Friday, March 31, 2023

Old Guy and a Cane

 Willow, Carly and Nina. Something is wrong with Wills. Oh, it's a strange inserted scene! Nina says she was coming over to deliver a package to Willow and she collapsed. She and Carly bicker. Bicker Bicker. Willow goes to lay down. Carly and Nina continue to bicker. Bicker. 

Ava and Esme. Ava says Ace looks like Nikolas. Um, NO LOL. Ava lists Esme's past sins. Esme keeps saying that's not her now. Ava thinks she's faking. She says the day she fully remembers, she will and will finish what Esme started. Austin comes out with the baby formula and vitamins. Esme says she's changed and sorry if they don't believe her. She leaves. 

Spencer tells Victor he can more forward with "The Plan". Spencer wonders why they are meeting in the woods and not at The Metro. Victor says it's more secure. They talk about getting Esme re-arrested and Victor thinks they should just kill her. Spencer says no, his friends need justice. He goes to leave. The good guy says to Victor "you're not telling him your leaving town"? Victor says no. He also suggests that he's either going to kill or kidnap Esme. 

Sonny thinks everyone should stay put in the safe house. He is going to find a new location and then move them. Valentin is kinda pissed that Sonny's trying to take over. Drew thinks Victor might be with Spencer.

Lucy watches the pre-Nurses Ball show and the announcer says there's a 'hiccup" with an act. Maxie looks into the camera panicked and Lucy (back at the safe house), drops her popcorn and jumps up. She eats Gummies. "GUMMIES or GUMMMMMMIES"?? She calls someone and orders a car. Says she'll meet it. 

LUCY sneaks into The Metro and scares Maxie ..she has the perfect person to take the place in the Milo lineup. She suggest Mac. She's sad she's not part of the show because it makes her feel special and has a purpose. 


Anna's sad she got civilians involved in the plan. 

So there was an old guy wandering around The Metro. Come to find out he was tailing Felicia and then saw Lucy. He phones Victor to say Lucy hired a car so now they can find her!! 


  1. There are some funny one liners today!

    Mildew home:

    Willow, Nina, and Carly: Huh?! There was a lot of off camera goings on here.

    Nina and Carly: Nina's snark after she just said we can make peace for Willow hahahaha. Yes Nina you can do better. :) Glad you said that. When Willow came back, is she going to the nurses ball or is she going to watch it on tv? Cus that would be very strange if she goes to the nurses ball.

    The private cabin:

    Vanna, Sonny, and Drew: Sonny you gotta think of a plan to keep Vanna and Lucy safe!!! Get Badger Bob to help you.

    Vanna: Awwww poor Anna! Give her a little smooch V.C.!!! And some shagging. :)

    Lucy alone in her room: She is losing it!!! Hahahaha.

    The park:

    Spencer and Victor: Oh Victor just tell him what has been going on! I dare you! ;)

    The hospital:

    Ava, Vampira, and baby Ace: Great scene!!! And that baby is sleeping again. Awwwwwwwwwww. :) Vampira you don't always have to carry him! Just put him in a babyBJorn! :)

    Jolt: (Ava and Pawtucket Holtster) Awwwww more bonding. :)

    Spencer, Vampira, and baby Ace: Geez I wonder how long Vampira and baby Ace had to wait for Spencer.. Was he gone an hour?!

    Pre-Nurses ball:

    Maxie and her phone: Her phone wins the line of the day.

    Maxie's phone: DO NOT ANSWER CRAZY PERSON!


    Maxie and Lucy: Mac?!?!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeahhhh that's probably not a good idea. ROFL!

    Maxie and Felicia: I'm glad they are working together! :)

    That "old" guy on the phone with Victor: Victor has EVERYONE working for him! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 1996* Continued saga of Brenda/Lily/Sonny! :)

  2. ---my throat is sore from screaming daily IS NO ONE ASKING FOR A PATERNITY TEST??? I just don't think the baby is Nik's....
    -------the previews this morning were good that GH sent out - and Shondra (?) says you never know what to expect at the Nurse's Ball and Victor is somewhere watching and says "you have no idea'........
    ------I love CS but great villains are not one dimensional - finish this storyline and move on, writers....I still stand behind --------------especially when Sonny said "Luke was my friend" that the SOLE purpose of all of this is to arrest Victor for killing Luke....not trying to kill Lucy, Eileen etc.............................SO I think Luke shows up on ZOOM during the Nurse's Ball and Victor can't be arrested...
    -------liking Ava Austin lots.....
    ------I liked Lucy's heartfelt speech and I decided not to hark back to every year when her clothes are town off! WHERE is Martin???????????????????WHERE?????? He hasn't spoken to Esme at all....
    -------Brick or Spinelli - track Spencer's phone........

  3. Replies
    1. ROFL! What did you like about the show today? :) Isn't baby Ace adorable?! :)

    2. I like everything but carly and jr.

    3. "witch says, I love ace."

      That baby is so adorably cute I can't stand it! GAH! :D

    4. Baby Ace sure makes some silly faces. What a doll!

  4. I'm excited...They have said Constance Towers has filmed some scenes coming in May

    1. Who are you? And YAY! :D I haven't heard that!!!

  5. Secure safe house for Lucy to come and go as she pleases.
    Victor is becoming a cartoon character villain. All he needs is a nice big moustache to fondle.
    Willow's makeup is very deathlike. Two grown women acting like asses in front of a dying woman.

    1. OMG! It's absurd! She's been able to come and go for this ball?! Anna and Valentine are coming across as incompetent. :(

    2. End this Ice Princess storyline PLEASE. It has been botched up SO bad. And it had so much potential.

  6. please please tell Kevin and Mac!!


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