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Austin interrupts Ava and Sonny. Ava leaves. Austin asks her if she was going to tell Sonny about Nikolas and his body. She says he can help. Austin says no way. Mason slithers out from around the corner saying they have to be in big trouble to ask Sonny for help. 

Sonny and Olivia talk. She says he shouldn't be Ava's emotional support ANIMAL..LOL! "Let Austin do that". He wants Olivia to keep an eye on Willow's condition because she's at the Q house and then report to him. She's like YOU DO IT YOURSELF! Sonny says "Just be nicer to Nina, will ya"?? LOL 

GH: Curtis was in a meeting, Alexis sees him in the hall. Says "I was going to send a present but haven't yet" . He says don't bother. Alexis takes him somewhere. 

Curtis and Molly at Charlies: DID you take the test ??" It was negative. Molly is kinda sad.  Then Curtis and Alexis walk in. Curtis goes to the bar and asks TJ to talk to him alone.  Curtis doesn't want to know what happened at the reception but tells Curtis about the possible baby. Wants father tips LMAO 

Alexis goes on and on about how hard it is to have a baby and work and yada yada. Molly starts tearing up. Alexis says she'll make a great mom. 

Marshall is at GH for his genetic testing. Stops by Portia's office. He's sorry about the "rift" between Portia and Curtis. They talk...talk..talk...

Nina and Willow talk. Willow says she can ask about her condition but not the kids. They talk and then Willow mentions her nails are really brittle as a side effect and Nina says that Crimson did a story about nail art. She got some strengthener from Deception and gives it to Wills. Willow tells Nina the only reason I'm talking to you is because Liesl asked me to. 

Michael meets Dex on the GH roof. Dex is all upset and says Sonny's on to him. They talk about the dinner. Michael thinks it's all ok. 

CREW are at Carly's kitchen making out and she's making brownies for Willow. They are alone and make out. BLAH. He says it's a good time to get Valentin's shares or something. I didn't pay attention. Oh they have sex on the counter top. 


  1. Forwarded through Crew.

    I like TJ a lot but I could care less about him with Molly as they have not been featured enough.

    I liked the Alexis/Curits scenes.

    Willow has been portrayed as this kind person. Forgive Carly no matter what. Even more so for Harmony who she should have loathed. Why the mean comments to Nina about only talking to her because of Leisl? Topic of her kids off limits. rude. I'm sure they will be stuck in an elevator or kidnapped together and end up bonding some day but it's over the top.

    1. I agree that the comment about only talking to her because of Liesl was jusy plain mean.

    2. I agree about willow, she is cold

  2. For everyone's information: https://tvline.com/lists/general-hospital-nurses-ball-photos-chandra-wilson-sydney-val-jean/

  3. Some funny one liners today!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny and Olivia: Olivia is in wuv with Carly, and will stand by her until the day Olivia dies. :)

    Jolt and Mason Jar: Mason Jar is so sneaky sneaky! :) Mason Jar wins the line of the day.

    Mason Jar: How are we going to stay in contact? We'll exchange numbers.

    ROFL! Oh Mason Jar! You little devil you. :)

    The hospital:

    Portia and Mr. Hat man: Why did Portia congratulate him? He didn't see the results yet! What an odd thing to say to him. Oh and Portia got her curly hair back!! My brain didn't register it right away. :) Oh Portia! He didn't ask you to give him an explanation!!! Oy!

    Curtis and Alexis: Poor Alexis! She has two friends who won't confide in her!

    Alexis: Don't be difficult.


    Mildew and Nina: Damn did you see that cold stare of Michael when he walked away? Geez Michael get over it!

    Nina and Willow: It was a nice scene. Maybe Willow should become a superhero and then her nails would be stronger. :) Wonder woman? Supergirl? The incredible Shehulk?

    Nina: Over 35.



    Michael and Dex: Wow! Dex is in wuv with Sonny!!! That dinner date really got to Dex. He is so insecure. I'm glad Michael helped him with his insecurities.. Yeah Dex don't worry. Sonny is in wuv with you too. :) Just let things progress on it's own and don't push. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Tolly: Awwwwww! Not preggers.. :( Too bad.

    Molly: Except not right now.


    Alexis and Molly: Great scene!!! Looks like Molly does want a baby!!! :)

    TJ and Curtis: Great scene! :)

    Tolly part 2: YUP! THEY BOTH WANT A BAYBAY! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Carly's kitchen:

    Crew: Carly baking? When did she learn how to do that? Can she teach Alexis to bake? They would be a fun scene! :) Hey where did the Tribbles go? Brownies? Carly are you making special brownies for Willow? ;) Oh my! Island zex! Oh wait nope. They moved to the bedroom! ROFL! What's the matta? The Island too hard? :) Oh wait no it's because there is no blanket on the island! ROFL! Drew pushing everything off the island was hot. :)


    Crew: Hmmm did she make a lot of noises? Did the neighbors hear them? Did the Tribbles hear them?

    Sidenote: Did you hear? Chad Duell is going to be a daddy!!!! :O

    1. Wub's recap was a hoot. Line of the day...Support Animal! HAHAHAHAHAH!
      Molly and TJ cracked me up, I'm very glad they both want a baby. :)
      For full disclosure, Portia should have told Hat Man that one of her reasons for talking him into genetic testing was because of Trina maybe being Curtis daughter. (that was exhausting to type, lol!!!)

      For sure Neener is going to turn in Crew to the Feds. My disgust with her goes clear back to Stafford. Didn't care for the actress (big scenery chewer) and still don't like the character. At least she toned it down with Willow.

      Mason Jar is a slime ball. Sonny will have him sleeping with the fishes if Ava would just clue him in. And Ava's facial expressions were everything, at least for me!

    2. "Julie H says, Wub's recap was a hoot."

      YES! :) Do you watch Wub's live twitter during GH? :)

      "Line of the day...Support Animal! HAHAHAHAHAH!"


      "Molly and TJ cracked me up, I'm very glad they both want a baby. :)"

      Love them!!!

      "For full disclosure, Portia should have told Hat Man that one of her reasons for talking him into genetic testing was because of Trina maybe being Curtis daughter."

      Ooooo yes she should have!!!!

      "(that was exhausting to type, lol!!!)"


      "Mason Jar is a slime ball. Sonny will have him sleeping with the fishes if Ava would just clue him in. And Ava's facial expressions were everything, at least for me!"

      Mason Jar is a slimy sneaky snake ball! :) Yes Sonny would!!! You're right Ava's facial expressions were everything! :)

  4. the ending!!! Nina hearing Olivia and Sonny talking about Drew and Carly/SEC.....mark it down - March 7th is the first day of the beginning of the end of Nina and Sonny - may be a year, but she is gonna turn them in (have someone do it anonymously) and Carly will be arrested/Donna's mom-------------and Sonny will eventually find out and dump Nina.......I still think that is why they have made Nina unbearable ------ cause they know Sonny and Carly will get back together.....
    --------I think the spoilers are right - Molly can't carry a baby so Kristina is her surrogate????
    ------Nurses Ball starts April 2 which means they are filming/finishing filming --- come on Lucy-----Valentin----------Anna --------------do they walk out at the Nurses Ball and Victor is arrested??????
    -------Millow is just the worst storyline in YEARS
    ------love Maura West with Sonny and Austin --------------

    1. The surrogate story isn't a spoiler. It's a prediction that someone has made. Molly hasn't even tried to get pregnant yet so no one would be thinking of surrogacy.

  5. I first thought Mason was texting someone from Ava's phone?
    Ava is smart - she knows not to make Mason mad but also she now has Mason's number -- in case Sonny needs or -and/or Spinelli LOL


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