Friday, March 24, 2023

I Trust You

 HERE I AM!! It's FRIDAY!! Was this week even MORE dragging than LAST WEEK? GEESH!! 

Victor goes to Laura's to "Get his nephews". Laura threatens to call security. Spencer gets Vic in the hall and tells him to leave NOW. Victor says ok but he hopes Esme will be going soon. Spencer says he plans on her being back in jail and he'll get custody of Ace. 
Laura talks to Esme about redemption and that she's trying to believe in Esme. Laura decides to leave Esme alone while she goes out to prove she trusts her.  Esme talks to Ace after Laura leaves and think they are going to try to keep them apart. She looks at the money. 

Sonny and Dex are trying to find out who hired the killer. 

Joss says goodbye to Cam at Kelly's. Dex and Sonny walk in. Sonny tells Cam good luck. Asks to speak to Joss, they go outside. Sonny is questioning her about Dex. She says she knows about the attempt on Sonny's life from Carly. Mentions Donna and Avery. 

Dex and Cam square up. "I have somethings to say to you" says Cameron.  He says not to hurt Joss or he'll tell Sonny about him and Sonny will go after Dex. 

Trina goes home and runs into Marshall. They talk about EPIPHANY!! :crying:  Trina tells Marshall that Spencer is living with his "Ex-Girlfriend" ...they talk about Spencer. Also about her dropping the charges. He thinks that wasn't a good idea. She tells him that Spencer is now her boyfriend. He wonders if Spencer is "worthy". 

Anna and Valentin tell Eileen that she has to call Victor and tell him she has the necklace. They tell her there's etchings on there he wants. "Or so he thinks" says Anna. WHY would she tell her the truth!? Eileen refuses to wear a wire. They say ok, Robert will call on "official" business and she has a code word to use if she's in danger. 

I guess Cam is having a going away party.  Spencer goes to get Trina. BUT He stops to see Uncle Victor.  He really wants Victor to help get rid of Esme. Victor says there's no way in  hell Esme is raising a Cassadine heir.  Victor says that they could manufacture evidence against her. 

Sonny goes to talk to Selina WU (an outside shot!!) he asks if she knows the hit man..>Dex shows her a photo. She says no. He says that guy was seen at her bar "The Highsider" --WHICH IS WHAT?????/ she owns a bar. ????


Esme goes to leave with Ace and Cameron comes to the door

Victor insists on looking at the necklace to see if it's real. 

Wu says she'll help find the shooter. 

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Scotchy Scotch


Board is not taking action against Liz. They say from the testimony, they think she saved Esme and the baby. Liz hugs Finn. Violet comes out and wants to go for spaghetti. 

Curtis is drinking at Charlie's... Jordan is there. They drink scotch. He's sad. She says he should forgive Portia. OMG they are getting drunk and making eyeballs at each other!! 

Portia meets Marshall in the GH hallway. They talk about CURTIS. She's sad. Then Marshall tells her about the tests he had. She thinks he should contact his original doctors. If they are still alive. 

Trina is at Laura's and sees Esme. She's not happy. Spencer says he's staying there too to help take care of the baby. Trina leaves.  Spencer walks out with her. She's like "Welp, now you can raise the baby together"! They talk about whether or not Esme really has a memory. Trina i worried the new Esme might be worse than the old. 

Esme goes out in the hall just as Trina and Spencer are going to kiss. Oh I think the old Esme is rearing her head. Anyway, Esme asks what the hold up is. Spencer says they were talking about daycare at PCU in case he wants to go to classes in the summer. Esme says no problem because she'll be taking care of Ace. 

Greg and Alexis "I'm your friend, I care" (for the 90th time). Greg says stay out of it. I hate this story. Anyway, she finally forces out of him that he's sick. He's not telling her anymore though. He wants his car keys. 

Maxie, Gladys and Sasha discussing the Nurses ball in Kelly's Cody drops by. Says he knows Gladys from the Savoy.  "I think she was there for Ladies Night" Sasha wants to Take Gladys to the Nurses Ball and buy her a dress. Gladys feels a bit guilty. 

Maxie asks Cody to be in the Nurses Ball with the Magic Wands. He says yes. 


Curtis and Jordan's kiss doesn't happen because of an interruption

Marshall asks Stella for his old medical records

Gladys gets a text from Wu about a poker game coming up. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Same Clothes as Friday

 Liz is talking to Portia and Terry about the board meeting. Patrick, Robin and Griffin all wrote letters for her. Liz freaks out because one didn't come in from Epiphany...she really wanted that one because she was her mentor. Epiphany is at John Hopkin's shadowing a residency. Liz is so happy for her. UGH... Sad. Her memorial is next Wed. 

Brook and Chase at the Qs. OMG they are talking about getting back together. OR NOT..or yes.. or no. YES....NO..Brook cries. She tells him she signed an NDA. She can't ever testify against him. 

Trina runs into Curtis at Kelly's. She's not sure how to act. She says that she hasn't made up her mind about the DNA test. They talk. End up hugging. Portia walks around the corner and sees them. 

Alexis and Diane are due to have dinner. Alexis forgot. Alexis thinks Greg might have a drinking problem. GEESH Alexis! You're blabbing that all over. Diane says she doesn't know for sure. 

Greg is at GH trying to see his doctor. Finn comes along. He fakes it and says he's there to support Liz. 

Spencer is going to move into Laura's.. he and his gram are visiting Esme and Ace. Laura tells her the charges are dropped and she can leave the Spa Jail. Esme says "I'm not leaving"!! (like it's a damn hotel LOL) Spencer says he's gotten her a room above Kelly's and will pay for it until she's on her feet. BUT!! The baby can't fit there too so he should stay at Laura's with him. 

Nina and Jordan are talking in Charlie's. Jordan wants to know how Curtis is... Nina says mad, sad..yada yada


Esme is living with Laura, Kevin and Spencer. Trina's not happy

Curtis storms off, goes to Charlie's and Jordan is there

Greg yells at Alexis for calling Finn when he asked her not to. 

The board is making it's decision about Liz

Chase "broke up" with Brook even though they aren't together. GEESH LOUISE 

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Most Wacky Moments in 60 Years

 Soap Operas are not only daytime dramas.
Sometimes there is comic relief.
And GH really shined in the comedy
department when it needed to.

Mac and Kevin as Eve and Norma to try to find out if Lucy's psychic was a fake! 

Colonel Sanders paid a visit. And the whole world asked "Why?"

The budget department answered: Money 

It's always great when the recast looks so much like the original.

The Quartermaines finally got their turkey. Sort of.

Dobson Gray-- aka Alexis in drag. 

OMG ... GH blooper reel.. you can find a bunch on You Tube!! 

This photo looks more like a Saturday morning TV show than a storyline on an Emmy-award winning daytime drama

Liz Paints "THE WIND" For Jason and goes on to explain it to him--in detail. 

Richard Simmons returned in 2013, bringing with him the iconic song
"General Hospi-tale" and had a crazy fight with Lucy.

Not so much "Wacky" as AMAZING--- BB King Performed at Luke's Opening Night in 1995. THIS was a big deal. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

IT's Possible

 I will be out today-- I have a meeting at 2 and have no idea when I'll be out. Just real life coming at me. 

Remember that March 29th will be Sonya's memorial show--!! I believe it will kick off the whole Nurses Ball arc. 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Surgery : Mini Blog


Yes, I'm really not around to write up a huge blog and not a huge amount happened so, here you have it all in a one-liner Wubshell!! 

   After explaining the pathogen's full effects, Victor realizes he may never have nookie again. 

Dr O finds out  that her marrow donation is on hold for a little bit while the drugs flush from her system

Krissy asks Dad for money to open a restaurant; he convinces her managing Charlie's is enough. 

                                Cam tells everyone he's going to Stanford on a scholarship

                    Spencer doesn't like Dex; Dex doesn't like Spencer . Both are living at Sonny's 

              With her friends blessings, Trina decides to try to drop the charges against Esme. 

                                                       Esme gets a  letter from Heather. 

                          Greg almost falls, slurs his words and Alexis thinks he's drinking 

                         Dante finds out Mac is Cody's daddy, encourages him to come clean 

    Lucy escapes the Safe House, dresses like her former self and heads to... The Metro COURT? 

SCENES OF THE WEEK:  Kevin and Mac... saying all the right things at the right time with the right energy. Felicia was also great. All the feels. 

    PROP OF THE WEEK: Just noticed that Sonny's art work is of a FINGERPRINT LOL 

So that was pretty much the show. Good to see Phyllis but why is she on so little? Same with Kristina. I can't tell you how many pictures there were of her on Twitter (and pushing her with Dex!!) . We have a week's ramp up to the ball (I believe it's starting the 29th.  Hope you're ready! 

Friday, March 17, 2023

Cheese Board


Phyllis visits Nina. "You're back" she says. They hug. Nina tells her about Amelia, Willow and feeling badly about Sonny's 'lifestyle'. Nina's now upset he's resorting back to DANGER. whatever. They drink white wine and have a cheese board. They just talk about if Nina can REALLY DEAL with Sonny's LIFE and all that sheeze. OMG this is driving me insane. 

Carly takes Donna to Sonny's. Wants to know why there are guards all over the place. Carly is like YOU'RE IN DANGER? OMG. Again?? Danger? Danger.. :eyeroll: 

Diane interrupts Robert and Eileen at Robert's office. "I will make your day" she says. While they talk, Eileen takes a pic of a file (that Robert wanted her to find) and will give the info to Victor. 

Diane tells Robert to drop the charges against Esme. She gives him all the reasons. He finds out Trina, Cam and Joss are ok with it. 

Victor revisits his doctor. Doctor says Finn told him everything and he agrees. Victor thinks Laura did it. Eileen comes in later. Shows Victor the photo. He sees Robert has the necklace. (They are planning to give him false codes on the diamonds). Victor wants Eileen to get the necklace from the PCPD evidence room. 

Laura visits Lucy, Val and Anna. Anna's in the bedroom doing the codes. Laura tells them Victor is having a medical problem and they are closer to getting everyone out of there. Lucy says she's impatient. Laura gives her a letter from Marty. She goes to read it. Valentin thanks Laura for taking care of Charlotte. 

Joss is at Dex's. She tells him to take his shirt off to see his stitches. They make out. 


Robert drops the charges against Esme. 

Lucy escapes from the safe house, goes to The Metro dressed as a librarian type. 

Thursday, March 16, 2023


 Planning at the Q mansion. Maxie, Millow and Carly are all in the living room. Carly is too happy playing with Amelia to really pay attention. That baby gah!! 

Brook answers the front door. It's Chase. He's there to see Amelia. They talk about Bailey a bit. Chase goes in to see Amelia, they talk about Willow's bone marrow. 

When Chase goes to leave Brook blurts out "I need you"! She says for the Nurses Ball. They touch hands... 

Spencer isn't happy Dex is living at Sonny's but Sonny is like: TOO BAD. Spencer tells him Cameron is moving because Joss broke up with him and got with Dex. Sonny leaves to visit Nina but tells Spencer to learn to live with Dex. 

Dr O visits Nina at her apartment. The LAB STILL IS TAKING IT'S TIME on her tests. GEESH. They talk about Scott. Then Sonny comes over. Nina wonders why 2 body guards are there. He says he'll tell her later. Liesl gets a call from the hospital. She can be the donor but there's a problem.  They can't harvest her cells right now, it's on hold. 

Trina visits Esme. Esme says she doesn't remember what she did as "that other person'. Trina calls Ace Spencer's "baby brother" and Esme freaks out. HE CAN'T HAVE HIM!! Trina tells her to chill out. Esme says whatever happened was Ryan's influence. Trina says not the drugging or the porn video. Esme says "how do you know"? She wonders if she passed the test and if Trina thinks she's lying about her memory.

Later, Esme gets a letter from Heather and looks horrified.  

Joss and Cam say goodbye. Cam cries a little. Trina calls Joss says to meet her at Sonny's she has something important to say to her, Cam and Spencer.  

Cam and Spencer show up at Sonny's. Dex answers the door. Spencer tells him to get lost so he can talk to his friends. Trina shows up and tells them SHE'S GOING TO DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST ESME. 
Ok, so she thinks if they prosecute her now and she is sympathetic to the jury, she could be found not guilty. That would mean even if she did remember, she couldn't be tried again for the crimes. Also, they need to get Ace out of jail. All 4 agree to try to get the charges dropped against Esme. 

Greg slurs his words and speaks slowly. Alexis wonders if he's drunk. He says NO WAY. She insists on driving him. He says he's NOT A DRUNK LIKE HER! He gives her his car keys, says he'll take a cab and he never wants to see her again. Alexis goes to talk to Sam about it and Alexis is sure he was drunk. WHY wouldn't she think it was medical? Geesh. 

Liesl has to wait to harvest the marrow until her meds are out of her system. 

Diane is going to help the kids. 

Esme is going to read Heather's letter. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2023



Laura and Kevin go to visit Ace at Spring Ridge. Spencer is there too. Laura is like You can't be here! HE says yes I can. Then Esme sees him and gets mad. Laura convinces Spencer to leave. Esme is starting to trust her. They talk. Laura tells her that Kevin and she will step up to take care of Esme for her until she's out of jail. Esme says Kevin reminds her of Ryan and Laura reminds her Ace's father and brother. She's keeping him. Laura cries and they leave. 

Greg, Chase and Finn are having breakfast at The Metro...Alexis is having breakfast with Sam and wants to leave when she sees Gregory. They give each other dirty looks. Finally they decide to talk to each other. Alexis asks him what's wrong. He says he's FINE, then almost falls over. I'm calling Parkinson's. OR MS.

Sonny brings Dex some medical supplies (he's at Sonny's PH). Then Kristina comes in! yeah! Dex leaves the room. Kristina sits with Dad and says she has a business prop for him. She wants to open her own place. Feels like she can do more with her life. Wants Sonny to back her. He says that it's VERY hard work and she's really happy now. Dex listens from the hallway. Kristina says her life is pretty great. She'll continue to be manager at Charlie's. 

Joss and Trina go to Kelly's to see Cam. Trina and Cam hug; he wants to wait for Spencer until he tells them what's going on. Finally Spencer walks in. He tells them he's leaving Port Charles. Says he got a scholarship at Stanford and is going. Spencer says that he doesn't believe that's why he's leaving PC, he calls BS. Goes on a tirade against Esme and leaves.  Cam tells Joss he'll be friend with her still but she should stay away from Dex. He's dangerous!! yada yada

Liz talks to Portia and she's afraid she's going to be fired because of her Esme sheeze.  Portia says she hopes she doesn't. Then tells her she had a big secret she kept from Curtis and Trina. Liz says they'll come around. Portia isn't so sure. 


Greg slurs his words too..Alexis asks if he's been drinking

Spencer sees Dex is living at Sonny's

Cam tells Joss she should stay away from Dex. 

Trina visits Esme in Spring Ridge 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

KevMac Scene


If you haven't watched yesterday's show, please do so JUST for the Kevin/Mac scenes. They were something. Jon L did such a fantastic job yesterday. JJ York as well. :clapping: Again, just have Cody tell Mac about being his son. 

I'm out today!! Please drop your comments and let me know if I should watch the show or FF thru Hulu!! 

Monday, March 13, 2023

Bang Bang


There's some scuttle butt that Emma Samms is due back to GH for the 60th-- and probably the Ice Princess "finale". 

Forbes March was arrested in NYC for stealing cooking oil (A big deal I guess). He played Nash on One Life To Live. 


Dex and Sonny getting shot at on the docks. Tony comes around the corner too. Sniper keeps shooting. Yawn. Sonny runs. Dex gets shot. Sonny finally takes the sniper out. Dex was only wounded. 

Joss and Carly talking about the mob. Bobbie comes in with Donna who has an ear infection. Carly has to get drops at GH. Bobbie and Joss talk about the nurses ball. Epiphany mention (sobbing). Bobbie wants Cam to sing. Joss isn't sure he's ok to do that. Joss mentions Luke, Bobbie says she can't believe he's gone. Thinks he'll come walking in but it's been too long. She doesn't think his death was an accident. 

Victor went in to see why his peen wasn't working, Runs into Liz. She tells him she got an immunity deal and turned his butt in for covering up Esme's kidnapping. "Get a good lawyer". He grabs her arm. Carly comes running off the elevator and grabs him and tells him to back off. He leaves. Liz tells Carly what she and Nikolas did to Esme. Carly says she would have done the same thing. LOL Then she tells Liz that SHE learned a long time ago not to just be loyal to whoever because they may not return it in kind. Oh shut up Carly. Liz says that she kind of forgives her parents. Carly gives Liz back the photo she took of her parents. (Liz burned all the rest). Liz says that's such a violation but she's grateful. 

Nina and Ava discuss possible insider trading. Ava pulls up the SEC number on her phone. Tells Nina to "call it".  Then Drew drops by-- tells Nina it's great that Liesl is a match and to remember to take care of herself too.  Nina says to Ava: See, he's nice. I'm not turning them in. 

Kevin and Laura eating lunch, Felicia comes up. Kevin says he had to deal with Ryan's remains today. Kevin gets a call. They talk about not telling their husbands about Lucy being alive. Laura leaves to talk to Drew. Kevin comes back and gets all emotional around Felicia about Ryan. :crying: very good scene. Mac comes over. Kevin tells him Ryan may have been his brother in birth but Mac was his brother in life. 

Dante brings Scout over to see Drew at the Qs. Blah, blah.. nothing. 

Mac finds a note from GH on Cody's floor...Cody says it's because he donated plasma because he needed money. Then Dante comes in and Mac leaves. Dante blabs on about how good of a guy Mac is. Cody says he knows, everyone tells him. He doesn't deserve to have him in his life after what he's done to him. 

Doctor comes in and tells Victor that they found something concerning in his blood. They have to call Finn in because it's a pathogen. 

Drew wants to buy Charlotte's stock and Laura controls it now. She says NOPE

Cody shows the test results to Dante!! Dante knows Mac is Cody's daddy. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Comet Relief


Since this week was really a 'catch all --catch up" week, I'm thinking of it as a little break for lighter things. Tightening up some stories and baking brownies!! Drinking beers! You know, the little moments that propel a soap along in the more lean times. 

Since we never did get to see Crew's Brownies, you know I had to go buy some! 

Friday, March 10, 2023

Duck and Cover


Carly and Drew are just coming downstairs from Brownie sex LOL They clean the kitchen. Drew thinks the only one that can turn them in for insider trading is Ned. 

Mac is at the Qs telling Michael that all the stuff taken during the hook investigation has been returned to the boathouse. At the door, Ned lets Maxie in and she's happy because she wants to talk to him. 
Maxie tells everyone she's doing the Nurses Ball. Ned does mention Lucy being dead (geesh) and Valentin Maxie wants Aurora and ELQ to sponsor the Ball. Michael and Ned say yes. Maxie wants Michael to join the planning committee. 

Dex and Joss after zex...they are in his bedroom. He says he can cook. He leaves. 

Cody is explaining to Sasha what he overheard about the garage sale. She's mad at Gladys and wants to know who she sold it to. Then Mac comes in right when Cody is picking up the old DNA results that are on the floor. :EYEROLL: Mac and he talk about horse riding. Then they have beers. Mac talks about killing Ryan. 

Sonny wants Gladys to tell him exactly what Sasha knows or doesn't about the garage. He also asks her if Wu is pressuring her.  Before she can answer, Dex interrupts. Gladys leaves. Dex wants to know why he was left out of the Pikeman deal. Sonny says if it goes sideways, I don't want you in the middle. 

Sasha sees Gladys. Lays into her about selling the garage. Gladys finally says : "I sold it for ME"! She says that it reminded her too much of her son and she had to face all the bills and reminders. She manages to get Sasha to feel sorry for her.  

Ava and Nina have lunch. Nina tells Ava about the Carly insider trading deal. Boring bore Ava finally figures out what Drew/Carly did to potentially get arrested by the SEC. 


Mac picks up the DNA test (or something on the floor)

Sasha forgives Gladys

Dex saves Sonny from a bullet on the docks 

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Horse Sense


Bobbie, Maxie and Felicia talking about GH's 60th anniversary. Bobbie says no plans for a celebration. Maxie says no way, we have to do something about that. We need to have the BEST NURSES BALL EVER says Maxie!! She wants Bobbie to Co-chair with her. 

Cody and Sasha and Comet. Something something, I'm asleep. Oh Sasha gave him biscotti for not telling on her about not being a lawyer or something. 

Victor and Eileen after-sex. I think he had trouble in that department. Remember when Wu gave him that potion from Holly? GEESH is it STILL THAT? YES it is.. LOL Selina says "You look like you need a pick me up" at the Metro Bar. Victor says "What would you know about that"? ahahahaa. 

PS. Also remember Holly gave Selina part of the necklace.

Eileen goes to the coffee corner. Laura walks up. Laura basically lets her know they've been on to her for a long time. 

Ava and Trina in The Gallery. Trina tells her Curtis and Portia are not going to Italy. Ava tells Trina it's not her fault the secret came out. Ava offers her a shoulder. She also encourages Trina to get the DNA test. 

Curtis and Wu in the elevator. She asks if he didn't like her wedding gift. He walks away when the elevator opens. She meets Gladys. Gladys has the deed to the garage. Wu says its' more than enough to pay her debt. She can have cash back or stake in another game. Gladys says no more games. 

Sonny finds out Gladys sold the garage to Wu. 

Curtis goes over the Nina and Sonny. They find out that Curtis might not be married later. Curtis tells Nina about the whole lie thing. 

Lucy is up and complaining about the coffee, the  yogurt and she used all the hot water. Valentin isn't happy. Lucy says Deception's stock is low...then Val finds out there's no more coffee. Lucy hates to see VAnna so lovey dovey when Martin had to leave. They bicker a lot. Felicia comes in and brings coffee. They talk about Ryan being dead and hope that Eileen goes along with the plan. Felicia then tells Lucy about the Nurses Ball. Lucy's so upset: NOT WITHOUT ME!! 


Wu flashesback to giving Victor the potion. She calls Holly to say it worked. 

Laura is going to "give" Victor the File on Holly's death and necklace info

Lucy's pissed Bobbie is going to co-chair the nurses' ball

Cody says he heard Sasha sold the garage. Sasha's like: Um, what?! 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Out of Office


I hope today's show is as slow as yesterdays!  That way I can catch up quick. Today I'm off to a meeting and have a ton of things to do in real life. 

Dave and I have some fun things cooked up for the 60th Anniversary Party for GH. We are busy putting together blogs you can enjoy and feel all nostalgic over.  

Just an update on what I'm watching other than our fave soap:  On Apple + I'm loving "Slow Horses" (British MI5 show with Gary Oldman) and "Shrinking" (this took me about 3 episodes to really get into).  "The Last of Us" on HBO (and I'm not an 'end of the world' type watcher but this is great).  Looking forward to The Luther Movie dropping and I'll be watching "Mandalorian" pretty soon. Just finished "Wednesday" and what a fun fun show. Right up my alley. 

What are you watching? I just realized I don't watch ANY network (CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC) shows! EESH! Well, except for GH Of course!! 

Have a good one! 

Tuesday, March 7, 2023



Austin interrupts Ava and Sonny. Ava leaves. Austin asks her if she was going to tell Sonny about Nikolas and his body. She says he can help. Austin says no way. Mason slithers out from around the corner saying they have to be in big trouble to ask Sonny for help. 

Sonny and Olivia talk. She says he shouldn't be Ava's emotional support ANIMAL..LOL! "Let Austin do that". He wants Olivia to keep an eye on Willow's condition because she's at the Q house and then report to him. She's like YOU DO IT YOURSELF! Sonny says "Just be nicer to Nina, will ya"?? LOL 

GH: Curtis was in a meeting, Alexis sees him in the hall. Says "I was going to send a present but haven't yet" . He says don't bother. Alexis takes him somewhere. 

Curtis and Molly at Charlies: DID you take the test ??" It was negative. Molly is kinda sad.  Then Curtis and Alexis walk in. Curtis goes to the bar and asks TJ to talk to him alone.  Curtis doesn't want to know what happened at the reception but tells Curtis about the possible baby. Wants father tips LMAO 

Alexis goes on and on about how hard it is to have a baby and work and yada yada. Molly starts tearing up. Alexis says she'll make a great mom. 

Marshall is at GH for his genetic testing. Stops by Portia's office. He's sorry about the "rift" between Portia and Curtis. They

Nina and Willow talk. Willow says she can ask about her condition but not the kids. They talk and then Willow mentions her nails are really brittle as a side effect and Nina says that Crimson did a story about nail art. She got some strengthener from Deception and gives it to Wills. Willow tells Nina the only reason I'm talking to you is because Liesl asked me to. 

Michael meets Dex on the GH roof. Dex is all upset and says Sonny's on to him. They talk about the dinner. Michael thinks it's all ok. 

CREW are at Carly's kitchen making out and she's making brownies for Willow. They are alone and make out. BLAH. He says it's a good time to get Valentin's shares or something. I didn't pay attention. Oh they have sex on the counter top. 

Monday, March 6, 2023

Baby Woes


Ava at The Metro, drinking Maritinis. Sonny and Nina come over 'Waiting for Nikolas" asks Sonny.  Nina tells her that Willow has a donor. They hug. They talk about Ryan dying and Sonny says and you helped find the hooker! Nina has to leave. Sonny says to Ava she doesn't seem that bothered that Nikolas is gone. He says he has to wonder why Nik hasn't contacted her. She ends up telling him that Nikolas threatened Avery. 

Dr O and Willow are both at GH. Liesl says she couldn't save her Britta but she wants to save Willow. Terry comes out and asks them all to go to her office. Terry says Dr O is a match but they have to test her to see if she can physically do it. They have to run another test. Michael asks Dr O what's in it for her to donate? She says she's lost 2 kids and is happy to help another family member live. She also says she hopes there's a time Willow doesn't hate Nina. Good dialog, you should watch. Dr. O goes out for more tests. 

Austin and Mason at GH. Mason tells Austin he followed him to Spoon Island and saw everything that happened. Doesn't tell him he has Nikolas. 

Diane says Spencer can't take the baby because Esme says no. A child care worker comes and says Esme wants to take the baby to prison with her to bond. (legal in NYS) Spencer has a fit. Laura says that they can't just cut Esme out of the equation. They take the baby back to the nursery. Diane says they can fight it in family court but for now, they have to do the right thing.  

Esme and Liz talk...Liz is going to tell her about Wyndemere! DOH! Esme is like, I was kept prisoner by my baby's father and you helped?? Liz says yes but she doesn't owe her an apology. Says she thought she was the hooker and doing the right thing to keep her there. Esme asks if Nikolas locked her up to keep her from hurting the baby. Liz says no, she loved the baby. Liz says now Esme has a fresh start. Spencer walks in. Spencer says it's not good for the baby to go to Spring Ridge. Esme says MY BABY. 

Alexis and Greg. She wants to know why he lied about working for PCU. She tells him she called to find out why he couldn't work for the paper. She can help him if he was fired yada yada. He says "No one can help me".  She says friends trust each other with the truth. He's not happy at being pushed. She says he hopes he can talk to someone about all this. He says don't you dare tell Chase or Finn! NO one knows about this,  no one. 


Nina walks off the elevator at GH and sees Willow and Michael

Esme says she doesn't want Spencer anywhere near Ace

Greg leaves Alexis' office and Alexis apologizes for being so pushy but not for caring. 

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Two Kids In a Coma (Sung by The Smiths)


Now TWO Of Laura's kids are in a coma! Think they'll meet in comaholoverse? 

THIS was a week to throw your calendars and time clocks out the damn window!! I think I cracked the code: All these stories are happening at the same time so depending on when we "tune in" it might be the same day, different place  even though it's 3 days shifted for us in real life. That's a mouthful!! Ergo, I will mention the timing of things a bit but I'm just going for it today. It would take too long to untangle whatever is happening. Remember it's still only about Feb. 16=17th in the minds of the PC residents. The wedding just happened. That cake isn't even stale !! 


Friday, March 3, 2023

Um.. zzzzzzzzzzz


Continuation from yesterday. 

Spencer putting together the car seat, Laura says he looks too young to be a parent. He wants to change the baby's name "he's not a playing card" . Victor comes to pay the baby a visit. He bought a house for everyone. Laura says no, Spencer and the baby are staying with me. 

Maxie, Brook and Sasha talking about Chase. Yawn. Maxie leaves. Brook and Sasha sit to talk about Chase. It's so boring. Sasha says Chase is just a friend. Sasha says he loves Brook. 

Krissy shows Dante and Sam the pregnancy test. Dante is like DOH !! It's Molly's. Molly says she's not sure how TJ would feel about a baby. They all agree not to say anything about the baby to their Mom or TJ. 

Alexis is calling the DEAN OF THE COLLEGE ABOUT Greg working for the paper...Oh! Greg doesn't even work at the college. 

Greg is at GH. Chase sees him. Why you here? Why you here? Chases' shoulder hurts. Greg won't tell him why he's there. Then he says he had a migraine and needed meds but realizes that he has some at home. 

Alexis calls Greg. He goes to her office--again. She makes him read something. 

Eileen is screamin' down in the morgue seeing halogram Anna. "YOU'RE NEXT"! Eileen screams. "Anna" says to confess. Eileen says she'll tell her everything. Anyway, she confesses to helping sett her up for Lucy's "death". The hologram stops. Anna walks in the room and the body on the slab sits up, it's Felicia in a mask. :eyeroll:  Eileen says she'll clear Anna's name. 


Eileen agrees to help bring Victor down

Diane stops Spencer from taking Ace from the hospital

Molly calls TJ to 'tell him something' --without taking the TEST FIRST LOL 

WOW. so boring today


Thursday, March 2, 2023

MORE Babies?


Sasha visits Brando in the graveyard. Says Heather Webber is captured. 

Robert and Diane are at lunch at The Metro. He tells her all about Heather Webber and the fact Diane won't have to go to court to testify against her. 

Brook and Maxie are having lunch at Kelly's! They talk about Ryan, Heather and now Chase. Yada yada yada. Brook thinks Chase likes Sasha. Oh! Sasha shows up! Maxie goes to 'find her phone' so they can talk alone. 

Chase and Dante are in the sauna. Chase says he wants to be a cop again. BUT he has to bring down Linc. "He's Handsy". Dante says that Chase should stay away because he always gets into trouble around him. Oh, Dom has a ton of tattoos. OMG Dante says his "mother is on a grandbaby kick wondering if Sam and I will have one".. Chase: DO you WANT one? 

Sam and Krissy put on an anniversary lunch for TJ and Molly at Sam's PH. Um.. Molly doesn't feel well? Hmmmm.  They have cake. Sam says she doesn't want to drink because she had some 'food poisoning" in England. Molly looks weird about wanting to drink. They both PG? 

Greg tells Alexis she did a great write up of the whole Spoon Island story. She still wants him to work with the paper. He's like NO, I like being a professor. 

Laura meets with Eileen at GH and she says she's so happy she's there because she has a task for her to do. OMG she wants her to identify Anna's body in the morgue! Laura explains it's decomposed and she, as a city official has to identify it. BUT..she's so tired and just can't do it, would Eileen do it? She talks her into it! Eileen takes the elevator down to the morgue!! She gets there and the pathologist pulls out the drawer. 

Krissy finds a PG test in Sam's bag. 

Greg goes to GH to get an exam. TJ asks about it and he hedges

Eileen sees a gross Anna in the morgue. The lights flicker, a hologram is on the wall looking gruesome! 

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

A Match

Sonny and Dex at Pouzzol's ... Dex wants to talk to Sonny. OH! He tried one of his recipes and wants him to try it. Chicken. Sonny says SURE! They eat together. BIZARRE. Sonny talks about cooking and being a kid in Bensonhurst..yada yada. 

Carly and Joss show up at Willow and Michael's. Willow wants Joss as her bridesmaid and Carly as the maid of honor. Willow almost faints. She goes up to go to bed. Hospice nurse comes to the house. 

Dr. O Slaps Liz. This makes NO sense. She's angry that they kept Esme hidden which made the police look for the real killer? holy hell. WHAT? Then she says that If they would have known it wasn't Esme they could have concentrated on someone else. :EYEROLL: Liz understands why she got slapped.  Liesl is pissed at Scotty for siding with Elizabeth and helping her.  Anyway, TJ tells her she's a match for Willow. Bittersweet since she can save Nina's daughter and not her own.

NOOOOOOOOO Liz tells Finn she doesn't need "space" from him. UGH . Looks like they might be a 'thing' again. I refuse to write about it. 

The SHED is about to be opened. Bennett, Dante, Ava and Austin are there.  They find Nikolas' watch. Ava says it's Nik's watch and she got it for his birthday.  Ava says that she last saw him Feb 13th at 7:30pm and his watch stopped at * 8:07pm "So he was definitely in the shed" . They all go into Wyndemere. They think maybe he went back to Spoon Island to get something to get out of town. Maybe Victor helped? Then Dante goes to leave but tells Ava to take care of herself and get some  help if she needs it after the Ryan trauma. 


Michael answers Nina's call but she doesn't say the words yet. Oh yes, they tell Willow

Ava can't figure out how Nikolas got away and Mason is shown with him. He's on life support. 

I Trust You

 HERE I AM!! It's FRIDAY!! Was this week even MORE dragging than LAST WEEK? GEESH!!  Victor goes to Laura's to "Get his nephews...