Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Same Clothes as Friday

 Liz is talking to Portia and Terry about the board meeting. Patrick, Robin and Griffin all wrote letters for her. Liz freaks out because one didn't come in from Epiphany...she really wanted that one because she was her mentor. Epiphany is at John Hopkin's shadowing a residency. Liz is so happy for her. UGH... Sad. Her memorial is next Wed. 

Brook and Chase at the Qs. OMG they are talking about getting back together. OR NOT..or yes.. or no. YES....NO..Brook cries. She tells him she signed an NDA. She can't ever testify against him. 

Trina runs into Curtis at Kelly's. She's not sure how to act. She says that she hasn't made up her mind about the DNA test. They talk. End up hugging. Portia walks around the corner and sees them. 

Alexis and Diane are due to have dinner. Alexis forgot. Alexis thinks Greg might have a drinking problem. GEESH Alexis! You're blabbing that all over. Diane says she doesn't know for sure. 

Greg is at GH trying to see his doctor. Finn comes along. He fakes it and says he's there to support Liz. 

Spencer is going to move into Laura's.. he and his gram are visiting Esme and Ace. Laura tells her the charges are dropped and she can leave the Spa Jail. Esme says "I'm not leaving"!! (like it's a damn hotel LOL) Spencer says he's gotten her a room above Kelly's and will pay for it until she's on her feet. BUT!! The baby can't fit there too so he should stay at Laura's with him. 

Nina and Jordan are talking in Charlie's. Jordan wants to know how Curtis is... Nina says mad, sad..yada yada


Esme is living with Laura, Kevin and Spencer. Trina's not happy

Curtis storms off, goes to Charlie's and Jordan is there

Greg yells at Alexis for calling Finn when he asked her not to. 

The board is making it's decision about Liz

Chase "broke up" with Brook even though they aren't together. GEESH LOUISE 


  1. kinda of a wasted day-----------I just hate this storyline with Alexis and Greg - she has become so annoying........and whiny
    ------Curtis needs to divorce Portia now - enough is enough ----------- take action
    ------Jordan and Nina convo was bizarro---------unless it was so we all know what we already knew ----Jordan loves Curtis BUT Jordan saying she works 24/7 made me laugh out loud because still solves no cases...
    ------It was the beginning of Ephinany's storyline - with all wondering why they haven't heard from her....
    -----Spencer is changing and I don't like it - TODAY Esme's face though when she saw Trina gave me danger, WIll Smith vibes - like she knew what she was doing...
    ------over 6 episodes of no Ava/Austin/Nik storyline?

    1. "Mufasa says, Spencer is changing and I don't like it"

      Hmmm in a good way or bad way? :)

    2. bad - in my opinion - with his friends and then today snapping at Esme - I keep thinking 'it's your brother - NOT your son".......

    3. Unless it is his son... who knows. But I agree with what you said about his behavior.

    4. "mufasa says, bad - in my opinion - with his friends and then today snapping at Esme - I keep thinking 'it's your brother - NOT your son"...."

      HA! And then we find out he IS his son! ROFL!

  2. did spencer and trina think they were going to play house with ace?

    1. I find it a really silly idea... it would be more believable if he had a stuffy nanny

  3. Some funny one liners today.

    Spa jail: Damn I keep forgetting the name of the place hahaha. I do like the name Spa jail. :)

    Spencer, Laura, baby Ace, and Vampira: Spencer almost yelled! ROFL! Baby Ace is so big and adorable! :) I think Laura's place is a good idea.


    Curtis and Trina: Awwwwww love the hug. :) Come onnnnnnnnn get a DNA test already!

    Curtis, Trina and Portia: Yeah Trina is not ready to forgive you Portia. You need to wait and have patience.

    Purtis: Trina is not the only one who is having problems forgiving you Portia, and I don't think going to a marriage counselor is going to help. You had a huge secret that you kept for 20 years. Trina and Curtis need time.

    The hospital:

    Gregory and the nurse: New symptoms?!!?!?! What the hell does he have?!

    Liz and the problem: Meeting!!! Everyone going in and out of the meeting. Are the Tribbles in there? Piffy is at John Hopkins?! YAY! I hope they don't kill her off!!!! There is no reason to kill her off! Just leave her at John Hopkins please writers! PLEASE!!! :'(

    Gregory and Finchy: Gregory just tell Finchy what is wrong with you! Oh oh Alexis calling Finchy! Who next is she going to call? Badger Bob?

    Liz and Finchy: I'm glad they are friends. :)

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Diane: Alexis what is wrong with you? Something is seriously wrong with Gregory!!! WAKE UP! Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: That's gone away of the dinosaur.


    Alexis and Gregory: When he first walks in, he looked angry. Alexis just LISTEN to him!!! GAH!

    Kevlar's home:

    Sprina: Awwww they are happy seeing each other. :)

    Sprina, Vampira, baby Ace, and Laura: OH! Glad Vampira accepted the offer of living with Laura. And of course Spencer lives there too. Trina don't look happy! I don't blame her.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Nina and Jordan: When Jordan was at the door, I thought she was Gia! I'm like huh?!?!! :) Nina what are you doing? Trying to match make Jordan and Curtis?

    Curtis and Jordan: Oh oh is Curtis going to get drunk and sleep with Jordan?

    1. Sonya, I hope Curtis gets drunk and sleeps with Jordan. First, because it would be soap goodness but we would get shirtless Curtis. 😊

    2. "Gary says, Sonya, I hope Curtis gets drunk and sleeps with Jordan. First, because it would be soap goodness but we would get shirtless Curtis."

      Yeah you got a good point there.. It's hard to argue that. :) We do need more shirtless Curtis. :) And yes soapy goodness indeed. :)

    3. I want him with Nekia (SP????)

    4. You want him having n'naked n'nookie with N'neka?

    5. "Judith says, You want him having n'naked n'nookie with N'neka?"

      ROFL! Hey! I haven't thought of that!!! :) That's a great idea! :)

  4. Where are Ava, Austin, Mason, and Nicholas?

  5. SoapHub has a great commentary on Carly Spencer - most of us would agree with it wholeheartedly.


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