Tuesday, March 14, 2023

KevMac Scene


If you haven't watched yesterday's show, please do so JUST for the Kevin/Mac scenes. They were something. Jon L did such a fantastic job yesterday. JJ York as well. :clapping: Again, just have Cody tell Mac about being his son. 

I'm out today!! Please drop your comments and let me know if I should watch the show or FF thru Hulu!! 


  1. I will watch. Always liked the friendships of Lucy, Kevin , Mac and Felicia back in the day. They don't show Kevin and Mac together enough

  2. Some funny one liners today! :)

    Private cabin:

    Vanna and Lucy: Lucy is leaving to work on the nurses ball, Anna tells her no! Lucy is so upset! Lucy has tears and so does Anna!

    V.C.: Did you say a Llama that doesn't spit?

    ROFL! Lucy brings up all the Llamas in the past and their name. :)

    Vanna: Anna tells V.C. that Lucy is right. Anna is sad she is not going to the nurses ball.

    Anna: In all fairness she is really a pain in the thing.

    ROFL! Anna talks about Robin. :(

    The hospital:

    Victor and Finchy: Victor and his Germain pathagen! Victor wants to know how he got it. Finchy says either injection or ingested. Victor says what he ate or drank. Finchy talked about when Victor got it. Late November/early December! WOW! How the heck does Finchy know that?!?!! Oh Germain must have talked to Finchy. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    MacLecia: They talk about Cowboy Cody. She feels he is family! Awwwwwwwww. :) Oh hi Laura!! I agree with Felicia when she said yesterday to Laura, that they should bring their husbands in! DO IT!

    MacLecia and Laura: Laura says that Kevin doesn't blame you for doing your job. Awwwwwwwwww. :) Too bad Laura didn't hug Mac! :)

    Mac and Victor: Mac wants to know where Nik is. Victor is drinking a new bottle of alcohol that hasn't been opened. He didn't want the unopened one. :)

    Victor and Laura: Victor thinks Laura is the one who gave him the Pathegon Germain! He won't tell her though. Laura is confused.

    Worker lady and Nina: Food for Olivia because Olivia is sick. Oh no what does she have? :(

    Laura and Drew: Yes yes Laura won't give Drew the stock! The stock belongs to Charlie. I'm glad Drew didn't argue with Laura.

    The Q stables:

    Cowboy Cody and Dante: Wait Cowboy Cody did a 2nd DNA test? Oh so he could lie to Mac to tell him there was an error and show Mac the 2nd DNA test! Dante doesn't like it and wants Cowboy Cody to tell Mac the whole truth! Well Cowboy Cody does not want to do that. He thinks he doesn't deserve Mac because of his past. Cowboy Cody threw away the DNA test results. Great scene.

    Cowboy Cody alone with the DNA test results: Oh he got the DNA test out of the garbage and looks at it. Poor DNA test results. It's being beaten up!

    Q home:

    Carly, Maxie, Brooky, Bobbie, and Nina: The nurses ball is hitting a snag! It can't be at the Metrocourt ballroom, unless Olivia and Nina agree to it. Sick Olivia did agree to it. Nina comes in and agrees with it too, but not before giving snide remarks to Carly. No I don't like this! I want Lucy to be head of the nurses ball dammit!

    Carly and Nina: Nina wanted to talk to Carly alone because it's about Willow and her privacy. Huh?!

    Drew, Maxie, Brooky, and Bobbie: They want Drew to join Magic Milo at the nurses ball and take off his shirt. Yes! I AGREE! TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT DREW! You can do it now! I don't mind. ;)

    The warehouse:

    Sonny, Dex, the doctor, the shooter, and Brick: Well the doctor said the shooter is dead. Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: SON OF A BITCH!

    ROFL! Unfortunately there was no barware to throw. Oh my! Dex was about to faint and Sonny caught him. Awwwww how lovely and romantic. :) The doctor had to check him out. Brick has got the shooter's gun.

    Sonny and Dex: Sonny gave him a bottle of water and does not want him to go back home. He wants Dex to live with him. :) Wow! 1 date and already living together. Their relationship is going so fast. :) #SonnEx. :)

    1. Looks like Victor has put Laura on his hit list. And it looks like someone not only wants to humiliate him, and take away his womanizing ways. They want to end his line!!
      And they're linking the shooter with a government agency!...hmmm Have to wonder who that would be that would want Sonny dead.
      And poor Lucy. Her ego is taking a beating.

    2. "Di says, Looks like Victor has put Laura on his hit list."

      OH YEAH! :D

      "And it looks like someone not only wants to humiliate him, and take away his womanizing ways. They want to end his line!!"

      Well, that is Holly! *Snicker*

      "And they're linking the shooter with a government agency!...hmmm Have to wonder who that would be that would want Sonny dead."

      Yeah good question. Hmmmm.

      "And poor Lucy. Her ego is taking a beating."

      She has been doing the nurses ball since day 1!! :( I want Lucy there!!! *Whine whine whine*

    3. Did you see Brick's face when Sonny said "Dex saved my life". His eyeroll was a thing of beauty, hahahahah!
      I did appreciate Anna bringing up Robin and the Nurse's Ball. I got all sniffley!
      Snide is Neener's middle name.
      And as much as Hallmark Hank annoys some of us, he does have a very nice physique. Bring it on!
      I think Cody has lost weight and he looks better. However, he needs new lines. This wash, rinse, repeat is killing me.

  3. Drew is like vanilla ice cream
    He's no magic milo

    1. I love Vanilla ice cream. It's my favorite!

    2. "DeeDee says, He's no magic milo"

      Hahaha! He doesn't have to be Milo. Drew just needs to take his shirt off, along with Curtis, Mac, and other sexy men. :)
      DiMarch 14, 2023 at 4:24 PM

      "Di says, I love Vanilla ice cream. It's my favorite!"


  4. Wow, fabulous acting on the part of Jon Lindstram and John J York. Those 2 can act.

    1. They were wonderful and should be on every other day!

  5. Lucy said: "this is unfathomable". Yes, it is. Move this story along please.
    Victor is perplexed. Danger ahead.

  6. Maybe - and this is far-fetched - Dex is the son of Julian and Kimberly ----- remember that baby we saw one time????? Maybe they are SORAS him!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    1. Thar would make him Oscar's brother born after Oscar died and way too young for joss. But lol DOOL has done it and worse.

    2. Hahahaha Mufasa! Hahahaha! :D

    3. Help me out here, I remember Julian but Kimberly??? When was this? I've watched every day but do have an awful memory 😂

    4. She dated Julian but loved Franco, remember? Oscar's mom?

  7. Today was a bit bizarre. Wrong info/writing about Nina and Metro Court regarding Nurses Ball, someone on Twitter came with a video receipt for proof. LW flubbed her lines regarding MC/NB and nobody on set caught it. The acting was way, way off today. Dialogue in the Q house and not having Olivia there was so strange!

    Not sure what was going on during this time but geez, cringe. Annnnnd Hallmark Fake Drew just needs to go. He does not fit on this show at all. Vanna and Lucy were on still blah blah blahing. More Mob stuff. More Dante and the stable guy just saying the same lines over and over.

    1. 100 percent......it's also a disgrace to have JPS and FH just sitting around saying 'no Lucy you can't leave'-------------come on writers - give them a great storyline.....

    2. And as always, Carly has to be inserted in every storyline. Drew is so bland and so not the real Drew, unless he had a lobotomy.

  8. Over on his own Instagram, Johnny Wactor confirmed that you can, indeed, “Catch me on Station 19 this Thursday, 3/16 at 8 PM.” The exact same episode as Chloe Lanier!

    1. Yay! So many ex-GHers to S19 ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I also thought Victor would pick up when Finn clearly said 'this is not something we see here in states' (however he worded it) so if Victor was smart he would think timeline + Holly + overseas = BINGO.......Who is Victor's lawyer BTW?

  10. Lucy's lines about being stuck in the house and needing to be back in PC for the Nurse's Ball are what ALL OF US are thinking every time we see them locked up in that house. GET THEM ALL OUT. Let Lucy get out of there, into her nice clothes, be with her man, back to work at Deception, AND put the Nurse's ball together.


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