'--we used to get so many characters coming together if anything happened there.  I don't know, I just don't get that soapy feeling watching much.

HELL MIKE IS ON! :thud: he got to pour coffee today.
Carly talking to Alexis was good-- and not sniping at each other.

Well, the last Robin Christopher scenes were totally non-eventful. TOTALLY..zzzzzzzz. Go look at gargoyles with Jax.  LOL
Hated Lulu's stupid shirt with the necklace thing attached. LOL

And  JaSam play dominos instead of having wild pre-jail sex. Hmmmmm. That was exciting as all  hell. NOT!!
A few new Spoilers are up. There's some talk about Brook drugging Dante, I haven't gotten confirmation on that just yet. It's such a stupid spoiler, I don't want to put it up until I know 100%~~~!!
Dante finds out it wasn't Franco that was killed. LOL... and for all the people 'surprised' means you didn't read my SITE!! Or maybe you are spoiler free. Which, then I guess you don't read my blog or tweets either. heh. And that lady, was the Franco baby switcher.
Fade to Franco holding baby


  1. do you think Ronnie stole the baby and killed the nurse?

  2. Best line EVER!
    David Vickers: It's about time Vicky got on My Face.

  3. I hate the idea of Brook drugging Dante. I'm still not behind the idea of Brook's plot actually having her be totally out of character but I can almost get past that because I love A.L. so much but WHY would Brook drug someone when she herself was abducted and drugged TWICE by the same man?

  4. Anonymous, because this show doesn't honor or at least even acknowledge its history. It's about plot. Not character.

  5. I am not surprised she HAS to drug Dante,he is CLEARLY NOT attracted to her and she is such a looser that yes she has to drug guys to get them to want her.

  6. Trixie as much as I hate to admit it you're right. But sometimes it works out better, I can't wait to see more of Brook/Johnny but at the same time if they remembered that it was a mobster's son that took her and drugged her and murdered her best friend she wouldn't come within a 1000 feet of Johnny.

  7. I still can't figure out why they treat Robin Christopher like this! I hope she goes to All my children instead. after today I'm leaving that soap and never watch it again.

  8. The Brenda promo was weird. Despite Vanessa's beauty of old, to me she looked way too thin and it looks like she has some kind of plastic surgery done on her face. It was so quick, so I can't be sure, but I thought the same thing when I saw her present at the Daytime Emmy's.

  9. Too bad you missed the prez--he WAS charming, and fun, and I am very proud he is our President; an unusual politican, actually keeping his campaign promises. He and his family are a class act.

    Anyway, I am upset about Alexis ignoring the fact that Mac was shot and nearly lost his life and is laying in a hospital bed nearby and she hasn't time to even visit him. We were led to believe they were dating (though of course we never saw much of it due to Airhog Sonny taking up all the air time, but they were an item and we never saw a break-up. so why the indifference? I understand she is most concerned about her daughter, but she didn't even ask about Mac.

    So sorry they (once again) mis-used Skye. Robis is gorgeous and an intelligent and talented actress, so why isn't she on a show permanently? She always reminded me a little of the beautiful Suzy Parker....
    Is her husband still doing the sculpture or is he doing something else now? I liked him on AW....

    I was dismayed to see creepy Franco again...but he was bound to surface. It was obvious he wasn't dead, since no one turned the body over to check. Please let him be gone soon.

  10. can we please not talk about politics on this site, unless we want to start a war about why I think he isn't the greatest president and how I DON'T think he has lived up to his promises?

  11. I agree Andrea because then we would have to talk about how the last administration caused all the problems that are preventing the current president from keeping some of his promosies (he did keep some helath care is a pretty big feat btw)



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