Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alberta Gets Around the Fan Club Weekend!


Thanks to all the fans that posed with Alberta the Wubs Lobster!! I love the photos. I so hope I can be the one to bring her next year!!!
How cute is Bradford and Miss Berta? Love it-- he's such a sweetie. Her GH gallery is expanding, that's for sure.

I just watched Friday's GH.  I did think it was a good show, but I liked Thursday's better.  Franco on the monitors was SO HELENA!! She did that too!
I thought having Lulu at the exhibit was stupid, and her 'explaination' just plain weird. Maybe she was a fem-bot. LOL The Jason/Franco exchange in the stairwell was good, but then the show just ended. And you know that's not Franco laying there..he's not dead people! Loved the "Mad World" thing and Kalup in drag.
The hospital portion of the show nicely dovetailed the gallery opening. Warren blaming Krissy before dying....Mac shooting his target (for once!). I do wish Maxie and Robin would have been on their cell phones calling Flea, Anna and Robert but I'll forgive that lapse. Bobbie could have gotten in there a bit too. Liked Liz walking into room 466-- was that really Aiden but with a "model" couple?? Hmmmm. My only thing about the hospital? Where were all the cops? The mayhem? I know there was a lockdown but it was soooooo quiet and hardly any police anywhere!
Rumors are going around about a new casting for "flashbacks" with Brenda and a lady in her '60's. Her mom? I can't remember who played her mom last time. Anyone?
Well, I'd better stop writing because I need stuff for "Surgery" tomorrow!!

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  1. I have to agree. Friday's show was good but Thursday's was better. I'm usually not a fast-forwarder but I did skip past the Johnny/Brook Lyn stuff.

    And the scene with Liz and Shirley where Liz told Shirley she loved her and Shirley thanked her for being her family...simple and sweet and probably the most real and honest scene of the week.

    I don't think Franco is dead, either. Remember, he said, "What you see is not what you get.".


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