Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Comet Relief


Since this week was really a 'catch all --catch up" week, I'm thinking of it as a little break for lighter things. Tightening up some stories and baking brownies!! Drinking beers! You know, the little moments that propel a soap along in the more lean times. 

Since we never did get to see Crew's Brownies, you know I had to go buy some! 

So, you're telling me that because everyone thinks I'm dead, BOBBIE FKING SPENCER gets to help run the Nurses BALL? Who does she think she is?? Someone that's worked at GH for 45 years? Who's going to wrangle the llama? One of her grandkids? NO WAY!! Now get me OUT OF THESE JULIAN JEROME FLANNELS and let me leave!! 

"I brought you a blanket....for your brother"

" Thanks, but I wish we were UNDER a blanket..." 

Selina FINALLY gets to relish the fact she slipped some mojo-destroying juice to Victor about 3 months ago (yes, I looked it up). She calls Holly to let her know that it worked. Or rather, didn't work.  Wu also got possession of Brandon's garage. Another note:  Holly also gave her a part of the ice princess necklace. 

MOM!! Guess what? I'm playing soccer at Stanford!!

Wow!! CAM! Guess what? I kept Esme locked in a tower for weeks!! 

MARROW UPDATE OF THE WEEK: Willow's still sick. Dr O has more tests. That's about it.

Q STOCK UPDATE OF THE WEEK:  "Um, Drew, don't you have a Hallmark movie to film"? 

"I'm hurt Nina....really hurt. It really really hurts. Like, a lot. It's hard for me to even function. Trina? I guess she's ok. The Savoy? N'neka can run it. Meanwhile, I'm out here tryin' to put one foot in front of the other. It's hell, man"... 

BEER OF THE WEEK: Aussie Beer "Butchers" was featured between Cody and Mac as they "bonded". You know I was hoping for Fosters. Anyway, I know it won't happen this quickly but if Cody could tell Mac he's really his son and then get into the Ice Princess adventure, I just might be ok with him for more than 5 minutes. 

FAIL OF THE WEEK: Eileen tries her wiles on Victor by taking him to bed (a thing for them, I swear). He was unable to complete the task because of the potion given to him by Selina Wu many many moons ago. Selina got it from Holly Scorpio before she left town. 

FRIDAY FAIL OF THE WEEK:  Ok, not for nothing but....really? Friday's show was so... nada that when this was inserted in the last 2 seconds I barely blinked. Then of course, in the previews they show them all fine so whatever. Why didn't they at LEAST have this docks scene be a little tense? They spent so much time at The Metro and then.. pop pop. Sad Horn. 

SO... we're out of coffee...  "

Yogurt? ...."YEP"

How Water? ... "YEP"

Twizzlers? ... "YEP"

Does Lucy still have to stay here? ... "Unfortunately" 


Laura tried to talk some sense into Esme before she went off to Shadybrooke 

Victor slept with Eileen but couldn' perform

Selina Wu calls Holly to tell her the magic potion worked on Victor 

Nina gave Willow some nail varnish and started a tiny glue in their relationship

Marshall doesn't have the markers for schizophrenia 

Gladys sold the garage to Selina Wu; didn't tell Sasha

Cam is going to Stanford to play soccer; Liz tells him the whole Esme-Tower story 

Portia and Trina have a small talk; Ava and Trina have a bigger one

Curtis is mad. 

Cody and Mac have a beer, will Mac see the DNA results? 

Lucy is furious the Nurses Ball will go on without her

Maxie gets Bobbie, Felicia and Michael to agree to help with The Ball

Both Joss and Carly get some

Sasha and Comet bond

Nina figures out she can get dirt on Carly for the SEC 

Sonny and Dex get shot at on the docks 

QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK: I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention my bafflement of the whole "Anna, Lucy and Valentin are dead but no one cares" thing. It's just so bizarre. They all think Anna's dead, right? Charlotte knows the truth and I'm assuming Robin does. Mac doesn't. Robert and Alexis do.  Now  Eileen does. BUT--why isn't anyone asking about funerals? Maxie was sure close to both Lucy and Anna is just like: WELP! Let's plan a show!!? Nina?? Is she upset about Valentin?? I don't even remember her mentioning it. Wouldn't she want to see Charlotte? What about FINN? Violet? Is she sad?? It really is a strange thing. Like I get they are alive but it's the dumbest ruse ever if the town is just "OH WELL"!! 

That's a WRAP!! And yes, that's from Last Week but who doesn't want to see it again!!?  You're welcome!! I have a feeling we are going to get a lot more 'also rans' until the 60th anniversary stuff kicks into high gear. Some days I really enjoy it. Others? Meh. I'm still here for it though!! Hope you had a good week. 


  1. Exactly Karen, wouldn't Victor be suspicious that no one gives a crap that Valentin, Anna and Lucy are dead............ So weird and terrible on the writers part.

    Also, if Victor and Eileen were doing the horizontal mambo wouldn't it have been noticed sooner that he can't "perform" since he got that potion 3 months ago. He got a "potion" that makes you impotent and doesn't work for 3 months???????

    Sure hope the nurses ball is at least good to make this all worth it.

    Thank you anyway Karen for your commitment and hard work.

  2. Thanks, karen. I loved your comedic take on this one.

  3. Thanks for another great SS!
    Yes, the Vanna/Lucy story must move on.
    Curtis and Portia should just go off and whine together.
    I like the possibility of Dex being Sonny's son. It is soapy.
    Even though we all enjoy seeing Victor struggle with something how on earth, even the unearthly soap world, could a substance last 3 months in a human system.
    I keep thinking the hook is going to pop up again.
    They are trying so hard to make Cody likable. Good luck with that.

    1. Speak for yourself...I love seeing Victor ahead of them and making all of their lives miserable...the Cassadines well the only good ones are Helena, Stavros, and Victor and I do hope he gets to bring them back for one final Cassadine masterplan....
      especially Helena

    2. Villains always have the upper hand on GH. Once in a while it's nice to see them falter if only for a quick minute. Helena is/was one of the best.

    3. Oh, please, Sonny does not need any more children. He already is father/grandfather/uncle/stepfather to almost every kid in Port Charles.

  4. Julian Jerome flannel made my day! Hahaha!
    Curtis gets a win for the whine championship crown, honestly he is a baby.
    Really looking forward to the Nurse's Ball. Thanks for the SS! Excellent as always!

  5. I think it's stupid but because they keep saying 'waiting on the authorities to release the bodies" - I think that is why no talk of funerals...............Scotty still thinks Lucy is dead and to me that is bizarre that he doesn't mention it....
    ----I thought Vanna and Lucy would walk out during the nurses ball with maybe even a video before Victor is arrested????
    - I HOPE Lucy doesn't escape and show up --------- it is way past time to end this and give Vanna a good storyline - I had COMPLETELY forgotten it started to prove Victor killed Luke!!!!
    ---Nurses's Ball or wedding - which is first? Plus Sonya Eddy's tribue March 27th....FELIX better be there!
    -----still betting that Sonny set this up t test Dex
    ----sorry but Drew throwing things off counter was not sexy it was funny and lame to me!!

  6. How many kids has Sonny fathered? Is it 8?
    Sams baby
    Lily's baby

    Am I missing any?

    1. Yup NO more kids for Sonny. Wikipedia says he fathered 10 kids.

    2. AJ is Michaels father (biologically)

  7. Not Michael. Sam's baby? Remind please.

    1. Sonny and Sam's baby she lost. Was her name Lila?

  8. forgot my weekly comment - is NO ONE gonna ask Esme for a paternity test???????



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