Thursday, July 15, 2010

Franco HOWLS in Latest Movie and Thurs. SOAP STUFF!!

EEE! THAT'S Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in this FRANCO MOVIE! :thud:
Watch the Trailer at Best Week Ever

It's hot today. I just sat around in air con because it's too sizzling to do anything else. Too Bad AMC was boring as all hell. YAWN. OLTL is so funny...Vicky and David. heh. Loved it. His Speedos were hilarious!!  I didn't realize Marco was leaving Llandview for reals. AND he's leaving with the "Pizza Girl" Karen! Heh. Trevor St. John is just a gem, btw. "I GOT DIBBS, She's SICK" about the wedding.

SNARKY snark gossip about Vanny Marcil vs Megan Fox's Weddings!! EEEE! Take a gander at The Awful Truth at E! Ahhhhh, the circus is coming to town--Franco, Vannessa. I loves it so much!!  BTW, found out Vanessa wore a white Armani dress for the nuptials in NYC.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: Sonny turned on the wattage dimples to get Claire into his PCPD "waiting room lair"..heh. This Claire "Plan" sheeze is just that..sheeze. HATE.  It makes no sense, and she could get kicked OFF anything given what she's been up to. :eyeroll:
JaSam looked all glowy post sex.
Liz is having contractions Hicks?? Geesh, you'd think the Cassadine house would have a nice playroom for the kiddies. Nikolas looked stunned when she was in labor. LOL the hospital stuff was pretty funny.

Maya is the latest do nothing for me character. ugh. I mean, she's NEEDED, she has FAMILY but since she's not in the MOBULAR scene, she's just neglected.

Maxie looking for Jason's advice. LOL. Whatever, I like them together, I wish they were siblings. The Spixie scenes were so sad...  Bradford always has a way of making me sniff. *sniff* Carly stomps in next asking Jason for advice about she and Jax. :eyeroll: Spin and Carly were cute. Jason just 'nostril acted' like he was Jon McBain on OLTL. heh

MORGAN showed up today...and Skye mentioned LILA while holding Josslyn!! Geesh. @@

NOTE To Props: Please change the Crimson Flowers...fake as they may be, they are OLD.

The next "That if" is Greenlee and Jason and it will be on July 19th at Are you loving them?? I am!!

MONKEY WATCH: Franco's Monkey was not on today AGAIN. two days in a row. We need the monkey!!


  1. Ok, Karen, the monkey on the spoiler page just cracks me up every time I go to the site. Love it!

    Poor Spencer.... can't he just wear some shorts and a t-shirt like a normal kid his age?

  2. I love Skye and Jax today! they have made me fall in love with them all over again! I wish the write would put them back together and keep Robin christopher on!

  3. OLTL’s Jason Tam (Marrko) will be taking part in the Summer Theatre's Shakespeare Lab which means the actor will be on a two month leave from the show.

  4. I like Skye and Jax too, but I am really annoyed with Carly right now...well, I have been for awhile.
    Glad Jax called Sonny out when he said that Sonny blames everyone but himself about his kids misfortunes. Of course, Sonny ignored it.
    It seems like Nikolas plays more with Liz's kids than he does with his own.

  5. I also love Skye and Jax - Carly doesn't deserve him. I think Maya needs to be recast with someone who has some life to her. Ethan and her are so mismatched. Good looks aren't always enough.

  6. I have to agree with Karen that Maya is just there to fill in space. The actress is gorgeous but oh my, needs some acting lessons.

    Anyone else notice the calendar says summer but gh has many actresses wearing sweaters? Alexis, Kristina, then carly, sam & dante in long sleeves? Only Maxie, Lulu & brooklynn were in sleeveless.

  7. GH has too many characters, too many story lines, and screws itself big time trying to tie all the plots together while leaving one or two underdeveloped subplots out in the ether to die from lack of exposure. How about doing some housecleaning? Get rid of some of the underused and pretty useless characters and maybe even some of the second generation legacy characters (thinking of Sonny, Carly, and Jason here)in favor of developing some of the youngsters who have gained popularity.

  8. I'll have to agree - Maya is a snore and there's definitely nothing going on there between her and Ethan. I don't get where they're going, but it's not working.

    They're not going to get rid of any major characters that have been working for viewers for a long time just for some random newbies that nobody cares about, especially those who can't act their way out of a paper bag.


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