Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amber Tamblyn WILL be On HOUSE!!

Here we go...that's right, Amber Tamblyn is going to be on HOUSE according to Entertainment Weekly! From The Ausiello Files:

The erstwhile Joan of Arcadia, I’m told, will appear in multiple episodes as a whip-smart med student House (Hugh Laurie) recruits for his diagnostic team — despite the fact that she isn’t yet 100 percent qualified to treat patients. And, of course, what I didn’t have to be told was that the youngster will have to find a way to adjust to her new mentor’s unique bedside manner.

PERFECT match if I do say so myself!! I am a huge fan of her writing as well. Drums Inside Your Chest is a great poetry group. Check out her performance dates.


  1. YES!!! One of my GH favs on my favorite show!!!

  2. I agree, although I guess technically GH is my favorite show, but House is way up on my list!!

  3. I love House and Amber will be a great addition!


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