Monday, March 13, 2023

Bang Bang


There's some scuttle butt that Emma Samms is due back to GH for the 60th-- and probably the Ice Princess "finale". 

Forbes March was arrested in NYC for stealing cooking oil (A big deal I guess). He played Nash on One Life To Live. 


Dex and Sonny getting shot at on the docks. Tony comes around the corner too. Sniper keeps shooting. Yawn. Sonny runs. Dex gets shot. Sonny finally takes the sniper out. Dex was only wounded. 

Joss and Carly talking about the mob. Bobbie comes in with Donna who has an ear infection. Carly has to get drops at GH. Bobbie and Joss talk about the nurses ball. Epiphany mention (sobbing). Bobbie wants Cam to sing. Joss isn't sure he's ok to do that. Joss mentions Luke, Bobbie says she can't believe he's gone. Thinks he'll come walking in but it's been too long. She doesn't think his death was an accident. 

Victor went in to see why his peen wasn't working, Runs into Liz. She tells him she got an immunity deal and turned his butt in for covering up Esme's kidnapping. "Get a good lawyer". He grabs her arm. Carly comes running off the elevator and grabs him and tells him to back off. He leaves. Liz tells Carly what she and Nikolas did to Esme. Carly says she would have done the same thing. LOL Then she tells Liz that SHE learned a long time ago not to just be loyal to whoever because they may not return it in kind. Oh shut up Carly. Liz says that she kind of forgives her parents. Carly gives Liz back the photo she took of her parents. (Liz burned all the rest). Liz says that's such a violation but she's grateful. 

Nina and Ava discuss possible insider trading. Ava pulls up the SEC number on her phone. Tells Nina to "call it".  Then Drew drops by-- tells Nina it's great that Liesl is a match and to remember to take care of herself too.  Nina says to Ava: See, he's nice. I'm not turning them in. 

Kevin and Laura eating lunch, Felicia comes up. Kevin says he had to deal with Ryan's remains today. Kevin gets a call. They talk about not telling their husbands about Lucy being alive. Laura leaves to talk to Drew. Kevin comes back and gets all emotional around Felicia about Ryan. :crying: very good scene. Mac comes over. Kevin tells him Ryan may have been his brother in birth but Mac was his brother in life. 

Dante brings Scout over to see Drew at the Qs. Blah, blah.. nothing. 

Mac finds a note from GH on Cody's floor...Cody says it's because he donated plasma because he needed money. Then Dante comes in and Mac leaves. Dante blabs on about how good of a guy Mac is. Cody says he knows, everyone tells him. He doesn't deserve to have him in his life after what he's done to him. 

Doctor comes in and tells Victor that they found something concerning in his blood. They have to call Finn in because it's a pathogen. 

Drew wants to buy Charlotte's stock and Laura controls it now. She says NOPE

Cody shows the test results to Dante!! Dante knows Mac is Cody's daddy. 


  1. ---Victor will never be able to trace Mrs. Wu so I wondering who he will suspect???
    ----Mac and Kevin scene was wonderful and long good
    ----forgotten that Kevin and Mac don't know what their wives have been doing - HOW will that go over???
    -----ok I was wrong about Nina-----I still think someone turns Crew in so now I am thinking maybe Nina is blamed?
    ------WHO in the world is after Sonny/out-of-the-blue? Jennifer Smith????
    -----missing Marty and Cyrus------
    -----bringing up Luke must mean something-----------video/zoom at 60th party/nurses ball? When Bobbie said he would never let his kids think he is dead.

    1. "Mufasa says forgotten that Kevin and Mac don't know what their wives have been doing"

      I agree with Felicia! Bring the husbands in!!!!

    2. Ohhhh maybe he'll blame Liz.

    3. ooo Di that is a good thought!

    4. Yes. He was really PO'd at her as is, and she's a nurse...hehe Could be some good times coming.

  2. Don't know who I can't stand more, Joss or Carly

    1. Both! Really didn't like the way they tried to make Carly look like a nice person with her scene with Liz . Mac/Kevin/Felicia scenes so beautifully done. Cody is still a waste of space.

  3. Q home:

    Drew, Scout, and Dante: I love Scout's coat! :) Drew you can't pretend that Carly isn't over a lot. :) Scout is one smart girl and isn't blind. :)

    Q horse home:

    Mac and Cowboy Cody: OH! The DNA results!!! Blood plasma? Oh come on Cowboy Cody! Tell your daddy the truth!

    Mac, Cowboy Cody, and Dante: The look on Dante's face when Cowboy Cody told Mac he and Dante have plans! Hahahahahahaha!

    Dante and Cowboy Cody: Cowboy Cody wins the line of the day.

    Cowboy Cody: I hope you know what finger I'm saving for you.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! OH! I'm glad he showed his bestie the DNA results. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Doc and Felicia: Their scene made me cry!!! :'( Oh dammit! They got me! Ryan is your brother so of course you are going to mourn! ;'(

    Mac and Doc: More crying from me!!!!!!!!!! :'( And then THE HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

    Felicia, Mac, and Doc: GAHHHHHHHHHHH! ;'( The vets sure know how to make you cry!!!

    Queen Ava and Nina: Queen Ava is trying to tempt Nina. :) *Snicker*

    Queen Ava, Nina, and Drew: Hmmm Drew is being awfully nice to Nina.. 00

    Laura and Drew: Charlotte's stock? Drew what are you planning in that handsome head of yours?


    Sonny, Dex, Sonny's bodyguard, and the shooter: Damn! Sonny and Dex had a nice date until the shooting. It looked like they were going to kiss. DEX IS SHOT!!!! Oh nothing serious. I didn't think Sonny was going to come back! Did he go and get a different gun? Cus his gun worked and he shot the guy. :)

    Carly's home:

    Carly and Joss: Oh yes Carly. Warn her about Dex.. One day you and Sonny might get back together... So... Yeah waste of time to warn! ROFL!

    Carly, Joss, Bobbie, Donna, and THE TRIBBLES!: Man the Tribbles got fat! :) Poor Donna with her ear infection. :( She got the ear infection last week! Awwww. :( BOBBIE! YAY!

    Bobbie and Joss: Great scene!!!! Bobbie has to talk to Piffy? :( Awww Bobbie if Luke was kidnapped you wouldn't hear from him by now! And death means nothing on soaps!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Victor: I think Victor is just upset because he can't get it up. Get the blue pill Victor! ;)

    Liz, Victor, and Carly: YES CARLY YES! :D Carly ain't afraid of no Cassadine. :)

    Liz and Carly: Great advice Carly! So true! People do suck. :)

    Doctor and Victor: A pathogen!!! I'll call it Frank. :) Man that doctor is hot!

    1. lol I would have called that pathogen Germain.
      Loved the scenes with Carly and Liz and Victor. In fact I liked all Carly's scenes today, and Joss's too.
      And Mac and Kevin made me cry too, as did Kevin's scenes with Felicia. That one was really well written too.

      Sonya -Drew is planning to buy Val's shares and give control of ELQ back to the Quartermaine's. Unfortunately for him...but good for us..Valentine isn't dead.

      I'm glad Cody finally told someone that Mac is his father. Now Dante just needs to talk him into telling Mac.

    2. "Di says, lol I would have called that pathogen Germain."

      GERMAIN! Hahahahaha! Love it! :)

      "Loved the scenes with Carly and Liz and Victor."

      Yeah!! I love that she isn't afraid to tell off Victor! :)

      "In fact I liked all Carly's scenes today, and Joss's too."

      A mother and daughter scene is always welcome. :)

      "And Mac and Kevin made me cry too, as did Kevin's scenes with Felicia. That one was really well written too."

      See what the vets can do?! :) They could teach the younger generation how it's done! :) Some don't need help, like for example, Nicholas Chavez and Avery Kristen Pohl! :)

      "Sonya -Drew is planning to buy Val's shares and give control of ELQ back to the Quartermaine's. Unfortunately for him...but good for us..Valentine isn't dead."

      Ohhhhhh. Well yes very good for us that V.C. isn't dead. :)

      "I'm glad Cody finally told someone that Mac is his father. Now Dante just needs to talk him into telling Mac."

      Yeah Dante really needs to convince him to tell Mac the truth! :)

  4. FYI:

    March 13, 2023 1:00PM

    Soap Opera Digest has learned that Emma Samms is making another GH comeback as Holly, and will first air on April 14. In addition, we can report that Jane Elliot, who is poised to reprise the role of Tracy, will first air on April 17.

  6. Great scenes today with Mac/Felicia/Kevin. Even with dual roles Jon Lindstrom doesn't get enough air time. I cried too.
    Loved the Carly/Liz scenes. I have no problem with Carly but her pairing with Drew is just so bland. Bet they would never have paired her with Billy Miller.
    Last time I read about Forbes March he was a lumber jack in some NW state. That was years ago.

  7. Karen: Re: the cooking oil. I guess it is a big deal. Used cooking oil can be used to manufacture biofuels, and theft has been on the rise throughout the Northeast region in recent years as fuel prices increase. In an interview last year, Sumit Majumdar, the president of Buffalo Biodiesel, said the thefts have cost his company millions of dollars. “It’s ballooning,” he said. “It’s wiping out a third of our business. To put that into numbers: $10 million to $15 million a year.”

  8. Amazing scene with Mac and Kevin today! I always love when male friendships are focused and done beautifully!

    Annnnd WTH with Cujo being injected into another storyline she has no business being in?!?!? Sick of it.

    1. If you're talking about her scene with Liz I thought thaat was really well written and didn't seem out of place to me.

    2. I really enjoyed it - Carly seems to always care for Liz (guess cause of Jason) but I liked it...

    3. carly is selfish. only cares about herself and offspring. carly and joss my least favorites

  9. Replies
    1. I agree about cujo. dont think the writers know what to do with her.

  10. It seemed like Monday's show was a "catch up/tie up loose ends" type of day.

    The scene between Kevin and Mac was fantastic, and something not often seen on daytime TV. We need more content like this. Loved it.

    I did like how the writers finally addressed the absurdity of key characters not being privvy to the Anna/Valentin/Lucy ruse. Once it's revealed, I would like Mac to say, "Yeah, I figured it out weeks ago."

    As I have said since his "death" was announced, Luke is being held captive by Victor. He will show up in April as part of the 60th anniversary, along wiht Holly and a few other people. Maybe Brenda?

    Josh Kelly (Cody) is irritating and unlikeable, and I'm not just talking about the writing.

    1. Wow. That was nice. I find the character irritating at times but not the real life person who portrays him. His background actually makes him a better fit for Drew as he's worked as a military advisor on a few films. But maybe he thought he'd rather spend his time in a barn nuzzling a horse than following you know who around and nuzzling her. Here's a link; Please read it to the end.

  11. agree Kevin - I think Holly and Luke show up - but not in person - on zoom talking or perhaps they can shoot them where they are - not sure they come back personally to Port Charles


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