Friday, March 24, 2023

I Trust You

 HERE I AM!! It's FRIDAY!! Was this week even MORE dragging than LAST WEEK? GEESH!! 

Victor goes to Laura's to "Get his nephews". Laura threatens to call security. Spencer gets Vic in the hall and tells him to leave NOW. Victor says ok but he hopes Esme will be going soon. Spencer says he plans on her being back in jail and he'll get custody of Ace. 
Laura talks to Esme about redemption and that she's trying to believe in Esme. Laura decides to leave Esme alone while she goes out to prove she trusts her.  Esme talks to Ace after Laura leaves and think they are going to try to keep them apart. She looks at the money. 

Sonny and Dex are trying to find out who hired the killer. 

Joss says goodbye to Cam at Kelly's. Dex and Sonny walk in. Sonny tells Cam good luck. Asks to speak to Joss, they go outside. Sonny is questioning her about Dex. She says she knows about the attempt on Sonny's life from Carly. Mentions Donna and Avery. 

Dex and Cam square up. "I have somethings to say to you" says Cameron.  He says not to hurt Joss or he'll tell Sonny about him and Sonny will go after Dex. 

Trina goes home and runs into Marshall. They talk about EPIPHANY!! :crying:  Trina tells Marshall that Spencer is living with his "Ex-Girlfriend" ...they talk about Spencer. Also about her dropping the charges. He thinks that wasn't a good idea. She tells him that Spencer is now her boyfriend. He wonders if Spencer is "worthy". 

Anna and Valentin tell Eileen that she has to call Victor and tell him she has the necklace. They tell her there's etchings on there he wants. "Or so he thinks" says Anna. WHY would she tell her the truth!? Eileen refuses to wear a wire. They say ok, Robert will call on "official" business and she has a code word to use if she's in danger. 

I guess Cam is having a going away party.  Spencer goes to get Trina. BUT He stops to see Uncle Victor.  He really wants Victor to help get rid of Esme. Victor says there's no way in  hell Esme is raising a Cassadine heir.  Victor says that they could manufacture evidence against her. 

Sonny goes to talk to Selina WU (an outside shot!!) he asks if she knows the hit man..>Dex shows her a photo. She says no. He says that guy was seen at her bar "The Highsider" --WHICH IS WHAT?????/ she owns a bar. ????


Esme goes to leave with Ace and Cameron comes to the door

Victor insists on looking at the necklace to see if it's real. 

Wu says she'll help find the shooter. 


  1. A lot of funny one liners today.


    Sonny and Dex: Ooooo a 3rd date eh? :)

    Cam and Joss: When I first saw Cam's name on his paycheck, I thought it said Cam Webber. What?! Cam? Haha. Glad it said Cameron. That is realistic. :) I don't want Cam to leave!!! :(

    Cam and Dex: Cam wins the line of the day.

    Cam: A lot of things I wanted to do to you.


    Joss and Sonny: I thought Sonny was going to confront Joss about her and Dex, but noooooooooo! ROFL!

    Joss and Laura: Joss has all the guilt feels. Joss just listen to Laura! Give Cam time.

    Portia's home:

    Trina and Grandpa Mr. Hat man: Awwwwww great scene. :) I love how he makes her laugh haha. :)

    "Karen says, They talk about EPIPHANY!! :crying:"

    *BEARHUGS* Yeah I don't want her to die. There is no reason to kill her off!!!

    Spencer, Trina, and Grandpa Mr. Hat man: Oh! Here we go!!!!!!!!! :D

    Kevlar's home:

    Laura, Vampira, baby Ace, and Spencer: Awww Spencer is so sweet to baby Ace! :) That baby IS adorable!!!!!!

    Spencer and Victor: Talkin about baby Ace.

    Victor: God that name.


    Spencer: I know. It's gotta go.


    Laura and Vampira: Yes Vampira you can trust Laura!!!

    Vampira, baby Ace, and Cam: Here we go!!!!!! :D

    The cabin:

    Vanna and EyeLean: Hmmm did they put a wire on the fake ice princess necklace?

    Vanna: GAH! He called her darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Victor's hotel room:

    Victor and Spencer:

    Victor: There is no way in hell that Esme is going to raise a Cassadine heir.

    What are you planning Victor? :)

    Victor and EyeLean: There has to be a wire in the fake necklace!!! Geez EyeLean be cool! You don't want Victor suspicious!


    Sonny, Dex, Ms. Wu, and her bodyguard: Sonny isn't afraid of Ms. Wu and she isn't afraid of him. Is Ms. Wu lying or telling the truth? Hmmmmmmm. :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 24th - 25th 2001* Gia finds Liz and Nik hugging. Gia is very upset.

  2. ----I think Selina is lying and she DOES know who is after Sonny.
    -----Yesterday Esme was wondering why Spencer was taking too long and TODAY she hates him again? My head hurts......
    ------MUST watch Trina and Marshall - soooo good -
    -------the necklace must be somewhat real? I know Anna said they didn't wanna give Victor time to find someone to look at it but I actually said aloud 'like he won't have something himself to test the necklace'? I thought they put fake numbers on it, too???
    -----Cam looks so good at this age and I realized today Dex needs some sun - he looks very pale...

    1. Cam looks healthy and Dex doesn't.

    2. Dex reminds me of a vampire. pale with arched eyebrows

    3. Yeah, Dex is a strange looking dude, but he looks great when he smiles at Joss. Gonna miss Cam! Can’t blame Esme for wanting to get out of that apartment with Spencer staying there. Love hearing Val say darling.

    4. Yes witch; Vampire from Twilight. lol

  3. Although there were a few little nuggets here and there that were good, I agree that the last two weeks have been sluggish and uneven. That's the main problem with "GH" of the past few years -- it can never sustain any momentum. The problem is not going to go away until we get new writers. That's become clear, to me.

    It seems like they are treading water right now until all of the anniversary stuff in April. I am hoping April and May (a sweeps month) will be more lively, but I wonder what the show will look like after that. We need a soft reboot.

    1. And if nothing else, I hope the 60th anniversary gives us a new opening theme. The current one is bland and awful. It reminds me of the opening of a local newscast from the 1980s.

  4. Better be a good fake Ice Princess necklace since he's inspecting it.

    They made it look like Valentin was going to "propose" or something to Anna on Monday. Or move in together, or something next level.

  5. PS. I think Anna is scared. AND, as far as I recall, he hasn't told Anna he tried to poison Laura and burnt down Leslie's house

  6. Sonny knows about Joss and Dex. Not like him to keep something like that to himself. Yes, Dex in his current look is pale in comparison to the blooming Cam.
    Treading water is what they are doing. Expectations are high for the coming events. Here's hoping! Funny how GH aired for the first time on April Fool's Day.


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