Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jame's Franco's "Fronkey Business" on General Hospital.

I can't take credit for the "Fronkey" moniker.  That was ABC Soaps In Depth on Twitter. It's perfect however...isn't it?? People also think that GH should sell their own Franco-Monkeys. Wind up little guys we can all buy as a little take-away from the circus. (Better than ALL THAT "jewelry" they try to hawk!!)

NEW SPOILERS have a nice exclusive for the Wubqueen AGAIN about Franco--can you figure it out?? Just remember that falling bodies do not equal what they seem. That on top of the Italian connection is going to keep Mr. Villian around for some time. (at least in spirit!!) The Franco info just drifts to me like a magnet. Ahhhhhhh, he loves me, he really loves me.
PLEASe check out our charity of the season up there--it's Project Cuddle for 4 of the GH stars having babies! Each time you click on an ad link, it adds to the total to be donated. Let's get it up there!!

Wubber FRANK (no relation to Mr. Franco) decided that this George Michael song should replace "Mad World" as the serial-killer's theme. I guess Adam Lambert's royalties were too much for GH to pay this time around. I do think George Michael would love the exposure (wink) and might just do it on the cheap.

Here's the costume I'd like you all to purchase for our Franco-Finale the 22-23rd. What do you say? It doesn't come with cymbals though (@@) so go raid your High School band room, ok??

In other news, the hospital is in lock-down after Warren enrages Michael...Warren then goes on a mini-rampage. (makes no sense but-- whatever). JaSam looks solid for the summer, and when Carly finds out about the Patrick-Lisa hook-up, she's all giddy with power!! She and Paddy get stuck in the lockdown together and she can spill her beans then. Lisa will go psycho slowly but surely. Let's hope it's fun to watch.

OH! Did you see that Jamey Giddens on Daytime Confidential is saying the rumor is that soaps will drop 20 scripted shows on ABC across the board?? That means more "Classic" fillers like we get on holidays. ;/ My solution is to cut them all to 30minutes. Those of you my age know it can work... AND it's way more exciting and moves way faster. I'm just sayin. Save all the jobs, shows and make the writing tight and streamlined.


  1. Long Live The Fronkey! lmao

  2. Did I miss something? What 4 GH stars are having babies???

  3. I hope GH gets better when Brenda(Vanessa)returns.


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