Monday, March 27, 2023

GH Not Finished


VAnna talking about Victor and the necklace. They wonder where Eileen is. Then they talk about what they'll do as soon as they get out of the safe house. Anna wants to go visit Robin. Valentin wants to take a road trip with Charlotte then run ELQ. They realize they want to go do different things. 

Victor finds the code on the necklace. Writes it down and gives the necklace to Eileen. She's like I can't take this. He says he doesn't need it, only the code to save the world. He says she can return it to PCPD evidence for all he cares. He says that he and his brothers had a plan to set the world "right" years ago but Mekkos got greedy and then Luke and Laura stopped it all. Mekkos hid a code in the diamonds and there's a back up plan. He needs to crack the code. 
He thinks he has the last piece of the puzzle.. he also says that in order to save the world, many may 'pay a price" for generations to come. 

Liz and Laura are getting ready for Cam's party at Charlie's. Liz is sad he's leaving. Laura wants to ask her about Nikolas. Liz says she feel ashamed and didn't want Laura to know what was goin on with Esme. 

Spencer goes to pick up Trina at her house. Marshall wants to talk with him. Trina goes in the other room. Marshall listens to Spencer and says he sees he's trying to change. Also respects him for trying to get his baby brother. 

Esme is leaving with Ace and Cameron is at the door. He tells her what she did to him and Josslyn (sex tape). She invites him in to talk. They talk about her lying about leaving and she says don't tell anyone. Cam THEN tells her why Trina decided to keep her out of jail--so when Esme's memory DOES come back she can be tried. Also to keep Ace out of jail. Geesh why did you tell her!!!!????? 

Maxie talks with Joss outside of Kelly's about performing at the Ball. Joss is hesitant because Cam would be gone. Maxie says ask Trina to do it! Then Dex walks up. Maxie wants Dex to dance with The "Wands" he laughs. Maxie goes into Kelly's. 


Mass shooting/Biden. It's just disgusting what keeps HAPPENING. 


  1. I KNEW Esme was gonna go to the party - will have to read recaps and watch it tonight to see how it happened but Cam is SO stupid telling Esme that Spence is just biding his time???
    -----Shocked that Victor told Eileen so much - so maybe he DID think the code is right? no way Eileen gets out of this alive or not in witness protection.....previews looked intriguing....
    ------no way we will see Aiden or Jake either ---------------------weird that the party is at Charlie's..............

  2. did anyone else think it strange the president came out and starting talking about chocolate chip ice cream , before talking about the shooting?

    1. No of course not. :) He was just trying to lighten the mood before getting into something so serious. There were children in the room.

    2. It was very inappropriate - I think even the ABC reporter was surprised - he was actually doing something else and I guess the media or his people decided he needed to comment on the shooting and that wasn't the venue to do it - time and place and no jokes awkward to watch

    3. Not inappropriate at all. You are nitpicking the most compassionate U.S. President ever.

  3. The cabin:

    Vanna: Great scene!!!!!! :) Anna wins the line of the day.

    Anna: I'm not a fan of Papaya.


    Victor's hotel room:

    EyeLean and Victor: Ooooo he is going to work on the weather machine isn't he? :) Yes Victor your brother could have betrayed you. ;)

    KevLar's home:

    Vampira, Ace, and Cam: Cam gave good advice. He is a very wise young man. Too bad Cam didn't hold little Ace!!

    Portia's home:

    Mr. Hat man and Spencer: Great scene!!!!!!!!! :) Mr. Hat man protecting his granddaughter awwwwww. :)

    Sprina: KISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) Awwww wuv. :)

    Mr. Hat man: *Clears throat*


    Mr. Hat man and Trina: Awwwwww. :) She thanks him for saying whatever he said to Spencer. :) #Family. :)


    Joss and Maxie: Nurses ball talk!!! No this is still wrong! Lucy should be the head person doing this dammit!

    Joss, Maxie, and Dex: Maxie never met Dex? Hmmm okayyyyy. Well, Dex can join Magic Milo and the wands. ;)

    Maxie and Dex: What? What a weird comment Maxie made. Meet someone? Get married? You never know what could happen at the nurses ball? Huh?! Nurses ball is not magical Maxie! It's to help people with AIDS!!! *Facepalm*

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Laura and Liz: Yup Liz feels all the guilt feels. And she is worried that Piffy hasn't made a peep! YIKES! NOOOOOOOOO! I don't want Piffy to die! :'(

    Joss and Liz: Liz is so nice to Joss. :)

    Oh look! Cam brought Vampira and baby Ace to his goodbye party!!!! Where are The Tribbles, Green beans, and Badger Bob? They should be at the party!!!! How rude they didn't get the invite!

    "Karen says, Mass shooting/Biden. It's just disgusting what keeps HAPPENING."

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! And this time a woman! I am so surprised it's a woman. I did not expect that!

    1. Valentin should bring Charlotte and they should go to California all together to see Robin and family

  4. I hope the gruesome thing Dante and Laura find this week isn't Eileen's body.

    1. Oh no! I hope not!!! EyeLean has just got interesting!

  5. Got my TV Guide (yes, I still get one in the mail, lol) with the GH 60th Anniversary cover. Great pictures and a nice little recap. I may have missed it but it sounds like Vanessa M is coming back, too. I can't wait for the Nurse's Ball! I also have a sneaking suspicion that we will be "mourning" Piph, instead of celebrating her riding into the sunset, which is going to make me all kinds of sad.

    The only thing I got from yesterday is that Cam has loose lips, but I'm going to miss him something fierce and Laura and Liz have the greatest bond.

    1. I don't think Brenda is returning - she said on ZOOM last month that she has made it clear she will return when Sonny/Maurice leaves and finish their story.....

    2. Your sneaking suspicion is correct.
      It is really not about what the president says at times like this but that the individuals who can do something about this will not. NRA$$$. Sad.

    3. "mufasa says, I don't think Brenda is returning - she said on ZOOM last month that she has made it clear she will return when Sonny/Maurice leaves and finish their story....."

      I haven't heard that!!! So they get back together and then leave together? I like that! :)


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