Thursday, March 9, 2023

Horse Sense


Bobbie, Maxie and Felicia talking about GH's 60th anniversary. Bobbie says no plans for a celebration. Maxie says no way, we have to do something about that. We need to have the BEST NURSES BALL EVER says Maxie!! She wants Bobbie to Co-chair with her. 

Cody and Sasha and Comet. Something something, I'm asleep. Oh Sasha gave him biscotti for not telling on her about not being a lawyer or something. 

Victor and Eileen after-sex. I think he had trouble in that department. Remember when Wu gave him that potion from Holly? GEESH is it STILL THAT? YES it is.. LOL Selina says "You look like you need a pick me up" at the Metro Bar. Victor says "What would you know about that"? ahahahaa. 

PS. Also remember Holly gave Selina part of the necklace.

Eileen goes to the coffee corner. Laura walks up. Laura basically lets her know they've been on to her for a long time. 

Ava and Trina in The Gallery. Trina tells her Curtis and Portia are not going to Italy. Ava tells Trina it's not her fault the secret came out. Ava offers her a shoulder. She also encourages Trina to get the DNA test. 

Curtis and Wu in the elevator. She asks if he didn't like her wedding gift. He walks away when the elevator opens. She meets Gladys. Gladys has the deed to the garage. Wu says its' more than enough to pay her debt. She can have cash back or stake in another game. Gladys says no more games. 

Sonny finds out Gladys sold the garage to Wu. 

Curtis goes over the Nina and Sonny. They find out that Curtis might not be married later. Curtis tells Nina about the whole lie thing. 

Lucy is up and complaining about the coffee, the  yogurt and she used all the hot water. Valentin isn't happy. Lucy says Deception's stock is low...then Val finds out there's no more coffee. Lucy hates to see VAnna so lovey dovey when Martin had to leave. They bicker a lot. Felicia comes in and brings coffee. They talk about Ryan being dead and hope that Eileen goes along with the plan. Felicia then tells Lucy about the Nurses Ball. Lucy's so upset: NOT WITHOUT ME!! 


Wu flashesback to giving Victor the potion. She calls Holly to say it worked. 

Laura is going to "give" Victor the File on Holly's death and necklace info

Lucy's pissed Bobbie is going to co-chair the nurses' ball

Cody says he heard Sasha sold the garage. Sasha's like: Um, what?! 


  1. Metrocourt hotel room:

    Victor and EyeLean: Gee Victor. I guess EyeLean didn't satisfy you? :) Or something wrong with you Victor? Need the blue pill? ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Curtis and Ms. Wu: Looks like Ms. Wu wants to jump you. :) I bet their zex scene would be hawt! :)

    Victor and Ms. Wu: Poor Victor not himself! Hahahahahaha! Gotta get that blue pill! :)

    Ms. Wu on the phone with Holly: AH HA! *Snicker* I am glad there was a flashback, because people probably forgotten all about the drug. Victor is impotent.. *Snicker* The drug is working!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Ms. Wu and Sonny: Sonny be careful what you say to Ms. Wu! :) She won't take kindly to rudeness. :)

    Curtis and Nison: Curtis and Portia are over! Over I tell you! Nina all shocked! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Curtis and Nina: Awwww friendship.. :) Nina so understanding with his situation, but not hers. Oh yes of course, because they are both different circumstances. Oh Nina you are goofy. :)

    Q stables:

    Cowboy Cody and Mr. Ed: Is Cowboy Cody drunk again? Poor Mr. Ed is so lonely.

    Cowboy Cody, Mr. Ed, and Sasha: Awwwwwwwww! Sasha and Mr. Ed. :) He ain't lonely anymore.. He has got a pretty lady near him. :) Hmmm is this a chem test between Cowboy Cody and Sasha? Or a chem test between Mr. Ed and Sasha? Cus they are so great together awwwwwwww. :)

    Private cabin:

    Vanna and Lucy: BAHAHAHA! Poor Lucy! Not getting any.. The shagging is over. Geez how long has it been since Marty was gone to be with his mother? Vanna are being lovable. Awwwww Vanna love! Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: This remind me that I am involuntarily celibate.


    Vanna, Lucy, and Felicia: Yeah I agree with Lucy! You can't have the nurses ball without Lucy!!! Come on now!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Felicia, Bobbie, and Maxie: 60 YEARS! 45 YEARS! THE NURSES BALL! YAY! :D The Tribbles, the Green beans, and Badger Bob are all going to have a blast! :)

    Bobbie and Maxie: I wish Lucy would be at the nurses ball! Then Bobbie and Lucy can co-chair and wouldn't that be so much fun? ROFL!

    Central Perk coffee place:

    EyeLean and Laura: Yeahhhhhhhhh Laura doesn't want to hear any info about Victor's sexual woes EyeLean! ROFL!

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Trina: Ava is a good 2nd mama to Trina awwwwwww. :) Now get the damn DNA test done!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Wyndemere* Stefan and Katherine love scene.

    1. I'm jumping on your band wagon so move over. Trina get the damn DNA test done! I'm officially sick of her whining about it. Ava was fab is those scenes, though!
      YAY!!! We are finally getting back to Holly/Madam Wu drugging Victor. I don't think that little blue pill is going to do any good, lol!
      Anna's expressions were a hoot when Felicia mentioned the Nurse's Ball and Lucy had a fit. HAHAHAHAHAH!

    2. "Julie H says, I'm jumping on your band wagon so move over. Trina get the damn DNA test done!"


      "I'm officially sick of her whining about it."

      Yeah enough is enough!!!! Get a damn DNA test!!

      "Ava was fab is those scenes, though!"

      Yes she was!!!

      "YAY!!! We are finally getting back to Holly/Madam Wu drugging Victor."

      Yeah! About time!!!

      "I don't think that little blue pill is going to do any good, lol!"


      "Anna's expressions were a hoot when Felicia mentioned the Nurse's Ball and Lucy had a fit. HAHAHAHAHAH!"

      Hahahaha. Lucy should be there along with Marty!!!!! And they should have a little song and dance number. :) Hmmm I don't think Lucy ever danced or sang at the nurses ball.

    3. Way back in the day Lucy performed. Here's a clip of her and Katherine Bell! :)

    4. Sonya, this was my favorite!

    5. Oh Julie that's right!!!! :D And yeah I love the big spender one. :) I remember!

  2. Thursday filler. Enjoyed Lucy/Vanna as well as the sincerity between Ava/Trina.

  3. From one chat to another. The whole show.
    They have officially made Curtis an ass.
    Potion is long time coming, or was it yesterday, but with long term effects. Not bad.
    I love Lucy.

  4. I like Gladys, but her behavior with Brando's garage was awful!

  5. I enjoyed the scenes with Lucy and also finally addressing the potion that Selina gave Victor. The rest was meh.

    It's time to either recast Cody or write the character off the show. Josh Kelly sleepwalks through his lines.


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