Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Epiphany/Sonya Eddy


TODAY IS THE DAY we say goodbye to that wonderful lady, Sonya Eddy. What a part of GH she's been. The Nurses' Ball will be so sad without her. 

EMMA comes to see Anna!! Felicia brought her! Brooklyn Silzer  is here! She flew out for Epiphany's funeral even though her parents were busy. Felicia picked her up to bring to Anna first. They hug. 

Everyone is sad.. Milo hugging Sonny on the roof of GH made me cry. I don't cry... but I CRIED.

Felix is crying in the locker room. Marshall can't deal with things and Curtis talks to him. Everyone gathers for the memorial.  

They explain her death: There was a crash and she stopped to help and collapsed from her heart and the smoke. The woman she helped and stayed with came to the memorial to explain how she passed. (her real life friend Yvette Nicole Brown. 

There's a board up of old photos of Sonya..even as a little girl!! 

Felix flashes back to Epiphany telling him that Brad isn't good enough for him. LOL Brad is consoling him in the locker room. 

Diane is the executor of E's will. She gives Dr O a 'job' to do from Epiphany --Liesl is like, we didn't even get along! Diane says that E wanted it this way. 

EMMA and Robert hug..aww. Marshall finds out Milo was E's ex-boyfriend LOL 

OH my goodness, the speeches were JUST heartbreaking.. MONICA calls Elizabeth and tells her she got a letter from Epiphany about the board hearing and to recommend her to be head nurse! Shes' going to do it too!

Fireworks on the roof! Epiphany wanted everyone to feel joy. Dr O lights them


TWITTER was FULL of photos of Sonya today... ENJOY and make sure you watch today's show. 


  1. Wonderful tribute. She seemed like a woman who touched everyone she met. And those she never met. I cry often. This was difficult. She really will be missed.

  2. Love that they did this BUT yet no tribute for Stuart Damon ever has aired. Absolutely baffling; that dude was gold on GH for like 30 years and nothing.

    1. Yes, they should have done something. But he was not on GH for many years before his passing. Ms. Eddy had not only been an active character for many years but with her character becoming a doctor it seemed she may have been in store for more before her life was cut short.

  3. It was well done. It might have been nice to have the entire cast. I was surprised TJ wasn't there. Emma was the biggest surprise. Who doesn't feel 100 years old after seeing her all grown up? I don't know if the actress is still interested, but she absolutely lights up the screen with her smile. Might have been nice to see her interact with Spencer. It's too bad they probably could not have used footage of Steve Burton. Had to laugh that one time where she was Jason's nurse and she had to give him a shot in the rear end lol.

  4. NO!!!! This is wrong!!! The writers made a huge mistake. There was no reason to kill her off! They should have just let Piffy stay at Johns Hopkins and live her life as a doctor.. NO REASON FOR THIS!!! I will not forgive the writers for this.. Unless they do something wonderful, Like for example, having Holly tell Robert that Ethan is his son. Then I will forgive them. These pictures on here, is giving me chills!!

    Portia's home:

    Portia, Curtis, and Mr. Hat man: No Mr. Hat man! This is not your fault!!! What you did for her was a good thing!!! Don't blame yourself! I was thinking that Piffy helped someone in the accident and a car hit her.

    The cabin:

    Felicia, Anna, and Emma: EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful and looks so grown up!!!!!! :)

    Outside the hospital:

    Laura and Robert: Awwww Robert is sad. :( I want to give him a hug!

    Laura, Robert, and Diane: After Diane left, yes Laura Robert has a smile on his face whenever he is with Diane. They need to date. :) Riane needs to LIVE! :)

    The roof:

    Milo and Sonny: MILOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *BEARHUGS MILO* Awww Milo is sad. :( I love their hug!

    Inside the hospital:

    Bobbie, Carly, and death on a stick Willow: Oh goodie look at that. Willow on her death bed is going to a funeral. Your funeral is going to be soon too Willow. You shouldn't even be at a funeral! Oy!

    Curtis, Mr. Hat man, and Sonny: Hmmm Mr. Hat man and Sonny shaking hands. Very odd.. Oh and I love Curtis wearing those glasses. :)

    Mr. Hat man and Milo: Shaking hands too!!!! :D

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: Hahahahaha. Yes Milo IS Piffy's ex boyfriend. The look on Mr. Hat man's face. :) Priceless. :)

    The locker rooms:

    Felix and Brad: Awwwwwwwww. :(

    The funeral: NO NO NO NO! I refuse to talk about this, except to say oh so a car didn't hit her, it was smoke inhalation.

    Rooftop: Oooooo Brad and Felix holding hands. Are they going to end up being a couple? Love the fireworks that Dr. O did. Awesome.

    Liz on the phone with Monica: Is that Monica's voice? Great letter. She made me cry a little.

    "Karen says Elizabeth and tells her she got a letter from Epiphany about the board hearing and to recommend her to be head nurse!"

    She did? I didn't hear that. WOW! :)

    The song: OH DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The damn song done me in. I didn't cry buckets at all until the damn song.. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :'(

  5. I got the goosies as soon as Sonny hugged Milo. Beautiful show.

  6. Absolutely beautiful tribute episode to the lovely Sonya Eddy aka Epiphany Johnson. They used history and flashbacks so appropriately in order to honor her wonderful soul, and also bringing in her real life friend to have a role which she did beautifully! So well done! Bravo and Rest In Peace sweet Sonya! Her presence on GH will be greatly missed! It was also so lovely to Elizabeth being highlighted during this episode. Perfection! Always great to Emma as well! Looking forward to the day Cam comes back from California with Emma by his side....let's hope!!!

  7. Robert was all smiles when Laura knew he liked Diane. Laura knows him well.

    1. He is so adorable and charismatic!

    2. Even in his seventies he is still so charming and delightful.

    3. "Even in his seventies"...oy, now I really feel old. lol

    4. Believe me, I do, too!

  8. Now THIS is everything a tribute episode should be. So many great interactions between characters, just the right amount of humor, and flashbacks that worked.

    The perfect capper to the episode was the call from Monica to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth becoming heard nurse.

    (And I am now all in for Felix and Brad getting back together -- if Felix shaves his mustache. LOL)

    RIP, Sonya Eddy!

    1. Agreed on the stache! Love Felix but hoping the stashe is just for the nurses's ball and part of a costume.

  9. Sad news about a "GH" producer --

    I believe she was the inspiration for the bartender at The Savoy.

  10. Yesterday's show was perfection. I cried, I smiled, I was beyond impressed with GH. Liz was the featured star, my Emma came home and was wonderful, real live Leslie Charleson called in to reassure Liz and yes, she should be head nurse. Yvette looked fab (I haven't seen her in a long time) and she did a great job. I don't know how she held it together. Milo made me cry as did Felix and Deanna. Lordy I was a mess after the show.

    Thank you GH!

  11. This is how you do a tribute episode. So touching and everything was included. Loved the fireworks at the end and Monica telling Liz that Epiphany wanted her to be head nurse.

  12. They did a beautiful job and a fitting tribute to SE. Becky was just fabulous. The Milo actor was really crying more than anyone else. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul!


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