Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Out of Office


I hope today's show is as slow as yesterdays!  That way I can catch up quick. Today I'm off to a meeting and have a ton of things to do in real life. 

Dave and I have some fun things cooked up for the 60th Anniversary Party for GH. We are busy putting together blogs you can enjoy and feel all nostalgic over.  

Just an update on what I'm watching other than our fave soap:  On Apple + I'm loving "Slow Horses" (British MI5 show with Gary Oldman) and "Shrinking" (this took me about 3 episodes to really get into).  "The Last of Us" on HBO (and I'm not an 'end of the world' type watcher but this is great).  Looking forward to The Luther Movie dropping and I'll be watching "Mandalorian" pretty soon. Just finished "Wednesday" and what a fun fun show. Right up my alley. 

What are you watching? I just realized I don't watch ANY network (CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC) shows! EESH! Well, except for GH Of course!! 

Have a good one! 


  1. Right now I'm watching Lockwood & Co. on Netflix (I think you would like it) and The Watchful Eye on FX.

  2. I think Luther arrives Friday - can't wait!

  3. I watch Last of US. Its very good. 1923 is pretty good but kind of dragging now

  4. The Watchers on Netflix is great.

  5. kd, if you like Slow horses you may like an old series called New Tricks. It ran for 12 seasons. I watched it during the drought when there was nothing new on tv.

  6. Finally seeing Vanna, makes me happy even with sharing the screen with others.

    I guess we are to assume William Lipton will be recurring from now on. What a loss for us.. he will be missed!

    1. At least they've had him fulfilling his dream and we'll imagine him in a happy place.

    2. Sharing the screen with Robert isn't so bad. They need to get this thing with Victor GOING. I love the vets but this is taking too long.

      Yup I think old Esme is coming back. Spencer has no reason to ever trust her.

  7. Yes, today's show was as slow as yesterday's.
    I don't have any premium channels nor do I subscribe to streaming networks. Just straight cable. I am 'old' school and have been obsessed with the old Perry Mason shows. From the late 50's-60's. Film noirish. Clearly where the Law & Order format came from. I saw an episode with Robert Redford. I believe it was his first acting job. Also the first Edward Quartermaine...David Lewis has been on it more than once.

    1. zazu, I remember watching Perry Mason with my mother back in the early 60s with my mother when my father was working the 2 - 10 shift. He would get home right and want to change the channel right before we found out who the murderer was. 😁 Man, that brings back memories.

    2. I'm just like you zazu, strictly cable with no premium or streaming. I watch all the NCIS's, Chicago's and I binged Yellowstone over the holidays. (I see the allure of that show!) Ghosts is also a hoot! Lately I've been watching Drop Dead Diva on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. It's an old show (a decade ago) from Lifetime. I just LOVE it!

  8. Love ANNA - Robert and Valentin are so impatient but she is great - and Robert's face when Eileen said she and Victor sometimes slept together was hysterical!
    I see old Esme coming out - anyone else????? and not happy with Spencer's attitude and threats - so he must not think Esme has changed?
    -----I have a Marshall theory - either someone told him on purpose about his schizo because of his race and we are going to dive in a new storyline with that or remember that Marshall hated Sonny from day one???? Maybe he was told about schizo because he was in mob activity and either didn't know it or he knew something------either way - this is clearly a new storyline they are opening...........

    1. Those scenes were good with Anna Rober and Valentin. Robert was like Oh dear God why did you sleep with VICTOR. Yuck. Lol. Victor ain't so bad . Anna knows from her spy days how to play those men. Anna will teach Eileen what to do with Victor. Lol

  9. Some funny one liners today!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Dr. O and Victor: Victor is just so happy that Dr. O and Scotty are on the outs. :)

    Victor: What was the breaking point? The horrible wardrobe choices? Or the abysmal table manners?

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Dr. O told him off really good at the end there. She don't want to sleep with him! :)

    Liz's home:

    Liz and Cam: Cam has a full scholarship to play soccer in Stanford!!! Congratulations to him! YAY! But oh no. Are we losing him? Is William Lipton leaving? :( Liz told him what she did to Vampira and boy Cam is upset!

    Cam: I love you. I'm proud of you. You are a good person.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Private cabin:

    EyeLean, Robert, and Vanna: WOW! EyeLean has been sleeping with Victor!!! :) Off and on she said. She also said it was consensual. Which I think she didn't really have to say that. Nobody asked her if it was consensual or not. Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: You're sleeping with Victor?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah I had no idea either Robert. :) Really? Off and on EyeLean? :) And uh you don't need to say to them that it was consentual! They didn't ask you if it was or not.

    The hospital:

    Purtis and Mr. Hat man: Ooooo Mr. Hat man set them up! Hahahaha!

    Purtis: I really hope Trina changes her mind about getting the DNA test!!

    Curtis, Mr. Hat man, and the lady doctor: Mr. Hat man does NOT have schizophrenia!!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

    Sprina: Love the Sprina hug! :) I love how they are just so comfortable telling each other everything. :)

    Laura and Vampira: Vampira does not trust anybody including Laura! Laura says she is on the baby's side awwwww. :)

    Laura and Spencer: She will find a way so that nobody fights over Ace! Cus it will affect Ace for the rest of his life. Laura you are right.

    Trina and Portia: They are calm, but Trina still isn't happy with Portia. I get it. Portia lied to her, and now Trina can't trust her. Give her time Portia!

    Vampira and baby Ace: Man that baby is so huge. Wow a newborn baby chewing on a binky! Hahahahahahahaha!

    Vampira, Baby Ace, Sprina and Laura: Awww baby Ace is being fussy. Pretty blanket thank you Trina! :)

    1. Spencer is right why would you take a big newborn baby outside in winter in a short sleeve onesie? And where is Ace's carseat?

    2. "lindie says Spencer is right why would you take a big newborn baby outside in winter in a short sleeve onesie? And where is Ace's carseat?"

      The elevator is going downstairs on the 1st floor right? And not outside right away. So I'm sure baby Ace is going to be covered up. :) Maybe the car seat is in the car.

    3. Robert was hilarious, yes give him line of the day, with Victor's snotty comments about our Scottie a close second. Lots of chuckles from me yesterday!
      Trina showed a lot of restraint with her mama as did Cam. I think I would have ended my comments to Liz with "but I don't trust you as far as I can throw you!" Lol!
      Dr. O like Ava rules!
      And Sonya, I sometimes I check out Wubs's twitter the next day. So funny!!

  10. Karen I am old school with comedies so Ghosts on CBS is my favorite and I found So Help Me Todd too!!!

  11. I don't watch a lot of network TV I'm more of a History documentary girl. Been watching some Tudor documentaries on History Hit and Wonderium - I'm a Tudor nerd - and the Spring Baking Championship just started it's new season on Discovery+ and I always enjoy that even though I can't bake worth squat.


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