Wednesday, March 1, 2023

A Match

Sonny and Dex at Pouzzol's ... Dex wants to talk to Sonny. OH! He tried one of his recipes and wants him to try it. Chicken. Sonny says SURE! They eat together. BIZARRE. Sonny talks about cooking and being a kid in Bensonhurst..yada yada. 

Carly and Joss show up at Willow and Michael's. Willow wants Joss as her bridesmaid and Carly as the maid of honor. Willow almost faints. She goes up to go to bed. Hospice nurse comes to the house. 

Dr. O Slaps Liz. This makes NO sense. She's angry that they kept Esme hidden which made the police look for the real killer? holy hell. WHAT? Then she says that If they would have known it wasn't Esme they could have concentrated on someone else. :EYEROLL: Liz understands why she got slapped.  Liesl is pissed at Scotty for siding with Elizabeth and helping her.  Anyway, TJ tells her she's a match for Willow. Bittersweet since she can save Nina's daughter and not her own.

NOOOOOOOOO Liz tells Finn she doesn't need "space" from him. UGH . Looks like they might be a 'thing' again. I refuse to write about it. 

The SHED is about to be opened. Bennett, Dante, Ava and Austin are there.  They find Nikolas' watch. Ava says it's Nik's watch and she got it for his birthday.  Ava says that she last saw him Feb 13th at 7:30pm and his watch stopped at * 8:07pm "So he was definitely in the shed" . They all go into Wyndemere. They think maybe he went back to Spoon Island to get something to get out of town. Maybe Victor helped? Then Dante goes to leave but tells Ava to take care of herself and get some  help if she needs it after the Ryan trauma. 


Michael answers Nina's call but she doesn't say the words yet. Oh yes, they tell Willow

Ava can't figure out how Nikolas got away and Mason is shown with him. He's on life support. 


  1. several thoughts:
    -----The whole Liesel blaming Scott is outta the blue and stupid....
    -----I didn't think about life support, but I suspected Mason had him which now means we are gonna see Mason's boss-------------------with money and motive -----maybe it IS Olivia Jerome?
    ----Franco/Todd is so funny and better than Austin
    ----NINA calling Michael was wrong - why didn't TJ call OR tell Nina to call and again, she just does it on her own?
    -----I believe Dex about loving to cook but I think he did it to waste time in case there was an update on the Pikeland (Is that the name)-----and I think he likes Sonny
    -----okay that look at the end with Liz is confusing - she looked like DARK LIZ but I guess it was 'yeah Finn is respecting me'-----------cause they are gonna get together BUT that look?????
    -----expensive watch stops cause someone is hit on the head and falls? Buy a Timex..
    ----bizarre we didn't see Nina tell Michael ---

    1. Why shouldn't Nina call???

    2. I think Nina has annoyed everyone is all Mufasa is saying.

    3. I think the doctor (TJ) should call OR she should have asked ---- it wasn't her place - or even Liesel......yes annoying

    4. I think it's Olivia too... would tie Ava and Austin together

  2. ooooo and it's nu-Nik -----not a recast of Tyler C

  3. lol What did I tell you, sonya, about Austin's cousin and the harvesting of organs.

    And i wanted to see Nina personally tell them about her Aunt being a match. But noooo, we had to have dinner at Sonny's. I guess he's going to keep Dex safe now that they have a mutual hobby. lol Woke man likes to cook!

    1. "Di says lol What did I tell you, sonya, about Austin's cousin and the harvesting of organs."

      Hahaha. YAY you were right!!!! :)

      "And i wanted to see Nina personally tell them about her Aunt being a match. But noooo, we had to have dinner at Sonny's."

      Hahaha. But but the dinner looked so good!!!! :) I was enjoying the food. :D

      "Woke man likes to cook!"


  4. I liked Sonny and Dex bonding.
    Yesterday Sasha was helping with the wedding. Or is it Carly and Joss? No Maxie...queen of party giving. I did see her in previews. They dwell on talking about not dwelling on her upcoming "demise". As Willow, Michael and kids will probably be around forever I hope they become less boring and angry.
    Liesl blaming Elizabeth is out of left field. Rather convoluted.
    Michael answers Nina's call and she just blathers on.
    Showing Mason, who cares, with Nik all hooked up came pretty fast. Probably last time until there is another Nik. Unless this one stays.

    1. "she blathers on" Did I miss a scene?

    2. She said: "Michael answers Nina's call and she just blathers on." I don't recall seeing that part. I saw him get a call. he hung up. He got another call and they talked him into answering it. It showed him looking a little shocked on th phone for a few seconds then they showed another scene when they were celebrating. Did i miss a part?

    3. Nina got a chance to tell Michael but in true soap spirit tried explaining to him that he would want to hear what she had to say, in too many words, rather than just tell him the good news. I did not see any celebrating.

    4. I mean instead of saying "WE FOUND A MATCH" she goes into the fact she was trying to call Willow and she didn't pick up and ...yada yada..(Fillers) "I have some good news" then they cut it. Like get to the point. LOL We didn't even see Nina tell Michael!

  5. The hospital:

    Balbrecht, Nina, Liz, and Finchy: The slap heard around the world! :) It all makes sense why she slapped Liz.

    Balbrecht and Nina:

    Scotty: Hey Liesl how you doin?

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Balbrecht, Nina, and TJ: DR. O IS A MATCH YAY! :D I thought Dr. O would change her mind! She is so out of it. :( Awww don't push Scotty away. :(

    Balbrecht: Sad!!! :( Is she going to break up with Scotty? :( I just want to hug her!!!


    Mildew home:

    Willow, Carly, and Joss: Carly is like a mother to Willow! UGH! Give me a break! *Facepalm*

    Michael, Carly and Joss: I knew Michael wouldn't answer Nina's call! Oy! Maybe since he has a cold his brain isn't working very well.

    Michael and Nina: Oh Nina just spit it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should have said it the moment Michael answered the phone, not talk about Willow blocking you on the phone!

    Mildew, Carly, and Joss part 2: YAY! Willow will LIVE! WOOT WOOT! :D

    Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Dexxy and Sonny: Ooooo food looks good!!! Yum! I want to join them! :D Dexxy and Sonny on a date.. They are falling in wuv. :) Oh Sonny's men showed up.. Gonna talk about Pikeman! Awww poor Dexxy is out in the cold. Relationship in twouble alweady?! :)

    Wyndemere shed:

    Bennett, Dante, Ava and Pawtucket Holtster: Did Dante say young Nik? Anyway, NO BODY! HA! The looks Ava was giving hahahaha.


    Jolt: Pawtucket Holtster wins the line of the day.

    Pawtucket Holtster: One time in medical school they told me that a dead body doesn't just up and walk away!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait! I thought Pawtucket Holtster checked to see if Nik was dead! Cus when he spent the night at Wyndemere, she asked him if he was dead and he said yes!!!

    Private medical room:


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. TAF (or Pawtucket Holster) was a hoot with that line! And yes, I remember what you did that he checked that Nik was dead. Ava's facial expressions win the Mime Emmy Award. She was killing me, lol! And I was very happy to see Nu-Nik. If I can't have Tyler, I'll take him! :)
      Dante was surprisingly concerned about Ava, I liked it!
      Absolutely NO NO NO to Liz and Finn. NO I say!
      I think Willow (the actress) is doing a great job of being terminal. I don't have a problem with Millow like others do. I commented below that Carly walking her down the aisle would have been awesome. Exploding heads all over PC, lol!
      I really am really upset with Dr. O as I love her and Liz and I don't need her smacking Liz around. And I'm not happy she's so angry with Scott, who should have kept his mouth shut or explained the entire story. Bah!

  6. Zazu you are so right - WHAT was the purpose of asking Joss and Carly as if SASHA had not just left there ready to plan? I also have an issue with Carly being matron of honor - why not Sasha? It would be more appropriate and soapy to have Carly acting as mother of the bride (and groom) but not the matron of honor....WIllow even said you are more ike a mother to me....

    1. I also don't think Carly should be matron of honor. Come on, let's keep rewarding Carly. It's almost weird and over the top. Sasha would have been a good choice for sure.

      I wish Carly got the slap from Liesl 2 weeks ago instead of Liz today. Boo to her being with Finn. Honestly, they have ruined most of the couples I like other than Vanna.

    2. Do you like VAnna? I love them. I used to like Brase but they ruined them too.

    3. Love Vanna, they are one of the only couples I enjoy completely!

    4. Me too Linda. I mainly only watch the show for VAnna. And for Laura/ Genie. I do like Sprina if they don't ruin them like the others.

    5. For sure Sasha should have been Maid of Honor, and heads would have exploded around PC if Carly had been mother/father of the bride and walked Willow down the aisle. I would have loved that, lol!

  7. So funny that the medical professionals from GH don't know if someone is dead or not. Stupid

  8. Really disappointed that NuNik was still alive and not TC. He was a good replacement for the last few scenes but not really Nik. Sasha should have been the maid of honor. I miss Vanna!

  9. By the way, I like the new cop. He actually seems professional but I wish Chase would get back, too.

  10. I like the new cop too.
    Not that I miss him, but where's Drew? No side story with his daughter, nothing. What a waste of talent there. Where are all the kids? Where's Brad? Where's Waldo?


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