Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Two Kids In a Coma (Sung by The Smiths)


Now TWO Of Laura's kids are in a coma! Think they'll meet in comaholoverse? 

THIS was a week to throw your calendars and time clocks out the damn window!! I think I cracked the code: All these stories are happening at the same time so depending on when we "tune in" it might be the same day, different place  even though it's 3 days shifted for us in real life. That's a mouthful!! Ergo, I will mention the timing of things a bit but I'm just going for it today. It would take too long to untangle whatever is happening. Remember it's still only about Feb. 16=17th in the minds of the PC residents. The wedding just happened. That cake isn't even stale !! 


The week surely had some memorable moments but getting there? OOFFF.. took forever. We detoured here, there and Kelly's. I'll give it to you in the condensed version!! Lucky YOU! 

THE OPENING OF THE TOMB OF THE WEEK:  I don't know why but I got Easter vibes when that shed was opened. LOL First of all, the faces Ava and Austin were making were killing me. Um, both seem to be seasoned criminals so, what was up with THAT? It's like: "HEY AUDIENCE WE ARE GUILTY"!! Dante finds Nikiolas' watch and we are wondering where he might be. We don't have to wait long because Mason has him on life support. He talks to his boss who I'm convinced is Olivia Jerome. It would tie Austin and Ava together and it just fits. 

IT'S A MATCH OF THE WEEK:  In the midst of all of the other things happening, TJ delivers the news to Liesl that she's the match for Willow.  The look of longing on Dr. O's face was superb. KG deserves an Emmy just for this sequence. Liesl was just happy and SO SAD because she couldn't save her own daughter. Nina's around her neck like an albatross too Squealing : You're saving MY daughter". Oh the pathos. By the way, Willow actually finding out was sort of a let down. Carly and Joss were there. She had gone up to bed and Michael took a call from Nina. The audience didn't even get to see that convo. It was very strange. 

DATE NIGHT OF THE WEEK:  In the WTF category, Dex makes Sonny Dinner!! I mean.. I GET the 'bonding before the take down" effect but this ended up being hilarious. Big Cerullo mention which I can only hope leads to a Lois cameo. Would that be just awesome?? I could see her with Brook and then Olivia. LOL. So fun. Anyway, despite wooing Sonny with chicken, Dex is shut out of the big meeting with Sonny and his Guy. Whoops. Does he know something? 

  Hand it to the digital crew!! This sequence was great. Unfortunately for me, I was really raging about the cuts in the sequencing. It should have lasted only one day. The backlighting should have been creepier and inserting other mundane scenes to interrupt (ie: Maxie/Chase) just took so much away from the whole concept. Did love that Felicia was really Anna on the slab. Loved that she was picking her face mask off the whole time she was talking to Eileen. I do sort of wish Spinelli was helping. It's up his alley. Anyway, fun and so soapy. 

SISTERS OF THE WEEK: So, this was 5 days of somewhat random things and this certainly fell under that category. While Alexis was busy with Gregory, The girls threw an anniversary party for TJ and Molly. It was cute and sweet. Had a bit of "Three's Company" type mix up when Krissy found a pregnancy test and thought it was Sam's and not Molly's. One good thing? Sante decided they had enough kids. (thank GOD). So, Molly isn't sure she's ready for a baby and is worried what TJ will think. They are both busy, yada yada. I don't think she will be pregnant btw. I'm guessing false alarm. Loved Krissy in these scenes. She always was a brat LOL 

SUSPICIOUS OF THE WEEK: While her girls were having a good time, Alexis figures out that Greg has been lying about his job at the PCU. She talks to Diane about it and frets. Meanwhile Gregory is at GH getting a "check up" for some mystery illness. He doesn't go through with it because he sees Chase. 

CASSADINES OF THE WEEK: Victor reminded me SO much of Stefan in this scene. Next up, he will be getting the kid a Faberge Egg. Laura looks on in horror as Uncle Vic talks about family and honor. Spencer is delusional thinking "I'll just raise this kid myself"!! He's going to live with Laura and Kevin btw, so Gram and Pops will do most of the heavy lifting. But wait a minute> Spencer is thinking of changing the name? Spencer is walking out of GH with someone else's kid? Like you can DO that? Why wasn't Esme yelling and screaming? Oh whoops. Here comes Diane to put a wrench in all of this. I think that baby won't be going with Spencer just yet. 

THE MOST UNBELIEVEABLE OF THE WEEK: Anna hologram? Nah.. Felicia mask? Nope. Spencer waltzing out with a newborn that's not even his? Negative. It's that CHASE could get an MRI the same day he just walked into GH because 'his shoulder hurt". AHAHAHA. Um, That's a GOOD ONE.  And yes, I have a photo of 1/2 nakked Dante and Chase for your viewing pleasure. 


Elizabeth makes a deal with the DA's office. 

Willow finds a marrow match in Liesl

Nikolas has been moved from the shed and is on life support via Mason (Austin's cousin) 

Spencer wants to take baby Ace home and change his name

Anna and Felicia Scare-Force Eileen into turning on Victor 

Molly might be pregnant. 

Greg might be sick; Alexis finds out that he hasn't been working at PCU 

Dr O is angry with Liz, slaps her

Dex makes Sonny dinner but Sonny shuts him out of an important meeting 

Brook still likes Chase; Chase still likes Brook 

That's a wrap!! It's very streamlined because with all the filler, not a lot mattered. Some great things happened but I swear it was like taking bits of it all and putting them together in the most boring way ever. Last "week" actually could have taken 3 days and been so much tighter and suspenseful. BUT! I'm not a show-runner and I don't know everything, right? 

See you tomorrow! We got a lot of snow this weekend and it feels like WINTER: PART II here! 


  1. Thanks Karen

    I have to suspend all reality while watching GH. Chase and "Oh, I'll just go to GH and get an MRI because my shoulder is a little sore". Hilarious. Like life works that way. It is nice to see them with their shirts off. I think Dom has had those tattoos for a long time.

    I had to re-watch the Laura and Spencer scenes. It really did look like Genie didn't expect him to shout so loud; startled her. If that young man does not get the Emmy there is no hope for these shows. He is so fabulous and can hold his own (and outshine) many on the screen. I think Alley Mills did a wonderful job as Heather. Now not only is Laura cursed by Helena, but now she is cursed by Heather. And, poor Laura has 2 kids in a coma, and one MIA Lucky. Helena would be happy.

    Are we going to get any VAnna this week? Lucy and Martin?

  2. spencer was really showing his cassadine side. taking control of the baby and changing his name from Ace. great young actor. he and esme outshine the rest of the younger actors.

  3. Great SS! I was so happy to see Laura front and center. NC was amazing-can see why they let old Nik go-no match for this kid’s talent. Loved the Anna/Felicia caper and it was great to see Kristie. Still a disjointed week.

  4. I checked online and in New York mothers can keep their newborns with them for up to 18 months as long as the mother is scheduled to be released within that time period. So I have a feeling that's why Diane showed up at the end because Esme plans on taking Ace with her.

  5. This week was definitely a mixed bag. However, the Ava/Austin scenes, the Cassadine material and the Liesel/Scotty/Liz interaction made it worthwhile.

    Why, oh, why can't they give Kristina a storyline and use her more? The actress is good and the character has an interesting background -- far more so than Willow, Sasha and a few others.

    1. I agree. I have entirely made up life for her in my head lol. So much more interesting. She's the mob princess for real. lol

  6. Thanks for another great Sunday Surgery. It seems we loved all the same parts even if we had to put the pieces together for some of the scenes. Thanks for the pic of the makeup artists too. Those ladies deserve praise. Anna and the Flea were magnificent.

    Lindie : The spoilers say Lucy is impatient. Maybe poor Martin finally runs out of steam. lol

  7. I thought Martin was Esme's attorney, and Spencer went to Diane about custody but she told him to wait or something. Either way Esme is young and inexperienced with children, she can't be getting a lot of help in prison so Laura as his grandmother would be the obvious choice. Before any of that how about a DNA test, just because Esme says the baby is Nikolas doesn't mean it is. She came back preggo, could've meet random guy to pull this off. You would think Laura or Kevin would of thought of it.

  8. Thanks for another great SS!
    NO more babies.
    sonya: Seeing that Mason has determined an undead Nik his name should be Dr. Mason Jar.
    Felicia peeling off her face is everything. Kudos to make up department for her and Anna's death looks.
    No matter how many good episodes we get I think the crazy timing problems and whacky editing are here to stay.
    I would not mind at all if it turned out that Dex is Sonny's son.

  9. ----it's been a while but Scotty and Serena still don't know about Lucy right?????I am beginning to think they haven't told people at all - just a few - but I wonder if Lucy is getting anxious cause of the nurses ball and she wants to plan it???
    -----the credible spoilers also say Victor and Liesel start bonding again because they have both lost a child BUT why wouldn't Liesel be mad at Victor???? HE knew and even cleaned the north tower? SO confusing.....
    ---- I still think Esme is gonna live with Laura and not go back to Springridge but aren't they wondering where Martin is?
    -----I can't get excited about Kristina - I have fallen for 'she is gonna be around a while' too many times!!! and another spoiler says Molly is NOT preggers.......
    -----they never showed IF Michael told Carly, Joss and Willow WHO the marrow match was???
    ----the vets plus Esme, Nik remind me of the popular kids in high school -
    then there is Chase, Millow, Brook Lynn, Sasha, Gladys, Alexis, Cody, Gregory, Dante, Sam, Molly and TJ ------- the ones we call filler stories------
    ------I realized I would be the filler stories - LOL - no one would wanna watch my storylines either!!!


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