Thursday, March 23, 2023

Scotchy Scotch


Board is not taking action against Liz. They say from the testimony, they think she saved Esme and the baby. Liz hugs Finn. Violet comes out and wants to go for spaghetti. 

Curtis is drinking at Charlie's... Jordan is there. They drink scotch. He's sad. She says he should forgive Portia. OMG they are getting drunk and making eyeballs at each other!! 

Portia meets Marshall in the GH hallway. They talk about CURTIS. She's sad. Then Marshall tells her about the tests he had. She thinks he should contact his original doctors. If they are still alive. 

Trina is at Laura's and sees Esme. She's not happy. Spencer says he's staying there too to help take care of the baby. Trina leaves.  Spencer walks out with her. She's like "Welp, now you can raise the baby together"! They talk about whether or not Esme really has a memory. Trina i worried the new Esme might be worse than the old. 

Esme goes out in the hall just as Trina and Spencer are going to kiss. Oh I think the old Esme is rearing her head. Anyway, Esme asks what the hold up is. Spencer says they were talking about daycare at PCU in case he wants to go to classes in the summer. Esme says no problem because she'll be taking care of Ace. 

Greg and Alexis "I'm your friend, I care" (for the 90th time). Greg says stay out of it. I hate this story. Anyway, she finally forces out of him that he's sick. He's not telling her anymore though. He wants his car keys. 

Maxie, Gladys and Sasha discussing the Nurses ball in Kelly's Cody drops by. Says he knows Gladys from the Savoy.  "I think she was there for Ladies Night" Sasha wants to Take Gladys to the Nurses Ball and buy her a dress. Gladys feels a bit guilty. 

Maxie asks Cody to be in the Nurses Ball with the Magic Wands. He says yes. 


Curtis and Jordan's kiss doesn't happen because of an interruption

Marshall asks Stella for his old medical records

Gladys gets a text from Wu about a poker game coming up. 


  1. ----I think the writers are angry with NLG cause it's painful to watch her character like this....begging whining
    ----8 hours ago, Esme was screaming at Spencer and now 'wonder what is taking Spencer so long'....and 'Trina you are still here' - TOTALLY old Esme - maybe she read something in Heather's letter???? Trina gonna figure it out - Spence won't believe --------and even the forecasting "What is she is worse than before?" but yeah she is back....
    -----glad Liz fiasco is over ------ I suppose she told the boys off camera????? She is gonna be sad like all of us about Ephinany -
    -------I kinda looking forward to Marshall's storyline-------why would a doctor diagnosed? Did the wife want him to think he was sick? Was it a race issue? anything is better than Curtis talking about not forgiving Portia....
    -----Does Sasha have money? Didn't Mrs. WU say there is some left-over?
    ----Liking Cody!

  2. Watching Alexis I said to myself "if she says 'I care about you' one more freaking time. She has become an annoying shrew. And her old friend Curtis is in her boat. Not a shrew but so darn obnoxious. Kissing Jordan? Won't even rant about her. Bitch.
    Nice that there is a bit of happiness around Elizabeth for a moment.

    1. Yes! I feel the same way! Alexis has become so annoying! Can't stand her anymore!

  3. I have to agree that Alexis is being annoying. It was good to see cutie Violet, cutie Ace, and happy Liz.

  4. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Curtis and Jordan: Oh boy! Curtis is in pain and a little buzzed. I'm glad the kiss was interrupted. Curtis should be kissing and having sex with Neka and Ms. Wu! :) Not at the same time though ROFL! Monday, Neka, and Wednesday Ms. Wu. :)


    Sasha, Gladys, Maxie, and Cowboy Cody: I thought it was strange that Maxie asked Gladys since when do you go to The Savoy! :) Is she not allowed to go to the Savoy?

    Maxie: Did you get lucky?

    ROFL! Maxie that is none of your business! :) She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Maxie and Cowboy Cody: Oh yes! Cowboy Cody at the nurses ball to join Magic Milo and the wands! I hope Curtis is one of the shirtless cowboys. ;) Will the Tribbles, The green beans, and Badger Bob be one of the shirtless cowboys? :)

    Sasha and Gladys: Oh yes! Gladys SHOULD get paid for helping Sasha with her money! Oh yes that's perfect. Then she can go gambling every night and not have to worry about Sasha finding out that she is gambling with her money.

    Maxie and Gladys: Gladys don't like Cowboy Cody! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah I wonder why! Is it because he knows your secret and can spill the tea at anytime? :)

    The hospital:

    The hospital guy and Liz: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! WOOT WOOT! :D

    Liz and Finchy: Oh they hug! Great friendship. :)

    Liz, Finchy, and little Charlie: Awwww Charlie is so sweet! Spaghetti and meatballs! Yum! Liz keeps carrying the red rose! Hahahaha!

    Portia and Mr. Hat man:

    Portia: Let's talk in the break room.

    I was excited! There is a break room? WHERE?!?!!?! :D

    The break room:

    Portia and Mr. Hat man: THIS is the break room? Looks like an office. And look their are books on the shelf! This looks like Finchy's office. I'm so disappointed.

    Mr. Hat man on the phone with Stella: Mr. Hat man wins the line of the day.

    Mr. Hat man: Stella. I know you have been avoiding me. Since the weddin!


    Nurses station:


    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Gregory: Oh Alexis you sound like a broken record. Poor Gregory!

    Kevlar's home:

    Sprina: Spencer is right about the fake relationship vs the real one! :) I can relate Spencer. :) Great scene!

    Laura, baby Ace, and Vampira: Awww Laura holding baby Ace. :) Vampira looking for Spencer hahaha.

    Vampira and Sprina: Oh damn Vampira! Don't interrupt their kiss! The look of confusion on Vampira's face hahahaha!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 30th 2002* Gia assaults a tabloid photographer and he wants to press charges.

  5. I just love the phrase "making eyeballs at each other", lol! Curtis/Jordan almost kiss....ugh. And double ugh to Sneaky Jordan.
    The GH board guy reminded me of Dan Rooney. Yes, I'm showing my age and I had to do a double take! I was very glad for Liz!
    I understand that Alexis is worried but she needs to slow her roll. I was in complete agreement with Gregory. I was as frustrated as he was!
    Baby Ace is the cutest thing!


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