Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ace of a Party

 Please go to the post below this to see a special blog on 60 years of sets!! Give a comment if you'd like to see more of these. We have some in the wings!

Nurses Ball Prep...Sasha, Brook, Bobbie talking about the line up for the Ball. Maxie talks to Lucy on the phone. Chase shows up. OH! Felix is there too doing rehearsals. Blaze couldn't make it. 

Lucy decides to listen in on plans and yells when she hears Bobbie is going to close it. Felix even says Bobbie should close it. Maxie hangs up on Lucy. 

Cameron brings Esme to his going away party. WHY? Um.. ? Its' dumb. Cam's being all cute about Esme and forgiving and blah blah blah.  Scotty shows up. Spencer is mad Cam bought Esme. Cameron tells him not to be so hostile. Joss talks to Esme and Esme tells her she's sorry and all she wants to do is be a good mom to Ace. 

Liz is sad Epiphany hasn't called yet. Laura and Scotty say she will when she's back in town because she's probably so busy now. (sobbing). 

Scotty makes a small speech, everyone hugs Cam. Esme looks on. 

Eileen finally gets the zip drive that fell on the floor when Vic talks to a goon that walks in. Victor tells her to return the necklace to the PCPD-- and one more thing. 

Robert is in the Metro Lobby with Diane. Anna calls him to go up and get Eileen out of Victor's room. He goes on the Elevator and Diane says she'll ride up with him to see Alexis. He's not happy. She gets off and pesters him about who he's seeing. She figures out it's Victor. He says he has to break in the door and scram. Diane leaves. Robert tries to break in with a credit card. Diane returns with a master key she got off a maid. He opens the door; the room is empty. 

ON the bridge, Victor gets the goon to get the zip drive from Eileen. She spills everything; that Anna and Valentin are alive and in Port Charles. She says she can also get him the real necklace if he just lets her. 

Anna and Valentin talk to Felicia, they think Eileen may have gone rogue. They are worried. (as they should be)


  1. Spoiler alert ------ I knew Victor was going to push Eileen off the bridge and even yesterday I predicted her body would be what Dante finds................but I don't think she told Victor that Laura was in on it???????? and Vanna will absolutely figure out Victor was behind her death since she told them "I am leaving town"....
    -------worst party ever - LOL but Ace is the cutest baby!
    ------with the previews of a service for Ephinany, there must be a couple of days in between????
    ------WOW Lucy is annoying.....................'my show'...........
    ----please writers wrap this storyline up NOW---------please ----------it's time for Victor to be caught and everyone come home...........and Victor gets off later but just make it stop

  2. FELIX! Wish he would come back.
    Cam explained that he brought Esme with him rather than leave her alone to 'escape'.
    Yes, this Victor story line is tired and really should end. Hopefully dead Eyelean will do that. Surprised that he did his own dirty work.
    Tomorrow will be tough. Tissues ready.

    1. I will not watch twitter chat because I will bawl.

  3. I will start be reiterating that I love this show... and I will continue to watch. That being said, we need some new stories. Shake things up, give us a real love triangle.. Kristina/Dex/Joss this could be so good. The young actors, esp the ladies and esp since they are step sisters has the potential to be a solid story. The actor portraying Dex may need a recast to fully pull it off. As much as I adore Cameron M, please give him something else to do. Most of us are bored with his love story with Carly. Did they even test the waters with CM's Drew and Sam? Move on with Millow.
    We could use another hospital story, too.

    1. 100 percent agree - Liz's storyline was 10 months-----this Vanna/Victor/Lucy has gotten ridiculous..............WSB agents would (1) have given Eileen a code word in case Victor was listening (2) would be tracking her phone (3) planted a device on her jewelry or something
      -----I hope she isn't dead but I fear she is - but how great would it be that she survived the fall and finds Laura and tells her what happened?
      ----now it's become a waste of talent for vets like Anna/Valentin and Lucy is so annoying-------but yes WRAP THIS STORYLINE UP -

    2. Linda, I completely agree. The best present for "GH's" 60th anniversary would be a new batch of writers.

      The show is at its best when there are a couple of storylines, each with its own set of characters, that don't seem related at first and then dovetails together. When they do that well, it's a lot of fun.

      I am just sick of several characters. Sasha, Cody, Willow and Drew are at the yop of the list. Sadly I think Cameron Mathison is too big of a name for them to get rid of, so pair his character with someone else and bring back Drew's edgier side.

    3. Thumbs up to you three. I agree with everything!

    4. I agree, too! And Felix should come back permanently. Was it just me or didn't the Sasha actress look like she might be pregnant again?

  4. Replies
    1. I would really like to see Lucas come back to town and have him and Felix pair up.

  5. Metrocourt lobby: WOW! They haven't shown the Metrocourt Lobby in a long time!!! :) Hello old friend. :)

    Robert and Diane: They are a flirtin! Come on Robert ask her out on a date!!! :)

    Victor's hotel room:

    Victor and EyeLean: EyeLean having eye sex with the flash drive.

    Victor, Bad guy, and Eyelean: Okay EyeLean! Victor and the bad guy are in the other room! Just grab the flash drive and just run out of there!!! Okay now that you got it, don't just stand there!!! *Facepalm*

    Robert and Diane: I love how Diane won't leave Robert alone and is curious and wants to help! :) Robert and Diane need to get together. :)

    The cabin:

    Vanna on the phone with EyeLean: Oh boy! EyeLean is in trouble!!!! Come on Vanna! Figure it out!!

    Felicia and Lucy: When Felicia was talking to Lucy, I thought Vanna left.

    Felicia and Vanna: EYELEAN IS IN TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!! OH OH!

    Nurses ball room:

    Bobbie, Sasha, Maxie, and Brooky: Sasha misses Lucy awwwwwwww. :) Bobby ending the nurses ball?


    ROFL! I agree! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Felix and Chase: Felix has a mustache!!!! Chase rehearsing alone without Blaze? I hope Chase ends up singing alone at the nurses ball.

    Felix, Chase, and Brooky:

    Felix to Brooky: How do you feel about love?

    I can answer that!!! It's scary, vulnerable, and wonderful! :)

    Maxie on the phone with Lucy: Bobbie should not end the nurses ball! Lucy should be there! :( This sucks. :(

    Charlie's bar and restaurant:

    Cam, Joss, and Sprina: Cam is right about not being hostile Spencer! William Lipton sounds like he has a cold. Awwww Spencer will miss Cam! :)

    Liz, Scotty, and Laura: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: There was actually people trying them on.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed hard! People were trying on Scotty's clothes in the hallway! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Liz and Laura: Liz wonders why Piffy hasn't called her. I don't like this!!!

    Liz and the state trooper: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The bridge:

    Victor, Bad guy, and EyeLean: WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EyeLean being pushed into the water! Damn I didn't want her to die! She just got interesting. :(

    1. Diane and Robert freaking Scorpio need to be a thing! Now! They are adorable together! Scotty's line of the day....yup I laughed out loud! I also liked that he will be leaving something in Cam's wallet. That's all college students want to hear, lol!
      Seriously, if Liz's kids can't be on screen send them off to boarding school. I was rolling my eyes about the family goodbye breakfast. Liz and Cam getting teary eyed at the end...sniffle. :(
      Liz hearing about Piph, more sniffles. I'll probably be an ugly cry day today.
      Eileen taking a header off the bridge was pretty good. Man, was she stupid. Served her right, lol! (kidding, just kidding!)
      Lucy needs to shut up. I can't even say it nicely because she annoyed me so.

  6. when joss commented on esme being a mother, she forgot she was raised by a mob moll. not to mention carly's crimes.

  7. I guess killing Eileen and outing VAnna is the way to bring them to the nurses ball?

  8. Upstate New York, end of March, newborn infant, no suitable clothing other than a light blanket thrown over Esme's shoulder. That works, right? What are these writers thinking ( or not thinking)? The wardrobe people have some strange outfits for a lot of the cast but this is crazy.



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